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Walk to Holzgau

Dagwandeling · Bregenzerwald
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  • The distinctive Lechweg waymark sign
    / The distinctive Lechweg waymark sign
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / The contour path from Warth
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / The River Lech near Steeg
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / The fabulous Tirolerhof Restaurant in Warth
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / Alpine meadow
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / The dairy in Steeg
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
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A beautiful walk through the alpine meadows near Warth before descending into the woods of the Lech valley.

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Today your walk starts in the beautiful alpine meadows near Warth and Lechleiten.  A contour path takes you high above the valley, affording fabulous views of the surrounding rocky peaks and the fields below.  Entering the forest, there is a long descent to the valley floor below where once again you will meet with the turquoise waters of the River Lech.  From here the path winds alongside the river, through sections of forest and the fields of local farms, until you reach the small towns of Steeg and Holzau, where you can admire the beautifully painted buildings and enjoy Kaffee and Kuchen while you watch the world go by.

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A longer day today, so best to get an early start so you have some time to enjoy the fresh ice-cream and handcrafted cheese at the dairy in Steeg and time to enjoy looking at Holzgau’s famous painted buildings. User
Fiona Marshall
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Today you may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

The trails are largely in good condition, and are a mix of narrow mountain paths, forest tracks and some small sections of road walking.  About 1.5km after leaving Warth, there is a small section of path crossing a rockfall, take care here.  Please be alert to passing cars when crossing the road near Prenten (just after crossing the Lech) and in Steeg.


There is a long descent today on forest tracks and trails from the high meadows to the Lech valley floor and walking poles are again highly recommended to help protect your knees and ankles, and of course aid with balance.

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Points of Interest

Lechtaler Naturkaeseri Sojer Dairy in Steeg

This is a must-do stop on the route today!  The dairy in Steeg is the only one of its kind in the Lech Valley remaining. Established in 1903 by local farmers, from 1934 onwards, it was run cooperatively until it was leased in 1955 privately. Today there are 10 mountain farmers supplying fresh milk each day, all from cows fed with alpine meadow grass and hay.  The homemade cheese and yoghurt are specialties.  The ice-cream here is fabulous! 


Schaubrauerei Brewery in Holzgau

This small brew-pub in Holzgau offers guided tours and explanations of the brewing methods as well as tasting sessions.  Enjoy a cool Stricker beer at the end of your walk in the Tyrolean atmosphere. 



Holzgau is in the upper Lech valley at 1103m above sea level.  The village is renowned for its numerous magnificently painted houses which give the village special charm. There are banks, cafes, restaurants and sports shops should you need to purchase anything for the rest of the walk.


Food and Drink

There are no places to buy food and drink on the route today until you reach Steeg after around 12kms walking, so it is a good idea to stock up on food and drinks before you leave Warth.  There is a small supermarket in Warth close to the central square.  When you reach Steeg, we strongly suggest you visit the Lechtaler Naturkaeseri Sojer dairy for an ice cream or to sample their delicious cheese. There is also a small supermarket in Steeg, but it is usually closed from 12 to 2.30pm each day, likely to coincide with your arrival time, so we advise buying all you need for the day in Warth.


This tour is available on the following itineraries: WGLRT


The Tourist Information Centre in Warth (1486 m)
47.257904, 10.183148
32T 589515 5234503


The Tourist Information Centre in Holzgau


Today’s walk starts in the small square in the centre of Warth, just outside the tourist information centre. Walk towards the church on the pavement beside the main road, looking out for the distinctive “L” Lechweg waymarks.  Turn right off the main road just after the church and then follow the path around the meadow before taking a left turn signposted to Gehren and Hochkrumbach.


The next section of the trail is one of the most scenically stunning of the entire walk as you follow a contour path through the meadows. There are fabulous views of the surrounding peaks, back to Warth, up the valley to Lech and the way ahead.  Take care on the small section of rockfall you will encounter at approx. 1.3kms. The trail eventually joins a small section of very quiet road.


After passing through the small hamlet of Lechleiten, the road ends and you rejoin a narrow trail at approx. 3.8kms, just after passing the Haus Shrofenwies guest house.  The trail waymark shows the Lechweg “L” sign – take the sign in the direction of Steeg. From here the path stays high above the valley but enters a wooded area where you can still enjoy great views before you reach a section of forest track and the long descent to the valley floor.  There are several benches situated at scenic points on the trail here, so break up the long walk downhill, take a seat and enjoy soaking up the views.


After a switchback section (and just over 11kms of walking), you reach the valley floor and the turquoise waters of the Lech.  The river at this point seems much bigger and faster-flowing than the initial bubbling spring of day 1. Crossing the river via a sturdy bridge, enjoy the view downstream. The path follows the river for a while now, and is close to the road.  The Lechweg signs will soon indicate that you should cross the road (at about 12.6km) at Prenten.  There is a bus stop here, so if you’ve had enough walking for the day you can catch the bus to Holzgau or your next overnight halt.  After crossing the road, continue to follow the signs for the Lechweg in the direction of Steeg. This next section of the trail winds through traditional farmland, and several farmsteads where you can see up close signs of local life. After about 14kms, the path leaves the valley floor again for a short time as you hike back up into the forest before descending to the small town of Steeg which you will reach after another km or so’s walk.  The path will bring you into the centre of the town where once again you will cross the Lech via a bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn right and follow the pavement alongside the road. Steeg also has a bus stop if you’d like to bring your walking to a close for the day. However, we strongly recommend that you visit the amazing dairy here (see Tips, Hints and Links) to enjoy a delicious ice cream or one of the many varieties of local cheese!


If continuing on foot to Holzgau, follow the pavement onwards and shortly after the cheese factory follow the Lechweg signs to take a right turn and then a left as once again you join a path following the river.  There is a fantastic long-drop waterfall just outside Steeg, the Haegerauer Waterfall. It’s worth a stop to take a photo, and perhaps take your boots off to cool your feet in the small “Kneipp” paddling pools just beyond the waterfall! Sebastian Kneipp was a Bavarian priest who promoted the benefits of healing by water.


Continue to follow the trail as it runs alongside the Lech. Shortly the forest will become denser, take care to keep looking out for the “L” signs as there are a few different routes criss-crossing each other. After about 19kms you will reach a turn near a farm where the Lechweg ‘L’ is not so obviously signed – here be sure to take the path signposted Jochweg nach Schoenau and Schelbe.  After another section of beautiful forest trail you will reach the river again, crossing via a bridge before turning left towards Holzgau.  Continue to follow the “L” waymarks across the meadow and into the village, where you will find yourself just outside the distinctive local church. Pop in to take a look before descending to the town’s main square where today’s walk ends outside the post office and tourist information centre.


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20,9 km
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