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Stowe to Underhill

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  • Views from Hogback
    / Views from Hogback
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  • / Mount Mansfield
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  • / Covered Bridge
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  • / Upper Pleasant Valley Road
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  • / Mountain Views
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  • / Morning Mist
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  • / Mad River
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  • / Mount Mansfield
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As you leave Stowe behind today, you'll come around the mountain to even more spectacular views as you end your ride in the aptly named town of Underhill. 
Afstand 62,2 km
3:00 u
751 m
815 m
383 m
135 m
Today’s ride is proof positive that what comes up, must come down as you’ll actually loose more feet than you gain while riding!  For your last day of riding, you’re in for a real treat- spectacular views of the mountains, zig-zagging roads and rivers, and a covered bridge. Leave Stowe and Route 100 behind as you bike onto Stagecoach Road, rolling upwards.  Drop down into Jonson, where you can refuel or simply head on your way, trading places with the Lamoille River on picturesque Hogback Road. Finish this stretch through a covered bridge, and you’ll pop out on the other side of Smuggler’s Notch (Mt. Mansfield) from where you began the day. Grab an espresso or just pass through the quaint mountain town of Jeffersonville, and head out via Upper Pleasant Valley Road.  Relish in the serenity of this final stretch: the gradual climb, the spectacular views of Mt. Mansfield, and the rolling ridges of the Green Mountain foothills to your right before you finish your ride in the aptly-named town of Underhill.

Tip van de auteur

Enjoy the views, and ride carefully along 15 West.  At times, this road becomes a popular thoroughfare, and in some sections the shoulder is narrow.
Hoogste punt
383 m
Laagste punt
135 m
Aanbevolen seizoen


  • Your ride on 15 West will take you through truly spectacular landscapes, but ride carefully! At 11 miles, the shoulder narrows, and at times the small shoulder contains broken pavement, or to the contrary, the lane lines disappear on new pavement.  As cycling season and construction season are one-in-the-same in Vermont, trucks hauling gravel and other materials are common along this route. Ride single-file, and wear high visibility clothing. Be especially cautious on up and downhills or around blind turns.
  • You go through two roundabouts today. Enter and exit carefully—clearly signal when you intend to do so, and use the whole lane, so other vehicles don’t inadvertently cut you off.
  • You will be most visible when wearing high-visibility clothing, such as a neon cycling vest.
  • Please keep both hands on the bike at all times.
  • Always wear your helmet when riding.
  • Be cautious when approaching railroad tracks. Consider stopping to walk your bike across the tracks. Some track crossings note that trains do not blow their whistle as they cross.
  • Always ensure you carry enough water, especially as there are stretches where water is less-readily available.
  • Painted lines on the road become slippery when they are wet.
  • Obey traffic laws in all areas. This means riding on the right-hand side of the road, and braking at all stop signs and stop lights.
  • Carefully monitor the condition of the shoulder as debris may appear after accidents, rain, or wind.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal commands to let others you may be riding with and vehicles know when you intend to stop, slow down, or turn.
  • Control your speed on all descents.

Tips en hints

Food & Drink

Lovin Cup Cafe

Located along Main Street in Johnson, VT, you’ll find plenty of ways to indulge your caffeine fix or sugar cravings, along with cold drinks and a bathroom.

Hanley’s General Store

Like every general store in Vermont, you can find a mix of Vermont-made products, snacks and cold beverages, and knick-knacks.

158 Main

Your best shot for an espresso, second breakfast, first lunch, or a sweet treat, you’ll enjoy this café’s vast selection of flavors, including many inventive entrees.


Points of Interest:

Vermont Flannel Company

With classic Vermont patterns and styles, you’ll find a flannel for every season, or at least every reason in this roadside shop!

Bootleggers Bikes

Stop by if your bike is in need of a tune up before you climb up upper pleasant valley

Valley Dream Farm

You’ll enjoy your break at this organic farm/ café. Walk through the greenhouse, or grab some produce or locally-sourced product to-go!


Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe (288 m)
44.470309, -72.675015
44°28'13.1"N 72°40'30.1"W
18T 684926 4926740


Village Green, Underhill


0.00 Miles - TURN LEFT back onto Route 100 North. Be careful making this turn as the route can become busy (especially if there is construction).

1.00 Miles - BEAR LEFT to exit route 100 North onto Stagecoach Road after you pass the VT Vet Clinic. This is your last glimpse of Route 100!

6.60 Miles -Contine STRAIGHT ON at the stop sign in Morristown to remain on Stagecoach Road keeping the Brick House Bookshop on your right as you cross.

7.90 Miles - TURN LEFT at the t-intersection after a sign noting a small bridge ahead. While it is unsigned, you are turning onto Cadys Falls Road.

8.20 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON after the bridge over Cadys Falls.

9.20 Miles - BEAR LEFT at the top of the hill at the stop sign to head toward Hyde Park. You are turning onto Main Street, but it is unsigned.

9.30 Miles - TURN RIGHT at the first stop sign in town onto Church Street. At the stop sign, the Vermont Superior Court will be on your left before you make the turn.

9.60 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON into the roundabout, and then BEAR RIGHT at the third exit onto 15 West. You will see a sign for Johnson as you start down the hill.

11.00 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON as the shoulder narrows. Ride carefully.

11.60 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past the Vermont Flannel Company.

13.80 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the intersection at the bottom of the hill. Keep Mayfields gas station (Bathrooms availale) on your right.

15.60 Miles - BEAR RIGHT onto Hogback Road toward Hogback Antique Furniture. Do not cross the bridge and continue on 15 W. The Lamoille River will be on your left.  As Hogback winds back and forth toward the River, there are many great swimming opportunities.

20.00 Miles - BEAR LEFT at the stop sign to join 109 south (signs also point to 15 W).

23.00 Miles - BEAR LEFT on the unsigned Cambridge Junction Road (easy to miss). Do not continue uphill. You should arrive at a covered bridge in .1 miles.

23.30 Miles - BEAR RIGHT after the covered bridge and cross over the bike path headed back to route 15 W.

23.40 Miles - BEAR RIGHT at the stop sign at the top of the hill to return to route 15 w.

24.10 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON into the roundabout, and then BEAR RIGHT at the exit for 108 South (you are on the other side of Smugglers Notch from where you stayed last night).  The Smugglers Notch distillery will be on your left as you exit the traffic circle. Then BEAR RIGHT to remain on 108 South.

24.40 Miles - BEAR RIGHT at the end of Jeffersonville on to Route 15, and then immediately TURN LEFT onto Upper Pleasant Valley Road. The Smugglers Notch Inn will be on your right after you turn.

28.00 Miles - BEAR RIGHT to remain on Upper Pleasant Valley Road as road enters from left.

28.60 Miles BEAR LEFT to remain on Upper Pleasant Valley Road toward Underhill center.

34.20 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past the Valley Dream Farm.

35.20 Miles - BEAR RIGHT at the junction with Underhill State Park.

25.60 Miles - BEAR RIGHT at the stop sign in Undherhill Center. You will see St. Thomas's Church on your left as you stop.

27.50 Miles - TURN RIGHT onto Park Street keeping the cemetary on your right.

37.70 Miles - TURN LEFT into Jacob's Family Market to finish your ride. Pick up a snack and head straight down Park Street to the village green to picnic and wait for your transfer (there are picnic tables in the center).

You transfer will meet you at the village green.


Alle notites over beschermde gebieden


44.470309, -72.675015
44°28'13.1"N 72°40'30.1"W
18T 684926 4926740
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Make sure to bring a waterproof jacket and a warm layer. Most cyclists wear [fingerless] cycle gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge for any navigation unit and/or mobile phone you are using.

Basisuitrusting voor fietsen

  • Fietshelm
  • Fiets handschoenen
  • Stevige, comfortabele en bij voorkeur waterdichte schoenen
  • Vochtafvoerende kleding in lagen
  • Rugzak (met regenhoes)
  • Bescherming tegen zon, regen en wind (hoed, zonnebrandcrème, water- en winddicht jack/paraplu)
  • Zonnebril
  • Genoeg proviand en drinkwater
  • Mobiele telefoon
  • Contant geld
  • Navigatieapparatuur / kaart en kompas

Fiesttocht technisch

  • Luchtpomp of CO2-pomp, inclusief patronen
  • Bandenplaksetje
  • Vervangende binnenband
  • Bandenlichters
  • Ketting gereedschap
  • Imbussleutel
  • Telefoon- / apparaathouder naar behoefte  
  • Fietsslot
  • In voorkomend geval moet de fiets voldoen aan de eisen voor gebruik op de weg door een bel, voor- en achterlichten en spaakreflectoren te hebben
  • Deze uitrustingslijst is niet volledig en dient alleen als suggestie voor wat je mee zou moeten nemen.
  • Voor je eigen veiligheid moet je alle instructies over het juiste gebruik en onderhoud van je uitrusting zorgvuldig lezen.
  • Zorg ervoor dat de apparatuur die je meeneemt, voldoet aan de plaatselijke wetgeving en geen verboden voorwerpen bevat.

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62,2 km
3:00 u
751 m
815 m
Hoogste punt
383 m
Laagste punt
135 m


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