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Kenmore to Fortingall

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  • Kenmore from the Black Rock Viewpoint
    Kenmore from the Black Rock Viewpoint
    Foto: Kayleigh Morrison, Macs Adventure
Hop over Drummond Hill on this short, rewarding walk that takes you further into remote Perthshire and gives your first view of Schiehallion.
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Enjoy a shorter walk with rewarding views (that you still have to work to earn) as you cross from Kenmore over Drummond Hill, getting your first glimpse of the wilder lands to the north. 

The route gets your heart pumping once you leave Kenmore and enter the woods but the winding switchback trail is good and allows for some rest points. Be sure to stop at Black Rock Viewpoint for a look back toward Kenmore, then climb higher for even better views across Loch Tay before turning north for the descent toward Fortingall. 

Be aware that there is no signposting on the backside of the hill, so follow the turn-by-turn directions carefully. Once off the hill, follow farm roads toward the River Lyon and then into the one-horse village of Fortingall, home of Europe's oldest living organism, the Yew Tree. 

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Take time to enjoy more of Kenmore before today's short walk with either a trip out to the Crannog Centre or a stroll around the riverside paths.
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There are several stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement or verge (especially nearing Fortingall.) Walk on the right side facing the oncoming traffic unless there is a right-hand turn, in which case you should cross to the outside edge to allow drivers the maximum chance to see you.

You may also pass through fields with livestock on this route. The animals won't harm you, though please pass with a wide berth.

Tips en hints

Points of Interest

Crannog Centre

Detour down to the Crannog Centre along Loch Tay before Kenmore for a glimpse at what Prehistoric Village life would have been like in this part of Scotland. For more information:

Drummond Hill

Your walk today takes you through part of Perthshire's Big Tree Country. Drummond Hill was one of the first planned forests in Scotland, led by the infamous "Black Duncan" of Breadalbane.  For more information:

Fortingall and the Yew Tree

The historic thatched-roofed village was designed by James MacLaren, who taught and influenced the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Yew Tree is thought to be perhaps the oldest living thing in Europe and has been an important cultural and spiritual landmark of area inhabitants since the Stone Age. For more information:


Food and Drink

There is no opportunity for food or drink en route so be sure to bring enough provisions. 


Alternate Transport

Your best option to skip this stage of the walk is a local taxi or bus (though check the times as the bus service may not run frequently.)


Kenmore Town Centre (117 m)
OS Grid
NN 77343 45474
56.585102, -3.998650
56°35'06.4"N 3°59'55.1"W
30V 438661 6271649


Fortingall Hotel


*** To help you follow the route with confidence we have provided full written turn by turns to aid you on your walk from Kenmore to Fortingall. We strongly suggest that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


0.00 km – Start at the T-junction in the centre of Kenmore, with the Taymouth Castle entrance on your right and the post office on your left. Cross the road toward the Kenmore Hotel and TURN LEFT along the pavement with the road on your left. After 200 metres, cross a bridge over the start of the River Tay and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON.

0.50 km – TURN RIGHT at a junction with a sign for Drummond Hill on your left. After 100 metres, as the pavement ends, join the paved single-track road as it bears to the right. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON, ignoring any paths leading into the wood from the road.

1.00 km – TURN LEFT up a dirt and gravel road at the entrance sign for Drummond Hill, following a car park signpost on your left.

1.20 km – Pass by the Drummond Hill information board on your right and around a metal gate then CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the uphill forestry track, following signposts on your right for Black Rock and Taymouth Walks. After 300 metres, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON past a smaller path with red waymarker on your right.

1.90 km – BEAR RIGHT at a fork to stay on the gravel track uphill, following a viewpoint signpost on your left.

2.60 km – TURN LEFT at a T-junction, following a blue waymarked on your left and viewpoint signpost ahead.

3.50 km – Detour via the left fork downhill for the Black Rock Viewpoint and a stunning picture of Loch Tay and Kenmore below. After your detour return, the same way then rejoin the main track and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON uphill.

4.10 km – BEAR RIGHT at a fork in the road to continue along the uphill path. After 300 metres, TURN RIGHT at a T-junction.

(Note that as you cross to the other side of the hill, signposting from here until Fortingall is absent.)

5.50 km – BEAR LEFT at the fork to follow the downhill path. After 400 metres, BEAR LEFT at a second fork to follow the downhill path. After 300 metres, BEAR LEFT at a third fork to follow the downhill path.

6.50 km – Where the path forks up ahead, TURN LEFT sharply before the fork, instead of following the hairpin turn downhill along the woodland path.

6.80 km - BEAR RIGHT at a fork to follow the downhill path. After 200 metres, BEAR RIGHT at a second fork to follow the downhill path.

7.30 km – Before reaching a section ahead where the dirt track begins an incline, and with a wide but faint path forking to the right and behind you and a narrow grassy path (overgrown and easily missed with no signpost) forking to the right ahead of you, BEAR RIGHT slightly along the narrow downhill path ahead.

7.40 km – Pass through a wooden gate and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the winding downhill dirt road past farmland and a house on your right. After 300 metres, BEAR RIGHT then CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to keep to the downhill farm road.

8.00 km – TURN LEFT at a T-junction with a paved single-track road. (Take care of vehicles as road is very narrow with no shoulder.)

8.90 km – TURN RIGHT at a junction to follow a gravel road between two fenced fields, following a Footbridge signpost on your left.

9.20 km – Where the gravel track leads toward a stone house ahead, BEAR RIGHT before reaching the house to leave the road and pass through a metal gate into an open field. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across the field toward a footbridge ahead.

9.40 km – Cross the wooden suspension footbridge over the River Lyon then TURN RIGHT along a footpath uphill.

9.45 km – Cross through an iron gate then TURN LEFT along the paved road.

10.20 km – Finish your walk in the centre of Fortingall, with the hotel and the oldest Yew Tree in Europe on your right.


*** This is the end of our Kenmore to Fortingall route, please use your included documentation to find your overnight accommodation. ***


OS Grid
NN 77343 45474
56.585102, -3.998650
56°35'06.4"N 3°59'55.1"W
30V 438661 6271649
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Such is the way of British hiking, that you need to be prepared for all seasons and weather; sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes and a waterproof/wind-break layer are all required, as is plenty of sun-cream and a healthy respect for the sun.

Walking poles are not necessary on this walk with only minor ascents and descents, but you can bring them along if they are part of your standard walking equipment.  Walking shoes may be an advantage for this section with an abundance of paved surfaces and well-maintained tracks.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

This walk is isolated with limited opportunity to buy food or water so be sure to bring enough with you.

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