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Alberobello loop bike ride

Fietsen · Bari,Murge
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A gentle rolling ride through Trulli country visiting Putignano and Noci, two small towns of this area.

35,7 km
2:31 u
382 m
382 m

From Alberobello, the route soon reaches quiet country lanes with vineyards and olive groves on each side. Making the best use of cyle routes to avoid the traffic, you soon reach the outskirts of Putignano,. This is a typical small town where the modern town surrounds the old walled town. Your route takes you through the old historic town. Then aftr a bit of twisting and turning, you soon reach quiet lanes again with barely a car on the road before reaching the outskirts on Noci. Take time to relax in one of the cafes by the piazza and watch italian life go by. Then the route takes you through the centro storic, and then out of town to finally regain a quiet cycle route taking you back towards Alberobello. Avoiding the main routes, you arrive back in Alberobello by the famous Trulli church, San Antonio before winding you way downhill through the trulli village back to your starting point.


Tip van de auteur

Get your refreshments before entering the Centro Storico in both Putignano and Noci as there is far more choice that way but it's always a good idea to carry snacks and plenty of water with you for the day.

Noci in particular has a fiendish one-way system, so take care to stick to the main route to reach the piazza.

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Before starting your ride it’s always worth inspecting your bike for any damage. Check for any damage to the frame, components or wheels. Ensure there are no loose cables and that the tyres are inflated and the brakes are working. Always wear a helmet when cycling. If you are doubtful of the condition of your rental bike please call the office or the local bike hire on the number provided in your information pack.

Beware of traffic especially when entering and leaving the towns where the traffic flow tends to be highest. Take care on descents; make the most of the downhill but don’t speed around corners where you can’t see what’s coming ahead of you on the narrow single-track roads.  There are also some overhanging trees so watch out for wet patches of tar or fallen branches on the road. Always treat descents with respect!

Do remember to ride on the right-hand side of the road and whilst drivers in Puglia are respectful of cyclists', please do be mindful of other road users at all times, obeying local road signs and any change in road conditions.

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Stop and browse on market day in Putignano, it's on the route!

Soak up the streets and charming atmosphere of Alberobello

Do take the time to wander about Alberobello on foot, the best streets are cobbled with steps.  Get a town centre walking map from your accommodation or from almost any shop. For a couple of more unusual local attractions visit Trullo Sovrano,  the only 2 story trullo which is  set up like a living museum or the Museo del Territorio - Casa Pezzolla which covers the history and building of the Trulli.


Try and arrive between 12-2pm and take lunch in the piazza. Noic is surrounded by trulli houses, nestled in the surrounded woods. The historic centre of Noci are dotted with “gnostre”, (original courts closed on three sides and overlooking the street). You may also like to visit the Church of Santa Maria della Scala, with the Benedictine convent and a centrea which restores antique books (and repair many antique books during the Florence floods of 1966).

Food and Drink

It's always a good idea to take enough snacks and drinks with you for the day. If you are not going be passing through towns between outside the hours for 12noon and 2pm, you may find many cafes and restaurants closed. Always take plenty of water with you (at least 2 litres).


Largo Trevisani, the triangular piazza on Largo Martellota, the main road through Alberobello, facing the road (411 m)
40.783242, 17.236765
40°46'59.7"N 17°14'12.4"E
33T 688737 4517102


Largo Trevisani, the triangular piazza on Largo Martellota


TURN RIGHT on Largo Martellota, slightly uphill.

50m – BEAR RIGHT, following the one way system to the crossroads

370m - Go STRAIGHT ON under the bridge, then STRAIGHT ON at the mini-roundabout, sp. (signposted) Nocci & Putignano

670m - Go STRAIGHT ON at the traffic lights.

3.5km - Ignore the left turn sp. Noci & Putignano and continue to end of the road.

4.2 km - TURN LEFT on the SP161, sp. Noci. The road winds quite steeply uphill past a large estate to crossroads.

6.25 km - TURN RIGHT sp. Putignano and continue to the end of the road.

9.8 km - TURN RIGHT downhill and then after 200m

10 km - BEAR LEFT sp Putignano, continue to the crossroads

11km - TURN RIGHT to reach the SS172 at a roundabout. Go STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout and immediately join the cycle track, which is in the centre of the road. Continue to the end of the cycle track, then keep in the left lane on the road to the junction with the main road.

*Optional extension to the Grotte Castellano, go STRAIGHT ON, crossing the main road and then use the separate directions to return to this point*

14.2km – TURN LEFT onto the main road, then STRAIGHT ON at the traffic lights into Putignano and take the 2nd exit (TURN LEFT) at the roundabout. Stop around here for drinks and refreshments.

14.5km – Immediately TURN RIGHT through the arch, Via Marascelli, into the Centro Storico (old town) on cobbles. TURN RIGHT and circle around on the main cobbled street all the way to Piazza Plebiscito (which contains the clock tower, the church and a bar.)

Face the building with 3 green doors and go STRAIGHT ON down the street to the left, Via Rosata Romazzi, to the end.

15km – TURN LEFT on Estramurale a Mezzogiorno (there may be a market here) and at the end of the street, sharply TURN RIGHT, then TURN LEFT down the 2nd street on the left, Via Giovanni Pascoli, a one way street. Carefully cross the main road and continue STRAIGHT ON until the end of the road.

15.7km – TURN RIGHT on the Via Gioacchino Murat and TURN LEFT (first left) by the Elettrodomestici building into Via San Cataldo. Stay on this road for 2.5 km, ignoring all side roads until you reach a sign “Parco Grande”, which is quite small, above head height and on the left side of the road.

18.4km – TURN LEFT steeply downhill. Continue on this road for about 800m until you see an old bridge with many arches in front of you. BEAR LEFT steeply uphill and very soon reach the end of the road,.

19.1 km - TURN RIGHT, with good views of the bridge on your right. Continue to the end of the road on the outskirts of Noci.

21.4km – TURN RIGHT, and go over the railway line to the junction with the main road. TURN RIGHT onto the main road and STRAIGHT ON at a long roundabout. Follow the main road as it curves left uphill, past a petrol station to reach a roundabout with a white pillar in the centre.

22km – TURN LEFT the 3rd exit sp. Guardia Civil and continue to the end of the road. This is the main piazza of Noci and there are cafes and restaurants here. There are few in the Centro Storico.

22.3 km – STRAIGHT ON into the pedestrianized area of the Centro Storico, which is very pleasant to walk/cycle through. You may need to walk your bike. Follow the main route through to the open square with the church facing you. TURN LEFT in front of the church and follow the street around to exit the pedestrianized area into Via San Domenico.

22.7 km - TURN RIGHT on Via San Domenico to soon reach traffic lights. There is a tower and a large church at this junction. Go STRAIGHT ON sp Alberobello and continue STRAIGHT ON this road, ignoring all turnings to the roundabout.

23.6 km - Take the SECOND EXIT, Via Tommaso Fiore, then stay in the left lane to avoid a right turn filter and continue STRAIGHT ON on Via Tommaso Fiore. Most of the traffic will be turning right to get onto the fast roads so it is quite a difficult junction. Continue on this road, which is semi-industrialised until you reach a roundabout.

24.3km - Go STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout onto Strada Vincinale Barsenti. Most of the traffic will go right, so this road is quiet. Continue for about 300m until you reach a left turn, just before the road goes under a bridge.

24.6km - TURN LEFT, this is a cycle route sp. Alberobello. Continue on this road for just under 2km to a right turn, just before the 30 speed sign.

26.3 km TURN RIGHT sp. Noci. For the first 750m, this road is dead straight. Continue for a further 250m until the road ends at the SP239.

27.4km – TURN LEFT and then very soon, TURN RIGHT sp. Donna Elisabetha. Go underneath the railway and BEAR LEFT. Continue for about 600m then

28.3 km – TURN LEFT, opposite the Donna Elizabetha factory. After about 600m, BEAR RIGHT on the same road (railway crossing to left). The road bends sharply to the left and then continues STRAIGHT ON to cross the railway line.

30.3km - BEAR RIGHT immediately and then after about a further 1.2 km, there is a right turn by a concrete pylon.

31.5 km. TURN RIGHT and cross the railway line again. Continue on this very straight road to the end.

32.6 km - TURN LEFT, passing some light industrial units. After about 500m, there is a crossroads not on the map. Continue STRAIGHT ON to very soon reach a right turn by an unfinished building.

33.3km – BEAR RIGHT, passing an impressive collection of trulli, to reach the end of the road.

33.4 km – TURN LEFT onto the main road and then after 300m TURN RIGHT by a small circle of trees to cycle alongside a white stone wall. The road has several short sharp ascents and bends sharp left twice before reaching a crossroad with the very fast Via Sette Lieberacion de Selva, the Alberobello ringroad.

35km - STRAIGHT ON with care into Via Bain Sizza and follow the short one way system left and right to arrive opposite the little park on Via Cadore. TURN RIGHT to visit the famous Trulli Church of Sant Antonio.

35.4km – Return to Via Cadore, go downhill to the end of the little park and TURN RIGHT into Via Monte Cucco. You may need to wheel your bike down this steep narrow street full of trulli, depending on how many tourists are around!

35.7km. BEAR LEFT at the T junction and immediately BEAR RIGHT to finish your ride opposite the Largo Trevisani where you started this morning.

35.8km - Finish, Largo Trevisani, the triangular piazza on Largo Martellota


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40.783242, 17.236765
40°46'59.7"N 17°14'12.4"E
33T 688737 4517102
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Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Make sure to always carry weather appropriate gear and clothing with you (inclduing sun protection).  Most cyclists wear [fingerless] cycle gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge of any navigation unit you may decide to use.

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35,7 km
382 m
382 m


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