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Muckross Lake and Torc Waterfall

Dagwandeling · Southwest Ireland
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  • Steps Away From Torc Waterfall
    Steps Away From Torc Waterfall
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
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An action-packed walk with lots to see. Squeeze Muckross House, Muckross Gardens, Torc Waterfall, and a lap of Muckross Lake into just 13 kilometres!

Afstand 12,5 km
3:30 u
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151 m
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If you have a little more energy we have also prepared a route that also climbs Torc Mountain, which has spectacular views across Lough Leane.

Muckross House, the starting point for today’s walk, would be an impressive mansion wherever it was built, but snuggled on the shores of Muckross Lake and surrounded by the mountains of Killarney National Park transforms it into something spectacular. You’ll walk through the gardens which are a riot of colour and beside the arboretum which has a remarkable collection of trees.

You’ll soon stop at Torc Waterfall to watch the water endlessly plunge over the 20 metre drop, but continue walking and the crowds will disappear leaving you alone to wander through the woods. In these woods moss appears to have fallen like snow with every rock and inch of the forest floor blanketed with a vibrant green that is now creeping its way slowly up the tree trunks.

From it’s a gentle walk back down and around the tranquil waters of Lake Muckross to finish beside Muckross House. Your legs might ache but you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear!

Tip van de auteur

Stop for a slice of cake in Dinis Tearooms; if the weather is good you can sit outside with a picturesque view of the lake.

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Josiah Skeats 
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Some of today’s route is on roads with no pavement. Walk on the right-hand side facing the oncoming traffic unless there is a sharp corner in which case you should cross to the outside edge, to give the drivers the maximum time to see you.

There are several streams to cross today; be careful as you cross and bear in mind that the rocks may be slippery, especially when wet.

Tips en hints

Points of Interest

Muckross House and Gardens

Muckross House is a Victorian Mansion and very beautiful in its own right, but placed within the setting of Killarney National Park it is transformed into a thing of grandeur. Sitting proudly on the shore of Lake Muckross with commanding views across the lake, and enclosed by towering mountains, it is a spectacular starting/finishing point for today’s walk. Be sure to explore the stunning gardens and arboretum that surround it.

More information available here:


Torc Waterfall

Torc Waterfall is firmly on the tourist trail and can get congested, but there is good reason for that; it is an impressive waterfall with a 20 metre drop. Once you continue past the waterfall towards Torc Mountain, the crowds will disappear leaving you alone to walk beside the stream which feeds the waterfall.

More information available here:


Muckross Abbey

This spot has been a site of Christianity since the religion first came to Ireland in the 6th Century, though the Abbey you see today dates to the 15th century. It fell into ruin just 200 years later during the 1600’s when Oliver Cromwell began his conquest of Ireland. Today the ruins are well-preserved and the surrounding graveyard still hosts a few burials each year. Only a short walk from Muckross House, the Abbey is well-worth a visit.

More information available here:


Food and Drink

There is a tearoom, Dinnis Cottage, after 7 kilometres, and there is also a restaurant beside Muckross House where you start and finish.

If you prefer to bring your own food there are several nice spots around the lake where you could have a picnic.


Muckross House (30 m)
OSI Grid
V 96923 86254
52.019236, -9.502232
52°01'09.2"N 9°30'08.0"W
29U 465536 5763296
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Muckross House


0.00km – Start in the car park. Go down the path between the toilets on your right and the map on your left, following the sign to ‘Lake Shore and Nature Trails’. After 50 metres BEAR LEFT towards Muckross House.

0.18km – After passing Muckross House on your left, BEAR LEFT to remain on the path and close to the house.

0.31km – CONTINUE STAIGHT ON the gravel path to head away from the house, admiring the beautiful gardens and trees on the way.

0.45km – At the T-junction in the path TURN RIGHT to follow the sign to Arboretum. After 60 metres TURN RIGHT at the crossroads following signs for Arboretum and Steam Garden. After 40 metres CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON towards the Stream Garden, ignoring the left turn through a gate into the Arboretum.

0.69km – After walking beside the stream, BEAR RIGHT as the path forks to head towards the lake.

0.93km – Just before you reach the paved road and the lake, TURN LEFT onto the gravel path heading into the wooded section, following the sign to Boathouse and Torc Waterfall. After 80 metres this will emerge onto the road near an upright boulder and with the boathouse just across the road; BEAR LEFT to walk parallel to the road and follow signs for Kerry Way and Torc Waterfall.

1.70km – The footpath will eventually join the paved road with the lake directly ahead. TURN LEFT following the Kerry Way sign and walk towards the looming figure of Torc Mountain ahead.

2.00km – BEAR LEFT to remain on the footpath beside the road as it makes a sweeping turn. Ignore the right turn that crosses a bridge over a river.

2.20km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON the footpath as it crosses the minor paved road and continues through a tunnel under the main road with the river on your right. Be careful as the tunnel is low, you might have to duck! Once through the tunnel CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON past the toilets and uphill towards Torc Waterfall.

2.60km – Enjoy great views of Torc Waterfall. BEAR LEFT to head sharply uphill on the stone steps.

3.20km – Once you reach a T-junction TURN RIGHT to head towards the bridge, ignoring the sign for Kerry Way to Kenmare which points left. There are good views from the bridge overlooking a cascading river. After 100 metres the park forks, BEAR RIGHT and immediately BEAR RIGHT again to remain on this path as it wends its way downhill towards the lake.

4.30km – As the footpath reaches a junction just above the main road and with the lake and a car park directly ahead, TURN LEFT towards Dinis Cottage. After 1.2km CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON ignoring the steps on your left.

5.50km – As you reach the road CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross over and enter a car park. Immediately after entering the car park TURN LEFT onto the paved lane to keep the lake on your right.

7.10km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON passing Dinis Tearooms and The Meeting of the Waters Viewpoint. This is a nice place to take a break and get a tea or coffee, or even some lunch. Keep the lake on your right and ignore all side paths.

8.20km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON over the bridge. You are now walking on the narrow Muckross Peninsular and have views to lakes on both sides.

9.00km – As the path forks BEAR RIGHT to remain on the paved path.

11.20km – You might notice paths heading into the trees on your left. These lead a short way into the woods where you can discover a cave tunnel. It is possible to squeeze in and walk completely through the caves and out the other side. Beware that caves can be dangerous and you enter at your own risk.

11.60km – After passing the big white Youth Hostel Building on your left, BEAR RIGHT as the road forks. After 100 metres, TURN RIGHT at the crossroads. You will be able to see Muckross House directly ahead.

12.10km – Finish at Muckross House. Why not have a look inside?


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OSI Grid
V 96923 86254
52.019236, -9.502232
52°01'09.2"N 9°30'08.0"W
29U 465536 5763296
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes and a waterproof/wind-break layer are all required. The weather can change quickly so be sure to take all equipment even if the weather looks okay.

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