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Standedge Cutting to Hebden Bridge

Dagwandeling · England
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  • Stoodley Pike
    Stoodley Pike
    Foto: David Arthur Stott, Macs Adventure
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A slightly flatter though less remote day takes you from Standedge Reservoir to Calder Valley close to Hebden Bridge.
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Though slightly less remote - particularly early on, this stage does a good job of keeping you high up on moorland to avoid the more urban areas. You will still enjoy expansive views of the surrounding countryside but will porbably find the route to be a little busier in this area.

What you loose in remoteness is made up for by some easier terrain. You can enjoy a long stretch passing reservoirs on good tracks today after negotiating Blackstone Edge before you reach Stoodley Pike and a steady downhill towards the town of Hebden Bridge.

Tip van de auteur

From Stoodley Pike it is possible to follow an alternative route which brings you in to Hebden Bridge rather than further down the Rochdale Canal. Details of the route can be found here:

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The White House


There are a couple of roads with fast moving traffic which need to be crossed today - At the start of the day take care crossing road at Standedge Cutting. Once you descend from Blackstone Edge you will briefly walk up the road past the White House pub. Again, the road here can be busy with fast moving traffic however there is a good wide verge to walk on the left side of the road up towards the pub.

Navigation across Blackstone Edge summit could be tricky in poor weather conditions as the path is fairly ambiguous crossing rocks and boulders. There are several small cairns along the route to aid navigation but if in doubt the map and gps track are useful here.


If you wish to carry a hardcopy map, we would recommend buying the Pennine Way map published by Harvey Maps. They publish a map for both the North and South section of the walk so if you are doing the full walk you will need both. Alternatively, you may wish to print the daily maps directly from our app.



If you wish to bring a guidebook, we would recommend Trailblazer's Pennine Way by Stuart Greig & Henry Stedman.

Tips en hints

Please see the interactive map for notable points of interest.  Click the icons on the map for more information.  

Points of Interest

Stoodley Pike
The 121ft monument at the top of the hill dominates the skyline for miles around the current monument, which was completed in 1856, replacing an earlier structure dating from 1815 which was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon after the battle of Waterloo.  If you wish you can actually climb 39 steps from the gallery in the dark to the top!

Aiggin stone and the "Roman road"
Shortly after Blackstone Edge summit you will pass the Aiggin stone and walk down the Roman road. The Aiggin stone is thought to be an old waymarker or boundary stone and still acts as a point of reference on the Pennine Way route today. From here you will briefly walk down an old cobbled road which was beleived to be of Roman Origins - however more recent investigations suggest the road is actually a packhorse road dating from the 1700's.


Food & Drink

The White House Pub and Restaurant
After descending from Blackstone Edge and almost half way along this section of the route you will pass The White House. Serving light bites and sandwiches as well as a full menu, this is a good option for stopping for lunch or a quick coffee along the route.


At the end of this section of the route you will finish near the town of Hebden Bridge. You will find this is a decent sized town with all local amenities including a good Co-op supermarket and lots of options for an evening meal. 



Standedge Cutting Carpark (385 m)
OS Grid
SE 01850 09493
53.582034, -1.973527
53°34'55.3"N 1°58'24.7"W
30U 567956 5937510
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Traffic lights at junction with A646 Halifax road at Callis Bridge.


*** To help you follow the route with confidence we have provided full written turn by turns to aid you on your walk from Standedge to Hebden Bridge. Whilst the Pennine Way is waymarked it can be featureless and off the beaten path at some sections so we strongly suggest that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


0.00km - From the carpark at Standedge Cutting cross the road and continue STRAIGHT ON the well defined gravel path signposted as the Pennine Way, then BEAR LEFT at the fork after 150m.

0.25km  - Continue STRAIGHT ON ignoring the left turn signposted as the Pennine Bridleway.

0.40km - TURN RIGHT throught a gate on to a rocky path (signposted). Follow the rocky path through fields and past Standedge trig point.

2.45km - BEAR RIGHT where the path forks at the stone waymarker following the Pennine Way route across the moor.

3.60km - Cross a wooden bridge, pass through the gate and follow the path up to a parking area. TURN LEFT on to the A640 road the TURN RIGHT on to the signposted path on the opposite side of the road near the "Welcome to Saddleworth" sign. Follow the narrow path across the moor.

5.20km - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the White Hill trig point on the well defined path. Ignore the grassy path to the right leading through a gate.

6.65km - Pass through a gate and cross the road. Continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel path to the right-hand side of the parking area area next to the "Welcome to Yorkshire" sign. Cross the lane leading up to the Windy Hill transmitter and continue STRAIGHT ON the waymarked gravel path.

7.30km - Once across the bridge over the M62 motorway  BEAR LEFT on the uphill path. Initially this is a good stone slab path across boggy ground but becomes rocky and muddy in places as it climbs steadily. There are small cairns along the route to aid with navigation in poor weather, but the path is generally clear and easy to follow.

9.45km - Reach Blackstone Edge summit and continue STRAIGHT ON the path across rocky ground. The path can be vague in places, head North descending gently. Ocassionally there is a narrow but clear gravel path to follow and occassional cairns and waymarkers to follow if conditions are poor.

10.20km - Go through the gate at the public footpath sign and TURN LEFT on to the cobbled "Roman Road" at the crossroads by the Aiggin stone.

10.60km - Go through the gate once across the drainage channel then TURN RIGHT on to the clear path running parallel to the drainage channel.

11.40km - TURN LEFT following the gravel path downhill at the old quarry, then go through the gate and TURN RIGHT onto the road towards the White House bar - walk on the left here as there is a good wide verge.

11.85km - Once past The White House bar TURN LEFT and go through the gate at Blackstone Edge reservoir following the Pennine Way signposted route.

12.30km - BEAR LEFT on the gravel road at the end of the dam wall.

13.85km - BEAR LEFT at the fork in the road and continue STRAIGHT ON past the 2nd reservoir.

14.85km - Go through the gate as the track drops slightly to a third reservoir then walk STRAIGHT ON taking the right road at the fork along the reservoir wall.

16.20km - Cross the bridge, go through the gate and continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel track.

16.45km - Continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel track across the moor, ignoring the left turn at the signpost. The track becomes a flagstone path as it winds towards Stoodley Pike - the tall obelisk in the distance.

18.65km - BEAR RIGHT on the main path at the fork heading up towards Stoodley Pike where the path levels after a short descent. Then BEAR LEFT at the fork following the grassy path.

18.80km - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the crossroads with the stone path at the waymarker. The path narrows in places and can be difficult to follow exactly as you head over the large boulders and rocks, but you will pass occasional cairns to keep you right.

20.20km - Reach Stoodley Pike - The path tracks around the front of the monument and continues on the well defined stone path to the right heading downhill.

20.75km - Go through the gate and TURN LEFT at the signpost. Pas through the gap in the wall and continue on the gravel path.

21.30km - At the crossroads with the gravel track continue STRAIGHT ON downhill towards the fence. Cross the stile and keep STRAIGHT ON grassy path downhill.

21.60km - TURN RIGHT across the stile at the signpost and follow the path through the fields.

22.00km - Go through the gate at the end of the field. TURN LEFT and follow the gravel road at the farm downhill. Ignore any other side tracks and continue down the main track.

23.30km - TURN RIGHT on to the narrow path path through the trees at the Pennine Way signpost just as the two tracks converge. After 100m rejoin the gravel track and continue STRAIGHT ON downhill steadily towards the canal.

23.90km - FINISH before you cross the bridge over the canal and river.


*** This is the end of our Standedge to Calder Valley route, use your included documentation to find your overnight accommodation which will most likely be in Hebden Bridge. To reach Hebden bridge on foot,  follow the towpath along the left side of the canal until you reach the town - approximately a 20 minute walk.**



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OS Grid
SE 01850 09493
53.582034, -1.973527
53°34'55.3"N 1°58'24.7"W
30U 567956 5937510
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing are all required for the Pennine Way. The weather can be change quickly and even in the summer months it can be cold on the higher and more exposed sections of the route. Walking poles would also be beneficial to help with some of the tougher sections.

Ensure your phone is charged and you have a back up battery pack just in case. Always take plenty of food and fluids for a day’s walking as cafés and inns along the route are not always guaranteed to be open.

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23,9 km
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219 m
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