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Loop walk via Noirmont Point, Ouaisné & Brelade’s Bay

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  • Beautiful coastal views
    / Beautiful coastal views
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Gun emplacement at Battery Lothringen on Noirmont Point
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Lothringen Observation Point
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Views over Portelet Bay
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Gates at Portelet Common Nature Reserve
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Heather-clad heathland on Portelet Common
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Views of Ouaisne Bay from above La Cotte de Brelade
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Ouaisne Bay
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
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Starting & ending at sea level the trail leaves a suburban environment to climb a modest hill on Jersey Green Lanes to reach a plateau.  It skirts cliffs and bays until a deep descent to Ouaisne Bay before a final section on a shaded and flat railway path back into St Aubin. 35% tarmac lane/road, 65% gravel tracks & earthen paths
Afstand 10,5 km
4:00 u
115 m
116 m
A wonderful day of varied walking awaits! Begin in St Aubin and follow trails to Noirmont, which was heavily fortified during the German occupation. Pass a wetland nature reserve located near Ouaisné, and descend to the beautiful wide sandy bays of Ouaisne, shortly followed by St Brelade's Bay.  A Jersey Green Lane takes you over a low hill to join the La Corbiere Walk along the old railway track back to St Aubin. 

Tip van de auteur

Make sure you dont have too big a breakfast today as the climb out of St Aubin's is pretty steep! 
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Laura Paterson
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The steps down to Ouaisne Bay are very steep and the path may be cut off at high tide. Make sure you check the tide times before leaving, and follow the instructions for the alternative route if the descent to Ouaisne is not possible or you would prefer to avoid the steep descent.

The headlands can be very exposed in wet or windy weather. Make sure you do not stray too close to the cliff edges or off the path and ensure you have appropriate waterproof/windproof gear with you.

Tips en hints

Points of Interest 

Noirmont Point

Noirmont Point is the site of the WWII command bunker for the Coastal Artillery Batterie “Lotheringen”, an impressive relic of the Occupation.


Portelet Common Nature Reserve 

This coastal heathland area provides fantastic views of Ouaisne and St Brelade's Bay as well as diverse plant and birdlife.

La Cotte de St Brelade 

The Palaeolithic site, La Cotte de St Brelade (a collapsed cave and granite ravines) is possibly the last Neanderthal site in northwestern Europe.


 Jersey Railways 

Jersey Railways opened the Island's first track in 1870. It carried commuters & freight & was used during the Occupation. Now you follow the path of the railway on a pleasant tree-lined route.


Food & Drink

There are a couple of pubs enroute today in Fauvic and in Gorey village. A seasonal beach cafe also operates at Grouville Bay/Long Beach. Alternatively, there are plenty of shops in St Helier where you can stock up on picnic provisions to take with you on the walk.



St Aubin Harbour (6 m)
49.187452, -2.170018
49°11'14.8"N 2°10'12.1"W
30U 560478 5448625


St Aubin Harbour


0.00 km – Start with your back to the Parish Hall at the cobbled plaza in the centre of St Aubin, facing the harbour. TURN LEFT and walk along the harbourside, with The Tenby pub on your right hand side.

0.30 km – BEAR RIGHT at the end of the harbour and continue to follow the road as it bears right uphill, becoming Mont de Boulevard, then Mont des Tours. Continue until you reach a junction with a red postbox on a stone wall across the road.

1.50 km – TURN LEFT along the main road, Rue de Haut – CAUTION TRAFFIC.

1.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD at a tarmac crossroads with a sign pointing left for Belcroute Bay, one pointing right for Ouaisne Bay, and one pointing straight ahead for Portelet Bay and Noirmont Point. Almost immediately TURN LEFT on to a dirt footpath heading into the woods. Continue along this path with a green chain-link fence on your left and ignoring any turn-offs to the right.

2.00 km – Where the path splits, BEAR LEFT through a wooden barrier, ignoring path on right with yellow horse bridleway signs, keeping the chainlink fence on your left. Be sure to look left for lovely glimpses of the coast!

2.70 km – Where the fence ends, BEAR RIGHT on the path as it heads through low scrub bushes, and follow the path straight ahead to gun emplacements. Ignore a turn on the right to the closest gun emplacements and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to the gun emplacement nearest the coast. As you near the gun emplacements, and where the path splits again, BEAR RIGHT and pass by a memorial stone on your right hand side. Cross the carpark to reach the observation point at the Lothringen Artillery Battery.

NOTE: As it can be difficult to pick the right path at this section, just keep heading towards the observation point which you can see ahead.

3.30 km – TURN SHARP RIGHT up the tarmac lane, heading slightly uphill, passing one more gun emplacement on your left and then right.

3.50 km – TURN LEFT on to a gravel track, crossing a low wooden barrier with a faint blue marker, and continue along the cliff path.

3.80 km – Where the path splits, BEAR RIGHT towards houses until you reach the overflow car park for the pub. Cross over the carpark to reach a tarmac lane.

4.10 km – TURN LEFT along the tarmac lane, passing a pub on your right hand side, and follow the path as it bears to the right, with the coast on your left hand side.

4.30 km – Go through a metal gate with a green footpath sign on it, and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.  Come to some modern apartments with curved roofs and a tarmac lane, and BEAR RIGHT until you reach a t-junction at the end of La Rue Voisin.

4.70 km – TURN LEFT at the t-junction where the road becomes a rougher tarmac track. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, ignoring a turn on the left signposted as a private road to Portelet House and Le Portelet, until you reach a wooden footpath sign.

4.90 km – Where the path splits in front of the wooden footpath signs, follow the one pointing left. TURN LEFT downhill to reach a low metal barrier with a faint blue paintmark on it. Pass the barrier and continue with a chainlink fence on your left through a wooded area. Reach an open area with trees on your right and a stone wall straight ahead and cross diagonally to the top right hand corner to find old metal gates on the left hand side.

5.40 km – TURN LEFT through the gates (usually open) marked with a signpost for Portelet Common Nature Reserve, and enjoy a circular walk around this lovely scenic headland, which will be covered in heather in late summer/early autumn.  Return to the metal gates.

5.90 km – Back at the metal gates, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, with a stone wall on your left and continue to follow the cliff path to the next headland, enjoying wonderful coastal views along the way. Reach a National Trust for Jersey Memorial Stone in the middle of the headland.

6.50 km – After the National Trust sign, TURN SHARP RIGHT, and within 50m, TURN LEFT on a track signposted to Ouaisne. (CAUTION – the next section heads very steeply down steps and may not be possible if it is high tide – to avoid the steep steps or if there is a high tide, see alternative route notes at end). Zig-zag down the steps and narrow path until you reach Ouaisne Bay at the bottom. Pick your way across the boulders at the bottom (being careful not to slip) and head across beach to the carpark on your right.

6.90 km – BEAR LEFT through the carpark, and continue along the seawall path/promenade. At a conical tower painted with red and white stripes (Ouaisne Tower), ignore a sandy path to your right and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to end of seawall.

7.50 km– At the end of the seawall, BEAR RIGHT to climb some steps.  At the top of the ridge, where you reach an open wooded area, BEAR LEFT downhill towards the seawall again and St Brelade’s Bay.

7.70 km – On reaching the seawall, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to walk along the promenade, until reaching the centre of the bay and a junction with a tarmac lane.

8.10 km – TURN RIGHT along the tarmac lane, passing a watersports building on your right, and continue straight to reach the junction with the main road. Cross the road and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on Mont Gras d’Eau, climbing steeply uphill until you reach the main road again.

8.80 km – TURN RIGHT along the main road, ignore the first turning on left, and then TURN RIGHT down Mont Nicolle. Continue downhill to the bottom of the valley, walking between stone walls and pretty flower-draped cottages.

9.40 km – At the bottom of the valley, BEAR RIGHT on a tarmac lane to go under the old railway bridge and immediately after bridge, TURN RIGHT up some steps.

9.40 km – At the top of the steps, TURN LEFT on the railway path and enjoy walking along the pleasant shady path, lined with wildflowers including hydrangea. Follow the railway path all the way in to the centre of St Aubin.

10.50 km – Arrive back at the cobbled plaza and harbour, and just in time for a fish dinner at one of the lovely seafood cafes!


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49.187452, -2.170018
49°11'14.8"N 2°10'12.1"W
30U 560478 5448625
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Sturdy hiking boots are recommended, particularly for the steep descent to Ouaisne, and make sure you bring clothhing for warm and cold weather, along with your waterproofs.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Basisuitrusting voor wandelen

  • Stevige, comfortabele en waterdichte wandelschoenen of wandelschoenen
  • Vochtafvoerende kleding in lagen
  • Wandelsokken
  • Rugzak (met regenhoes)
  • Bescherming tegen zon, regen en wind (hoed, zonnebrandcrème, water- en winddichte jas en broek)
  • Zonnebril
  • Wandelstokken
  • Genoeg proviand en drinkwater
  • Eerst hulp set
  • Blarenpleisters
  • Overlevingstas
  • Redingsdeken
  • Hoofdlamp
  • Zakmes
  • Fluitje
  • Mobiele telefoon
  • Contant geld
  • Navigatieapparatuur / kaart en kompas
  • Gegevens voor in geval van nood
  • ID
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10,5 km
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