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Isle of Capri Highlights Walk

Dagwandeling · Italië
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  • View walking out of Capri town
    View walking out of Capri town
    Foto: Sally Thompson, Macs Adventure

This easy walk is fantastic as it covers the highlights of Capri, including Villa Jovis, the Arco Naturale and the Grotto Matermania, 3 iconic sights of this beautiful island.

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An unforgettable day of walking and exploring awaits. Today's walk originally takes you out of Capri town, walking down its little alleyways and past houses and gardens. Follow this route all the way to the impressive Roman ruins of the Villa Jovis, the palace of Emperor Tiberius. It is worthwhile buying a ticket and exploring the villa, before joining the coastal path to the Arco Naturale. Walk through the Grotta Matermania before reaching Faraglioni - with the peculiar rocks protruding out of the sea, called the Three Sisters.

Later you can choose to visit the Convent of San Giacamo and the Gardens of Emperor Augustus or relax while enjoying a gelato in the main piazza.

Tip van de auteur

The advice on this walk would be to take your time! There are so many highlights, but one site not to miss is Villa Jovis (payable locally), the Roman palace built by Emperor Tiberius in AD27. Explore this vast complex, now reduced to ruins but still so interesting and the views from here are divine.

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Villa Jovis
Capri's Arco Naturale
Grotta di Matromania
Faraglioni Viewpoint


On today's walk there are no particular sections that you need to be careful on, just a lot of steps at around 5.00km when you walk down to the grotto. The first part of the walk is along small pedestrian-free roads and alleyways and the second half is along a paved/gravel track along the coast. Any edges over the cliffs are barriered. Just watch out not to slip on steps and smooth paths if it has been raining.

Tips en hints

There are some places with lovely views where you may stop for a packed lunch, but there are also places to eat along the way if you wish;  when you come back into the town after the Villa Jovis visit and also a restaurant with great views close to the Arco Naturale.


Villa Jovis:


Capri's Arco Naturale:


Grotta di Matermania:




Piazza Umberto (151 m)
40.550714, 14.242888
40°33'02.6"N 14°14'34.4"E
33T 435894 4489159


Piazza Umberto


0.00km – Starting in Piazza Umberto, facing the Municipo and with the steps behind you, go STRAIGHT ON through the piazza and into the archway in front of you and onto the street named Via Longaro. After about 160m, once you arrive in the little square, Piazza Cesare Battiste, TURN RIGHT and walk along Via Sopramonte. Walk to the end of this street.

0.60km – At the end of Via Sopramonte where it meets Via Matermania, TURN LEFT up Via Tiberio. Keep walking up this street ignoring any turns off to the right and left for a further 200m. (This is the same junction that you will return to after visiting Villa Jovis).

0.85km - With the metal gate in front of you (and a house called Monetella) TURN RIGHT and keep walking (almost immediately you will see another entrance to Monetella on your left as you walk).

0.90km – 100m later, take the LEFT FORK down Via Tiberio and keep following the signs for Villa Jovis and walk down the same street for a further 600m.

1.50km – At the junction with a brown sign for Villa Jovis, TURN RIGHT and still continue on Via Tiberio ascending and still following the signs for Villa Jovis as the streets winds upwards and more steeply with stone steps.

2.00km – Here ignore the dirt trail to the left at the fork and take the RIGHT FORK up the stone steps.

2.30km – You have arrived at Villa Jovis. If you wish to visit the villa you can pay at the ticket office to your right and then carry on up the steps. Once you have visited, return to this same spot and then retrace your steps for 1.8km and back to the junction where Via Sopramonte meets Via Matermania (as noted at 0.60km in your directions).

4.10km – Once you have reached this junction, TURN LEFT down Via Matermania (there is also a stone tile sign here for Arco Naturale). Walk down this street and make your way out of the town once more.

4.40km – After 300m upon reaching a lookout and colourful benches on your right, continue STRAIGHT ON following the Arco Naturale signs. After 200m, take the LEFT FORK on Via Arco Naturale and then walk through the restaurant. (A great place to have lunch). Carry down the trail descending the steps until you have reached the view point for the arch. (You cannot go any further). Please watch your step here as you descend as it is quite steep and there are lots of steps.

5.00km – Once you have admired the stunning views, retrace your steps back to the restaurant.

5.30km – Immediately after the restaurant TURN LEFT down the steps and signposted to Grotto Matermania. Descend the steps until you reach the grotto. Then continue STRAIGHT ON, following this same paved trail for a further 1.1km, ignoring any turns off to the right and left.

6.30km - There are more houses around you now and here you will see a break in the low concrete wall on your left. If you wish you may take this trail down to another gorgeous viewpoint. Once back on the paved trail, continue on.

6.50km – At the junction of stairs and paths take the brick steps STRAIGHT ON and walk up them to the left, then right to another fantastic view point. Once you have admired the view continue STRAIGHT ON up this paved and wide street (Via Tragar). Keep following it as it becomes narrower.

7.10km – At a junction where another paved road goes off to the right carry STRAIGHT ON with the little yellow church to your right as you walk. Keep following the same street for another 100m until you reach a T-Junction. Here TURN RIGHT onto Via Camerelle. After 200m if you wish to visit Cervosa di San Giacomo (church) turn left down Via Ignazio Certo. Then retrace your steps back to this junction or just carry STRAIGHT ON down Via Camerelle.

7.50km – At the end of Via Camerelle TURN RIGHT and walk up Via Vittorio Emmanuelle. Keep walking up this same street until you reach the Piazza Umberto.

7.70km – Your walk finishes just before the steps in Piazza Umberto, where you first started your walk. Now treat yourself to a gelato!!


40.550714, 14.242888
40°33'02.6"N 14°14'34.4"E
33T 435894 4489159
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Today you will need a rucksack with the usual supplies and plenty of water in case it is a hot day. You can do this walk in hiking shoes, rather than boots, if you wish.

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