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Walk to Vernago and bus to the Meran area

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  • Signpost at the Bella Vista Hut
    Signpost at the Bella Vista Hut
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
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Today is a chance to slow it down and take in the scenery. Today's green countryside path will take you from Bella Vista Lodge down to Maso Corto/Kurzras, before rising above Lake Vernago and on to Vernago in the Val Senales valley. 
Afstand 12,1 km
5:30 u
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Route: Bella Vista Lodge – Naturns (Merano)

Today is a chance to slow the pace and take in the scenery. Your beautiful green countryside route will take you from Bella Vista Lodge down to Maso Corto/Kurzras before rising above Lake Vernago, where you can take in outstanding views and enjoy a break in one of the many small mountain lodges.

Your hike through the Alps ends at Lake Vernago in the Val Senales valley. From here, you can take a bus back down to Merano.

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Take a break at Finailhof and enjoy a “Brettljause” – a traditional plate of meats and cheeses served on a wooden board – while taking in the breathtaking views over Lake Vernago.
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Sarah Stone
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2.848 m
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1.695 m
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Today you may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

Always allow plenty of time for your hike. The walking times indicated do not include breaks. Rest and photo breaks must be added to the times indicated.

Check the latest weather information and be on the lookout for changes in the weather. Storms can develop rapidly in the Alps.

Do not leave the marked hiking trails.

Tips en hints

Refreshments can be picked up at Finailhof, however opening times can vary so we recommend carrying enough food to keep you going for the day!

Finailhof: This restaurant is located in a beautiful setting looking out over Lake Vernago. A break here to regain your strength and take in the views is highly recommended.


Bella Vista Hut (2.848 m)
46.783512, 10.791942
46°47'00.6"N 10°47'31.0"E
32T 636781 5182666
Toon op de kaart


Lake Vernago/Val Senales, bus stop


0.00 km - On leaving Bella Vista Lodge, TURN LEFT. Pass to the left of the whirlpool and go down the steps towards the goods cable lift until you reach the marked path to Maso Corto.

0.60 km - To your right is a wooden sign for Maso Corto (Kurzras). Continue to follow the narrow path and the red/white markings.

1.70 km - Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD when you reach the junction. You will see Teufelsegg Lodge to your right. In front of you is Rossbodenbach stream, which you must walk through to get back onto the path that leads under the cable car. Ignore the wide gravel roads to your right and left.

2.50 km- To your left is a red sign, which points towards Bella Vista Lodge in the opposite direction.

3.80 km - You will reach a junction. TAKE A SLIGHT RIGHT on the path that leads further downhill. There is a sign for Maso Corto (Kurzras) on your right.

4.20 km - Go through the gate in front of you. To your left is a tennis court; ahead is the Club Hotel Zirm. When you reach the paved road, TURN LEFT and follow the road as it bends round to the right and into the village. To your left is the goods cable lift of Bella Vista Lodge.

4.60 km - KEEP LEFT and walk across the gravel parking area on the left-hand side of the road. 

4.90 km - Leave Maso Corto and walk 300 metres along the road. Watch out for traffic.

5.20 km - TURN LEFT and walk through the wooden gate. Follow the path through the field and signs for Vernago (Vernagt).

5.70 km - You will cross a small stream. Shortly afterwards you will see a sign; continue STRAIGHT AHEAD towards Vernago.

6.10 km - Pass through a wooden gate.

6.50 km - To your left, you will see some signs. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD towards Vernago. Ignore the path on the right, which heads downwards towards the circular lake route.

7.20 km - TURN LEFT and follow the narrow path between the fence and the rocks.

8.00 km - You can now see Lake Vernago on your right.

8.90 km - Walk through the wooden gate and follow the path STRAIGHT AHEAD.

9.10 km - There is one further gate to pass through. In a few metres, you will reach a paved road. TURN LEFT and follow the road uphill. The road then bends around to the right.

9.40 km - Finailhof is on your right. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD and keep to the right to make your way to Finailhof’s outdoor terrace. Then pass to the LEFT of the terrace by heading down the narrow path. On your left, you will see red/white markings labelled A8. Continue your descent by following the markings and then TURN LEFT. Follow the path through the field of crop beds.

9.60 km - Take the narrow path to the RIGHT, which leads further down into another field. To your left is a rock marked with a red arrow pointing to the right.

9.70 km - KEEP RIGHT and continue to follow the path downhill. To your left is a stone wall.

10.00 km - You will reach another wooden gate. Pass through the gate.

10.50 km - At the fork, KEEP RIGHT and take the rearmost of the routes. In 70 metres, you will pass through another gate.

10.60 km - You will reach a T-junction. TURN RIGHT and follow the road as it snakes downhill.

10.70 km - You will reach a main road. Cross the road and TURN RIGHT through the gate on the opposite site; follow the path through the field as it snakes downhill.

10.90 km - TURN LEFT and follow the path along the side of the lake.

11.20 km - You will reach another gate. Pass through the gate and take the steep uphill path under the bridge.

11.30 km - Cross the bridge and TURN RIGHT to remain on the narrow downhill path. Keep right and continue to follow the path along the side of the lake.

12.10 km - You will arrive at the parking area in Vernago, which is located adjacent to a small chapel. To your immediate right is the bus stop for buses to Naturns or Merano. Please see your accommodation list for details of your overnight location. 


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Afternoon: Line 261 from Vernago to Naturns, change in Naturns for bus to Merano if applicable (see your accommodation sheet for more info)


46.783512, 10.791942
46°47'00.6"N 10°47'31.0"E
32T 636781 5182666
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Always wear good walking boots with a robust sole, and take waterproofs with you. Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you (at least two litres) and to protect yourself against the sun. Trekking poles are recommended.

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Pat Brechin
05.09.2018 · Community
Beautiful day for the end of the trip. Varied walk to the valley floor and on to Lake Verago. Seeing a group of about 8 mountain goats was a bonus.
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Wild mountain goats on path from Bella Vista Lodge
Foto: Pat Brechin, Community
Dawn at Bella Vista Lodge
Foto: Pat Brechin, Community
Lake Verago
Foto: Pat Brechin, Community

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12,1 km
5:30 u
111 m
1.255 m
Hoogste punt
2.848 m
Laagste punt
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