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Preddvor to St Jacobs Church

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    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Today brings a slightly more demanding yet wonderful hike, full of splendid vistas, you will walk in a loop via St Jacobs Church and Lake Crnava
Afstand 15,6 km
7:00 u
976 m
1.002 m
1.429 m
452 m
The walk begins with an ascent up to St. Jacobs Church, which in the days of Turkish raids served as refugee fortress and shelter. Your walk continues through deep forests of fir and spruce and across steep hillsides covered with alpine flowers to the hut at Hudicev borst; the perfect spot for a picnic! After a full day’s walk you can take a freshening dip in Crnjava lake just before returning back to your hotel

Tip van de auteur

There is no where to stop for lunch, therefore make sure you have a packed lunch or pick up a sandwhich from the local bakery which you walk past, it is where the road leaving the hotel mets the main road. 
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Minna Harshbarger
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1.429 m
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452 m


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Don’t embark on this trail in bad weather, you can walk a shorter loop to the St Jacobs Church and back as some of the trail is quite exposed. 

There are plenty of exposed roots and rough terrain underfoot and therefore take your time when negotiating over them. 

Tips en hints

If you havent download the app yet, I would recommend you do as for the ascent to St Jacobs circle the forst path can be quite difficult to follow as there are so many paths available. 


Preddvor (466 m)
46.293751, 14.430180
46°17'37.5"N 14°25'48.6"E
33T 456111 5126843




0.00km – Start with your back to Pension Zaplata, cross the parking lot and CONTINUE STRIAGHT along the road.

0.06km – BEAR LEFT past a shrine on your right and CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the asphalted road.

0.50 km – You will reach the main road, cross the road (there is no zebra crossing) and TURN RIGHT. You will walk past a bakery which is perfectly located to pick up your lunch for today.

0.80km – Walk past a bus stop to your left and TURN LEFT at the road sign ‘Preddvor’, you will cross a bridge and walk past a bench and a map of the area, once you have pasted the benches TURN RIGHT on to an asphalted road following the sign to Sv Jakob Potoskagora and Jezero Crnava

Follow the road as it takes you through a residential area and then curves its way up to fields. Watch out for the car’s as drivers can come by quite quickly and there is no pavement.

1.10km – You will come to a cross roads, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on a slowly ascending asphalted path, pasted a red sign to SV Jakob, Javorov Vrh.

1.60 km – At the top of the asphalted road you will reach a shirne, TURN RIGHT at the shrine following the red signs to Jakob koca iskra

 1.85 km – Walk past a house, keep  it to your right as you CONTINUE STRAIGHT (ignoring path to your right)

1.95 km – You will reach a small castle (now it is a retirement home) with a gate closing it off to the public, take the small footpath to the left of the gate to start your ascent following the red sign for SV Jakob (1.15h)

Proceed with care, like with your previous walks the terrain is rough underfoot with roots covering the trail. Keep an eye out for the red and white circles on the trees as they will guide you on this walk. This track will zig zag up through the forest.

2.10 km – You will come to a small clearing with a couple benches, CONTINUE STRIAGHT following the red and white markers on the trees.

2.20km – The footpath will reach a gravel road, TURN LEFT following the red sign for SV Jacob.

2.30 km – Come to a crossroads, TURN LEFT and immediately TURN RIGHT following the red and white circles on a small forest path.

There are many paths which take you to St Jacobs’s Church, follow the red and white circles on the trees and do not be confused when the footpath crosses gravel roads, there are in most cases designated routes for walkers which keep you off the roads cars drive up on.

3.40km – the forest path arrives at a gravel parking area, TURN LEFT on to the first footpath to your left which continues to asend through the forestpath

 3.50km – Walk past a small shrine on your right, shortly after the shrine BEAR RIGHT off of the main footpath, following a red sign to St Jacobs Church.

3.70 km – You will reach another footpath, TURN LEFT to continue your ascent to the church. Shotlry after this you will reach a fork in the road, BEAR LEFT to continue to the church, BEAR RIGHT to continue your walk to Javorjev and Hudicev borst.

I would recommend a quick visit to the church before continuing your ascent, retrace your steps to the red sign to  Javorjev and Hudicev borst.

3.90 km – At cross roads TURN RIGHT following the red and white circles on the trees continuing on a small forest path. When you see a red and white circle with a red arrow, follow the arrow’s direction. You will gain 100 metres until the next sign

4.40 km – Come to a small clearing, BEAR LEFT following the red sign (1086m) to Javorjev and Hudicev borst, from here the trail becomes smaller and grassier as it snakes you along the mountain side.

The trail will continue to be rough underfoot, take your time and watch your step as your step ascent continues.

5.20 km – After a gruellying ascent you will reach another red sign(1242m), take a break on a well situated bench before TURN LEFT following the sign for Javorjev Vrh

5.77 km – CONTINUE STRIAGHT as the path takes you past a red sign (1314m) for Javorjev Vrh, from here there is a steep ascent to the top. Watch your step and it isnt much further now.

6.06km – Just before Javorjev Vrh you will pass a tree with a silver metal box on it which contains a log box, if you like write your name and date in the book. Now you are only a couple of metres from the top of which has breath taking views (spot the Kaminsko – Savinjske Alps for the first time today) and a bench perfectly situated for lunch.  IF you which to continue BEAR LEFT staying on the trail.

You have reached the highest point of your walk! (1433 metres).  Once you have caught your breath continue your walk, keeping the Kaminsko – Savinjske Alps to your right/over your right shoulder CONTINUE walking along the exposed ridge.

Only embark on this section if  you have dry weather as is can get slippery when wet.

The trees will have the red and white circles to indicate you are on the right path, continue your walk to Hudicev Borst.

7.20 km – You will reach a red sign (1349m), CONTINUE STAIGHT following the sign to Hudicev Borst.

7.80km – Leave the forest, the path becomes a narrow grassy path with spectacular views. Watch your step as the path is narrow with little trees above and below you.

8.39 km – At the other side of the meadow you will re enter a forest, this time it is the ‘devil’s forest’ according to folklore. There is a steel cable to help with your ascent into the forest and the last section before you reach the Hudicev hut.

8.53 km – You are ARRIVED at the Hudicev hut, this a a popular spot from paragliders to take off. You may be lucky and spot on. CONTINUE STRIAGHT following the red signs (1336 metres) to Mace and Preddvor.

8.80km – Walk past a fresh water spring where you can fill up your bottles if you want, TURN LEFT down a grassy path following the red sign (1329m) to Mace and Preddvor. The trail will take you into the forest, follow the trees with the red and white circles on them.

The forest path will cross a gravel road multiple times, always cross the road to pick up the forest track again on the otherside. Tred carefully as the trailzig zags its way down through the forest.

10.26km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT following the red signs (841 m) to Mace and Preddvor, the road past this point becomes wider and made of rough gravel which is quite loose. Take your time to ensure not to fall!

11.85 km – BEAR RIGHT when you reach the car park, once out of the car park TURN LEFT on to an asphalted road.

12.17 km – The ashphalted road turns right, TURN RIGHT with it taking you past a farm.

12.24km – TURN LEFT on the first road to your left (House number 3 – Mace and on the road there is a road mirror).

12.61 km – Walk with the village and white church spire ahead of you, TURN LEFT on to a gravel road which has a dead end sign posted on it and 4 cement pillars with a roof over across from it.

12.78km – When the road starts turning left in the distance, BEAR RIGHT on to a grassy path which is takes you past a shire. At the Shrine TURN RIGHT down a grass overgrown trail.

12.95 km – CONTINUE STRIAGHT on the grassy track until you pass the hayrack to your right, TURN LEFT on to an asphalted road. In 30 metres TURN RIGHT, taking you through a residential area.

13.10 km – At Yield sign TURN RIGHT (in front of the map for Nova Vas)

`13.40 km – TURN LEFT in front of the 2 hayracks on to a gravel road, you will be able to spot the lake Crnava ahead of you, follow the road for 200 metre.

13.60 km – You will turn on to a small path which is barely visible (see picture), which will take you across the meadow and directly to the lake side.

13.75 km – TURN RIGHT infront of the bridge taking you along the lake side of Crnava Lake, CONTINUE STRAIGHT along the lake side until you walk the full length of the lake.

14.10km  - TURN LEFT to cross the bridge which will take you to Hotel Alma. CONTINUE STRIAGHT past Hotel Alma and through a car park.

14.41km – You will recognise this point from the start of your walk, at the cross roads TURN RIGHT, retracing your steps from this morning. Walk down the asphalted road through a residential area.

14.85 km – TURN LEFT at the T junction taking you back over the bridge, TURN RIGHT on to the main road after the bridge. Pass the bakery and TURN LEFT on to the road which will take you to Pension Zaplata

15.45km- CONTINUE STRAIGHT on road until you reach Pension Zaplata.

16.00km – You have ARRIVED at Pension Zaplata


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46.293751, 14.430180
46°17'37.5"N 14°25'48.6"E
33T 456111 5126843
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets

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Graeme Mackenzie
14.08.2019 · Community
Our favourite walk so far. Tough climb but great soft tracks. Stop off at church and then on up, quite a relentless climb to top: always in wood. Great views into more hills and south to Ljubljana. Given the descent we were a bit trepidatious but lovely soft tracks until the end bit which was on gravel track. Lovely finish through Mače village and into Preddvor and the lake. Super day.
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Foto: Graeme Mackenzie, Community

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15,6 km
7:00 u
976 m
1.002 m
Hoogste punt
1.429 m
Laagste punt
452 m


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