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Burlington to Middlebury

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  • Charlotte Swim Beach
    Charlotte Swim Beach
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Ride from the activity hub of Burlington to the quiet college town of Middlebury. Views of pastoral Vermont landscapes and the Adirondack and Green Mountains will guide your way. 
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Enjoy a classic Vermont cycling day as you bid Burlington adieu and head south, leaving Lake Champlain behind and trading it for the much smaller Otter Creek in Middlebury, Vermont.  Departing Burlington near Church Street, an eclectic mix of couture, cuisine, and counterculture, you’ll ride along the Burlington Bikeway, keeping the lake, and on a clear day, views of the Adirondack Mountains in sight for much of the ride.  At times, you’ll depart from a shoreline path to snake through quiet neighborhoods and across playgrounds and parks.  Don’t miss the opportunity to take in the 360-degree view as you climb up onto Spear Street; you’ll see the Green Mountains of Vermont to your left, and the Adirondacks across the lake to your right! For those of you interested in a mid-ride dip, pack your towel, and wade or jump in at Charlotte Beach, just before your first covered bridge of the day. Pedal from Charlotte to Vergennes, a small New England town with exciting culinary choices (a French Bakery and Espresso Bar), and on to Middlebury.  Your ride today finishes along a rolling farm-filled road before entering town.

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The ride today includes a number of long stretches in between small Vermont towns. Pack water and take advantage of restrooms and amenities en route.
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  • You will be most visible when wearing high-visibility clothing, such as a neon cycling vest.
  • Please keep both hands on the bike at all times.
  • Always wear your helmet when riding.
  • Be cautious when approaching railroad tracks. Consider stopping to walk your bike across the tracks. Some track crossings note that trains do not blow their whistle as they cross. Railroad crossings at: 1.20 miles, 3.80 miles, 20.10 miles, and 28.30 miles.
  • Always ensure you carry enough water, especially as there are stretches where water is less-readily available.
  • Painted lines on the road become slippery when they are wet.
  • Obey traffic laws in all areas. This means riding on the right-hand side of the road, and braking at all stop signs and stop lights.
  • Carefully monitor the condition of the shoulder as debris may appear after accidents, rain, or wind.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal commands to let others you may be riding with and vehicles know when you intend to stop, slow down, or turn.
  • Control your speed on all descents.
  • Enter and exit Route 7 cautiously as it is a main thoroughfare in Vermont.


Tips en hints

 Points of Interest

Church Street Marketplace

Inspired by the transformation of Copenhagen’s main shopping district, the beloved Church Street Marketplace spans two city blocks and has become a popular model for urban redevelopment, including the popular Pearl Street, of Boulder.

Ethan Allen Homestead

Visit the Ethan Allen homestead to learn about colonial life in New England at this historic site, home of Vermont’s founding father, open seven days a week.

Samuel de Champlain Statue

Visit the statute commemorating the man who gave his name to Lake Champlain, an explorer of the Great Lakes and Canada.

Charlotte Beach

Stop by for a quick dip on your way to the Ferry, or simply marvel at the unobstructed view of the Adirondacks from this waterside vantage point just before the covered bridge on Lake Road. 

Shelburne Museum

A museum of art and design with over 150,000 works exhibited in a collection of historic buildings, many of which were preserved and relocated to the museum’s grounds.  The museum is open daily from 10am- 5pm, and is just off the tour route, so an easy stop!

Charlotte Village Winery

Stop by for wine tasting between 11am and 6pm if you happen to ride by this vineyard after Memorial Day. Not only will you be able to sample traditional grape wines, but the Winery also creates and carries other fruit wines, such as a Peach Chardonnay, and a Strawberry Riesling.

Rokeby Museum

Originally a family home from 1793 to 1961, the home is now designated a National Historical Landmark, and is known for its exceptional Underground Railroad history. Some consider Rokeby one of the best-documented Underground Railroad sites in the county.

Pulp Mill Covered Bridge

Crossing Otter Creek on your way into Middlebury, this refurbished 1820s creation is one of the covered bridges listed on the National register of Historic Places.


Food & Drink

Shelburne Country Store

This classic country store has been operating as a general store for over 125 years. Originally built as a cobbler shop, the store now features many fine local products, crafts, food, and drink. 

Fiddlehead Brewery

Located just off route (.2 miles to the left at the intersection of Marsett Road and Rt. 7), this New England-style brewery shares its premises with a delicious Pizza joint (open at 11 am).

Old Brick Store

Located at the top of the hill, just across the blinking light, on Ferry Road, the Old Brick Store offers the hungry cyclist many local sweet or savory.

3-Squares Café

Choose from Breakfast (until 3pm) or Lunch options, and you won’t go wrong at this family-friendly eclectic café in Vergennes.

Vergennes Laundry  

This deceivingly-named woodfired bakery serves brunch and dinner Thursday-Sunday. Grabbing something on the fly? The pastry case and espresso offerings are not to be missed!

American Flatbread

Located in Middlebury, your home for the evening, this Vermont favorite serves up a delicious selection of wood-fired flatbread pizzas, salads, and beers, with an emphasis on local sourcing. All pizzas can also be made gluten-free.

Storm Café

Classic and creative American Fare with many allergy-friendly options. Enjoy dinner with a choice pairing from the wine list.




North Star Sports, Burlington (51 m)
44.475869, -73.215400
44°28'33.1"N 73°12'55.4"W
18T 641930 4926277
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Inn on the Green, Middlebury


0.00 miles - As you leave North Star Sports (with your back to the building) go STRAIGHT ON down Pine St in a southerly direction. After about 800 ft TURN RIGHT onto Maple Street and then after a further 650 ft until you reach the Burlington Waterfront. TURN LEFT here onto the bike path after crossing the railway tracks.

2.40 miles - TURN RIGHT at the end of the path to stay on the Champlain Bikeway. You will see painted biker signs on the road, and the lake will still be on your right.

2.50 miles - TURN LEFT on Proctor Place to return to the bike path. The turn is well-signed for the Champlain Bikeway.

3.00 miles - BEAR LEFT  toward the parking lot, and follow Champlain Bikeway signs across the lot. BEAR RIGHT at the far edge of the parking lot to return to the path (a sign says "Authorized Vehicles Only").

3.30 miles - BEAR LEFT onto Austin Drive following Bikeway signs when the trail ends.

3.50 miles - BEAR LEFT as Austin Drive becomes Austin Place; you will see a Bikeway sign in .1 miles.

3.80 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON  across the Railroad Tracks. *Consider walking your bike

4.20 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON and cross Route 7 at the light, keeping Walgreens on your left as you ride through Eastwood Commons Development. You will see a Shaws on your right.

4.50 miles - BEAR RIGHT to follow the bikeway sign onto Eastwood drive. You should cross under an overpass in about .1 miles.

4.80 miles - TURN LEFT at the traffic light on Swift Street, and quickly TURN RIGHT into the parking lot for Retina Center. You will see Farrel Park behind the office building and rejoin the bike path at the park, heading uphill.

5.00 miles - BEAR LEFT at the baseball diamond to follow the Champlain Bikeway, keeping the playground on your left

5.60 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON as a trail enters from the left.

5.80 miles - BEAR RIGHT onto Stonehedge Drive to follow bikeway signs into the neighborhood.

5.90 miles - BEAR RIGHT to rejoin the Bikeway, following the signs.

5.95 miles - BEAR LEFT to stay on bike path; don't take the trail to the right.

6.10 miles - BEAR LEFT at the tennis courts to remain on the Champlain Bikeway.

6.60 miles - TURN LEFT onto Deerfield Road as the bike path ends (uphill). There will be a Champlain Bikeway sign at the top of the hill.

6.70 miles - TURN RIGHT onto Spear Street at the stop sign at the top of the hill. The Green Mountains will be on your left, and Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks are on your right.

9.50 miles - TURN RIGHT onto Webster Road at the stop sign. You will be following Bikeway signs.

10.60 miles - BEAR RIGHT to follow the Champlain Bike route signs.

10.80 miles - TURN LEFT at the light onto Shelburne Street, Route 7 South.

11.60 miles - BEAR LEFT at the light onto Falls Road. Shelburne Country Store (offering bathrooms, food and coffee) will be on your left.

12.30 miles - TURN RIGHT at the stop sign onto Marsett Road, following the Bikeway signs up a small hill.

12.70 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the stop light as Marsett Road becomes Bostiwick Road.  Shelburne Museum is a short detour to your right.

16.20 miles - TURN RIGHT onto Lake Road to follow bikeway signs. Do not continue straight on Greenbush Road.

19.40 miles - TURN LEFT at the stop sign onto Ferry Road; you should see a hill with a blinking light at the top in the distance.

20.10 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON across the Railroad Tracks. *Consider walking your bike.

20.50 miles - TURN RIGHT at the top of the Ferry Road hill at the blinking light onto Greenbush Road. Old Brick Store (offering bathrooms, food and coffee) is across the street to the left.

22.40 miles - BEAR LEFT to follow the bikeway signs toward Vergennes. You are now turning away from the lake. Continue on this road (BEAR RIGHT) as a road enters from the left

26.60 miles - BEAR RIGHT at T-intersection to follow Bikeway signs onto Route 7 (take care as Route 7 is a busy road).

28.10 miles - TURN RIGHT at the light onto little Chicago Road. You will see a sign for the Ferrisburgh Historical Society on the right as you make the turn.

28.30 miles - BEAR LEFT to stay on little Chicago Road, crossing the Railroad Tracks.

29.00 miles - TURN LEFT to follow the bikeway signs at a 4-way intersection onto Botsford Road.

31.30 miles - TURN LEFT at the t-intersection off Comfort Hill. As you turn, you can glimpse a pond behind the houses to your right.

32.30 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the blinking light in Vergennes. There is a gas station on your right as you cross Main Street.  Vergennes Laundry and 3-Squares Café are just up the hill 1/10th of a mile (offering bathrooms, food and coffee).

31.60 miles - TURN LEFT onto School Street (there is a red brick building on your right as you turn).

31.70 miles - TURN RIGHT at the 2nd stop sign onto Green Street (you will see the Antidote Bar across the street and then on your left as you turn).

31.75 miles - BEAR RIGHT as you come down the hill on Green Street to continue on Green Street. To your left, you will see signs that direct you to Route 7 on the road that continues left.

36.00 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the stop sign onto Pearson Road (uphill).

42.50 miles - BEAR LEFT at the stop sign to cross the Pulp Mill Bridge on Pulp Mill Bridge Road, then BEAR RIGHT onto Seymour Street after the Bridge.

43.10 miles - BEAR LEFT at the stop sign to cross under the railroad tracks, then BEAR RIGHT to continue on Seymour Street.

43.50 miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON to cross over Main Street to pick up Route 7 South (toward Brandon), and BEAR RIGHT to stay on Route 7 South.

43.80 miles - TURN LEFT to cross the street and pull into the parking lot for Inn on the Green. 


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44.475869, -73.215400
44°28'33.1"N 73°12'55.4"W
18T 641930 4926277
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Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Make sure to bring a waterproof jacket and a warm layer. Most cyclists wear [fingerless] cycle gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge for any navigation unit and/or mobile phone you are using.

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