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Mount Tre Calli

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  • Gulf of Salerno and Isle of Capri
    / Gulf of Salerno and Isle of Capri
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / Pleasant Wooded Descent
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / Capo Muro Peak
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / Tre Calli Summit
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / Agerola
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
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A thrilling hike, starting in Bomerano and climbing to the summit of Tre Calli (1,122 metres above sea level) rewarded with a superb panorama wherever you cast your gaze.
Afstand 8,8 km
4:00 u
518 m
519 m
1.122 m
639 m

Mount Tre Calli stands at an intimidating 1,122 metres above sea level, but as the hike begins from the mountains village of Bomerano, only 500 metres of ascent remain to the top.

This walk saves its biggest surprise until your final steps; Not until the summit do you finally earn that jaw-dropping 360° panoramic view. Every point of the compass reveals something new. Looking west is the colourful buildings of Positano which cascades, almost vertically, up the mountain slopes behind it. Turn around and you’ll see the red tiled houses of Agerola - a quintessentially Italian scene – as the settlement sprawls across its plateau, enclosed by an amphitheatre of mountains.

To the south the Mediterranean melts into the sky, spanning from one horizon to the other. Like a long finger, the peninsular of Sorrento juts into this vast sea, seeming to point at the Isle of Capri which lies just beyond its reach. Turn around, and to the north you’ll see the hulking mass of larger mountains in the Mount Lattari Chain; even from your high altitude these monsters still appear to tower above.

Tip van de auteur

Check the weather before you begin climbing! A sunny day on the coast doesn’t guarantee equally beautiful weather up in the mountains.
Profielfoto van: Josiah Skeats
Josiah Skeats
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Hoogste punt
1.122 m
Laagste punt
639 m
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There are some exposed and unfenced edges throughout the walk; always remain on the path.

There are several stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement. Walk on the left side facing the oncoming traffic, unless there is a verge separated by line-markings that provides space to walk on.

Much of the path is rocky. Bear in mind these may be slippery when wet, place your feet with care, and use the handrail, where one is provided.

As you are climbing a mountain, check the weather before you begin – if stormy weather, particularly lightning, is forecast, it is not advisable to do this walk.

Tips en hints

Points of Interest

Tre Calli

It is the summit of Tre Calli that is the point of interest on this hike, providing a truly panoramic view, and of a very diverse landscape; the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains, the Gulf of Salerno, the Isle of Capri, topsy-turvy Positano, and the sprawling red-tiled houses of Agerola. I won’t indulge you with more details lest I spoil the surprise – Enjoy the view with your own eyes!

Food and Drink

There are no options to buy food or drink after leaving Bomerano, so be sure to bring enough provisions for the hike.

There are no taps to fill your water bottle after leaving the piazza, so carry all the water you will need for the ≈3 hour hike.


Piazza Paolo Capasso, Bomerano (640 m)
40.630027, 14.540108
40°37'48.1"N 14°32'24.4"E
33T 461106 4497789


Piazza Paolo Capasso, Bomerano


0.00km – To get from the bus stop to the piazza, where this route begins, walk past the ristobar on your left and towards a large map. TURN RIGHT down the narrow lane, marked ‘No Entry’ beside the map, and after 80 metres BEAR RIGHT to remain on the lane and enter the piazza.

0.00km – There are three large trees in the piazza in Bomerano. Start with your back to the middle tree and with the church on your right. BEAR RIGHT of the gelateria, towards the corner of the piazza where there are information boards, then BEAR RIGHT onto the road (Via Tommaso Mannini) following the sign for Circuito Tre Calle (Circuit of Tre Calle).

0.25km – BEAR RIGHT to remain on the road as it makes a turn and begins climbing uphill.

0.40km – TURN LEFT at the crossroads onto Via Pendola, following the sign for Circuito Tre Calle. This road will climb uphill, and on your left you will get a nice view to the orange-tiled roofs of Agerola, a quintessentially Italian scene.

0.80km – TURN RIGHT up the set of steps, following the Circuito Tre Calle sign. After 250 metres CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross over the road and continue climbing up the steps ahead.

1.10km – At the top of the steps, TURN LEFT at the T-junction to walk on the road. After 20 metres, TURN RIGHT up the set of steps. Follow this path, ignoring sets of steps and vague trails on either side. This path will pass through a farm courtyard with small barns on either side, and then skirt through the edge of woodland.

1.30km – At the vague muddy crossroads with the left fork heading towards the road, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to walk steadily uphill with a wire fence on your right.

1.40km – A rocky path will come from your left, and head uphill on your right. TURN RIGHT to walk uphill along this rocky path, ignoring the vague path ahead. Many of the rocks have dots of red paint on which you can use as your guide. This path is well-established and easy to follow.

2.00km – BEAR LEFT as the path forks, still following the rocks with red paint on. The right fork may have sections of wood laid across it, to prevent you taking this turn. After 100 metres, BEAR LEFT as the path forks again.

2.20km - BEAR LEFT as the path forks near a large boulder. The large boulder has a white arrow painted on it to guide you, and the rocks have regular dots of red paint.

2.40km – There is a great viewpoint here, but you’re not quite at the top. BEAR RIGHT to head along the ridgeline, following the dots of red paint.

2.50km – Congratulations, you’re at the top of Tre Calli! The mountains saves its best view for last; you step on to the top, and suddenly you can see Positano, and the entire stretch of the gulf of Salerno. From the top, BEAR RIGHT to walk on the muddy path, following the rocks with red paint, just below the ridgeline.

3.00km – Ignore a vague path on your right climbing up to Mount Calabrice. BEAR LEFT to remain on the established, rocky path passing the mountain on your right.

3.50km – BEAR RIGHT as the path forks to continue heading uphill to the bleak peak of Capo Murp. The path doesn’t quite reach the summit – though you’re welcome to run up and ‘bag it’ – but instead passes over the shoulder of the mountain, and then passes the summit just on your left.

3.80km – At the wooden signpost which sayis you are at Capo Muro, and besides the unusual, mushroom-shaped boulder, TURN LEFT sharply to walk along the rocky path, following the sign to Paipo.

3.90km – BEAR RIGHT at the vague T-junction to continue heading downhill on the rocky path, following the rocks with red paint. Walk slowly and carefully as this section is loose and may be slippery, especially when wet. Walking poles will be very useful here.

4.10km – BEAR LEFT to head through a section of woodland. After 100 metres, this footpath will become a wide, unpaved road.

4.80km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON as the path becomes paved. Remain on this road for 2.6 kilometres.

7.70km – You will pass the steps where you climbed up earlier on your left and then after 20 metres, TURN RIGHT down the steps you climbed up early. You will continue back to the piazza, the same way that you came, remembering to continue straight over the road after 100 metres.

8.00km – TURN LEFT at the bottom of the steps to walk along the road, then after 400 metres TURN RIGHT at the crossroads.

8.80km – Finish in the piazza in Bomerano. Why not get an ice cream to celebrate?


Alle notites over beschermde gebieden


40.630027, 14.540108
40°37'48.1"N 14°32'24.4"E
33T 461106 4497789
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Sturdy hiking boots and a waterproof/wind-break layer are required. Walking poles will be a big advantage on some of these ascents and descents.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Make sure you bring enough water. It is recommended to drink 0.75 litres per 1 hour of hiking.

Basisuitrusting voor wandelen

  • Stevige, comfortabele en waterdichte wandelschoenen of wandelschoenen
  • Vochtafvoerende kleding in lagen
  • Wandelsokken
  • Rugzak (met regenhoes)
  • Bescherming tegen zon, regen en wind (hoed, zonnebrandcrème, water- en winddichte jas en broek)
  • Zonnebril
  • Wandelstokken
  • Genoeg proviand en drinkwater
  • Eerst hulp set
  • Blarenpleisters
  • Overlevingstas
  • Redingsdeken
  • Hoofdlamp
  • Zakmes
  • Fluitje
  • Mobiele telefoon
  • Contant geld
  • Navigatieapparatuur / kaart en kompas
  • Gegevens voor in geval van nood
  • ID
  • Deze uitrustingslijst is niet volledig en dient alleen als suggestie voor wat je mee zou moeten nemen.
  • Voor je eigen veiligheid moet je alle instructies over het juiste gebruik en onderhoud van je uitrusting zorgvuldig lezen.
  • Zorg ervoor dat de apparatuur die je meeneemt, voldoet aan de plaatselijke wetgeving en geen verboden voorwerpen bevat.

Vragen & antwoorden

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M. Ka
10.09.2021 · Community
Super schöne Runde mit sensationellen Ausblicken & wenig Trubel :)
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Wanneer heeft u deze route gedaan? 10.09.2021
Foto: M. Ka, Community
Foto: M. Ka, Community
Foto: M. Ka, Community
Jayne Evans
08.10.2019 · Community
What a BIG day! We did the climb of Mt Tre Calli from Bomarano AND the first part of Footpath of the Gods to Praiano.
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The view at the top
Foto: Jayne Evans, Community
And in the other direction.
Foto: Jayne Evans, Community

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The view at the top
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8,8 km
4:00 u
518 m
519 m
Hoogste punt
1.122 m
Laagste punt
639 m
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