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Brandon to Waitsfield

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  • Church at the base of Brandon Gap
    Church at the base of Brandon Gap
    Foto: Alec Norton, Macs Adventure
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Take your breath away as you climb into the mountains today, on account of both the spectacular views and ascending roads. Meet up with the Mad River and follow it along scenic Route 100 all the way to the quaint river-town of Waitsfield.
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Let John Muir’s “the mountains are calling, and I must go,” be your tail wind today as you leave Brandon and head up and over the Green Mountains.  Climbing Brandon Gap is an accomplishment and a challenge, so treat it as such, and enjoy the ride! Trade the Neshobe River for Brandon Creek as your companion as you wind gradually up the Gap, and don’t forget to glance back at the Adirondack Mountains. At the top of the pass you'll reach the highest elevation of trip.  Celebrate on a long downhill and catch panoramic views of the mountains in front of you.  Meet up with the Mad River, and scenic Route 100 to head North toward Waitsfield.  Along your way, you’ll find no lack of general stores, town churches, and sugar shacks retailing fresh syrup (one even moonlights as a car mechanic!). Relish the views of the open fields, farmhouses, and community churches as you roll through the small villages of Rochester, Hancock, and Granville. Head back into the mountains for a more mellow climb through the tree-lined Mad River Byway. Don’t miss the chance to stop by Moss Glen Falls and get off your bike for a moment along the way.  Weave back down into Warren crossing the Mad River. Stop by the General Store in the center of town if home-baked goods suit your fancy, or enjoy a sandwich from their full, fresh deli counter at their picnic tables by the river.  Finish your day by gliding into Waitsfield, where arts, artisan dishes, and alluring swimming holes await.

Tip van de auteur

Enjoy a hearty breakfast before cycling up Brandon Gap.  Safe pull-off break spots are noted in the route notes.
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Hannah Lafleur
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  • Brandon Gap is a steady climb with some broken pavement on the Brandon side. In the summer of 2018, there was construction going up the Gap, so be alert for possible single-lane closures.  There are a number of places where it is safe to pull off (shoulder widens) and catch your breath/ take a photo/ have a drink; we recommend using these pull-out areas as it is much easier to restart from these points.  Once you have crested the top of the hill ( you will see a sign for 9% grade on the way down), control your speed on the way down.  The new pavement makes riding quickly very easy, so use extreme caution.
  • You will be most visible when wearing high-visibility clothing, such as a neon cycling vest.
  • Please keep both hands on the bike at all times.
  • Always wear your helmet when riding.
  • Be cautious when approaching railroad tracks. Consider stopping to walk your bike across the tracks. Some track crossings note that trains do not blow their whistle as they cross.
  • Always ensure you carry enough water, especially as there are stretches where water is less-readily available.
  • Painted lines on the road become slippery when they are wet.
  • Obey traffic laws in all areas. This means riding on the right-hand side of the road, and braking at all stop signs and stop lights.
  • Carefully monitor the condition of the shoulder as debris may appear after accidents, rain, or wind.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal commands to let others you may be riding with and vehicles know when you intend to stop, slow down, or turn.
  • Control your speed on all descents.

Tips en hints

Food & Drink

Sandy’s Books & Bakery

Books and bakery, what's not to love? Pop in for a treat, an espresso, or an expertly-crafted sandwich, as a reward for crossing the gap!

Rochester Café & Corner Store

Delicious options, made fresh, with local ingredients, this cafe is a favorite of many local Vermonters.  Buyer beware! The service can be a bit slow, so make sure you're looking for a good break before stopping by. 

Sunshine Valley Organic Berry Farm

Pull an ‘I Love Lucy’ at this you-pick organic berry farm, and carry more out in your stomach than you do on your bike. 

North Hollow Farm Store

If you can hold off a for a brief moment, the North Hollow Farm Store serves up Maple Creamies, among other Vermont treats, and is just past the Rochester town line.

Warren Store

A great deli counter, tasty homemade treats, and an enviable local, craft beer selection await those who enter this loved-by-locals general store, with a sense of humor, and daily deli selections listed on their website.

Mad Taco

Located in Waitsfield, your home for the evening, you won’t miss the parking lot smoker they use to slow-flavor their pork. Vegetarians and gulten-free folks, rejoice! There are plenty of options to choose from.

American Flatbread

Open Thursday-Sunday, if you haven’t taken advantage of opportunities to sample this Vermont Classic in Burlington, or Middlebury, here’s your chance! Enjoy the local flavors at this Mad River location.

Sweet Spot

Excellent espresso drinks and pastry options, and great proximity to the Covered Bridge Swimming Spot.  Stop by after a dip for a sweet treat, and you may have to pinch yourself just to prove you’re not dreaming.

Points of Interest:

Forest Dale Iron Works

One of the oldest, best preserved, and ONLY surviving iron furnaces in Vermont, you’ll skirt right past the historical pack, demarcating the significance of this antique.

Vermont Long Trail

A 272-mile footpath along the state of Vermont, many the wanderlust, outdoor enthusiast, and first-time hiker have set foot on some part of this trail to weave through Vermont’s Green Mountains and north or south across the state.

Mom & Pop’s World’s Best Maple Syrup

Maybe it’s because you’ve just come off the pass, or maybe it’s because you can’t leave Vermont without syrup, but this sugar shack, at the base of Brandon as you head toward Rochester, may have exactly what you’re looking for!

Green Mountain Bikes

Stop by if your bike is in need of any tuning.

Scenic Route 100

Considered one of the most scenic drives (rides) in New England, Route 100 is home to the oldest arts and crafts school in the country, Plymouth Notch, a pristine early 20th-century hill town, and the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site; it is also unyieldingly gorgeous.

Granville Bowl Mill

Stop by to gift friends, family, and your own kitchen with expertly-crafted one-piece hardwood bowls!

Moss Glen Falls

A waterfall of more than 30ft along the scenic Route 100 Mad River Byway, this small pull off is worth the break to walk over and stand by the falls!

Lareau Swim Hole

Jump from a conveniently-placed rock into this deep swimming hole or simply wade down the sandy bank into the dropoff, on a warm day, this spot is not to be missed!

Waitsfield Covered Bridge Swim Spot

Located in the center of Waitsfield, this local favorite is a great place to cool off and relax at the end of your ride. Pro tip: pop over to The Sweet Spot for a sweet treat afterwards!


Lilac Inn, Brandon (137 m)
43.797586, -73.083261
43°47'51.3"N 73°04'59.7"W
18T 654195 4851177
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Featherbed Inn, Waitsfield


0.00 Miles - TURN RIGHT as you exit the Inn to get back on route 73. The Inn will be on your right as you head out of town.

0.20 Miles - TURN LEFT at the first stop sign to continue on 73 (Marble Street).

0.50 Miles - BEAR RIGHT as Wheeler Road enters from the left. You are continuing on 73, and you will see the police department on your right in about .1 miles.

1.00 Miles - BEAR RIGHT to continue on 73, keeping the golf course on your immediate left, then BEAR RIGHT to leave the golf course, continue on 73, and head toward Brandon; you are following the yellow arrows.

2.80 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the intersection with 53 North. Continue to remain on 73 East, keeping the Junction Store & Deli on your right.

4.40 Miles - In 2018, construction on the road created a single lane at this point. Follow all directions by traffic aids and watch for debris in shoulder

5.40 Miles -  Safe pull-off for breaks, photos, water

6.60 Miles - Safe pull-off for breaks, photos, water

7.40 Miles - Picnic area and safe pull-off

7.80 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the top of Brandon Gap! The Long Trail crosses here.

13.10 Miles - TURN RIGHT to cross the bridge and continue on 73. Bingo Road enters from your left. Yellow signs should point you around the bend.

15.50 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON to continue on route 73 as Maple Hill enters from the left.

17.00 Miles - TURN LEFT onto Route 100 North at the t-intersection. You are headed toward Rochester.

17.80 Miles- Continue STRAIGHT ON past Sandy's Books & Bakery on your right, and the Rochester Café on the left.

18.00 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past Green Mountain Bikes on the left.

19.70 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past Sunshine Valley Organic Berry Farm on Right, North Hollow Farm store (.1) on left.

22.00 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON to remain on 100 North as 125 splits to the left in the center of Hancock.

26.50 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past the Granville Bowl Mill (on your left)

28.90 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past Moss Glen Falls on your left

35.70 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past Warren Falls Trailhead on your left.

36.30 Miles - TURN RIGHT on Main Street toward Warren Center. The public Library will be on your right. You are turning off Route 100N for the first time in miles.

36.80 Miles - Conitnue STRAIGHT ON past the Warren Covered Bridge.

37.00 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past the Warren Store.

37.30 Miles - TURN RIGHT to re-join route 100N as Main Street ends.

41.50 Miles - Continue STRAIGHT ON past the parking lot for the Lareau Swim Hole.

41.80 Miles - TURN LEFT into the Featherbed Inn.


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43.797586, -73.083261
43°47'51.3"N 73°04'59.7"W
18T 654195 4851177
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Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Make sure to bring a waterproof jacket and a warm layer. Most cyclists wear [fingerless] cycle gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge for any navigation unit and/or mobile phone you are using.

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