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Il Sentiero dei Fortini Walk

Dagwandeling · Italië
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  • Walk signTuesday, 7 May 2019 10:13:03
    Walk signTuesday, 7 May 2019 10:13:03
    Foto: Sally Thompson, Macs Adventure
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Follow the Il Senteiro dei Fortini a trail on the west side of the isle of Capri from south to north passing coves with turquoise waters and old forts (hence the name!)
Afstand 5 km
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A private transfer takes you on the western side of Capri where a surprisingly attractive path, rich in history and enhanced by unique vegetation with intense fragrances and colours of Mediterranean scrubland is waiting to be walked

The "Sentiero dei Fortini" runs along the western coast and passes by a series of old blockhouses ("fortini"). These were built at the time of the Saracen invasions, and they were converted into short range artillery forts by the English and French during the Napoleonic wars.

The path goes through deep coves with crystal blue water and limestone rocky promontories where you pass by the "Fortini" from where the trail gets its name. The walk ends near the Blue Grotto where you can opt to enjoy a boat ride inside the famous grotto before returning to the hotel by local buses.


Tip van de auteur

As a relatively short walk there are plenty of opportunities to stop off along the way, with some recommendations of walking of the trail for views. Do not miss the extra side options as its s chance to see even more panorama's over the turquoise seas, or visit old forts. There lots od tiled stones with information on flora, fauna and the hostory of the area. So, take your time and enjoy yourself.
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Sally Thompson
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As expressed in the route notes there are a couple of places where there are drop offs into the sea without fences. Just take care on these sections and go slowly.

Tips en hints

On this walk thre is nowhere to buy lunch. So the recommendation is to buy one in Capri Town or just take some snacks and then have lunch in Anacapri after your walk.

Points of Interest:

Il Sentiero dei Fortini




Blue Grotto


Faro di Punta Carena (Punta Carena Lighthouse) Car Park (31 m)
40.536744, 14.199722
40°32'12.3"N 14°11'59.0"E
33T 432225 4487641
Toon op de kaart


The Blue Grotto car park


0.00km – Begin your walk where you are dropped off at the car park near the lighthouse. If you want to see the lighthouse close up walk past the big blue sign on the left, if not, then walk to the bottom of the car park towards the cliffs in the distance and past a wooden shelter to your right.

0.07km – Take the steps down to your left and at the bottom TURN RIGHT following the trail through the small trees. Keep following this path ignoring any dirt trails off to the left and right and keeping to the main trail and up steps where necessary.

0.60km – Where the trail meets the tarmac road keep STRAIGHT ON.

0.70km- At the junction with a Via del Vecchi Ginepri stone tile sign on your right, TURN LEFT descending down a tarmac path.

0.90km – Here, we recommend taking a short detour to see a great viewpoint with views of the lighthouse. Return the same way and re-join the same trail. Keep descending on this trail towards the sea.  After an entrance to a house and a courtyard on your right keep STRAIGHT ON.

1.10km- Just before descending stone steps to the viewpoint TURN RIGHT down the rocky trail and follow it as it descends down stone steps (of course, feel free to check out the viewpoint first!)


Carry STRAIGHT ON up and down the stone-paved main trail. The sea will be on your left. Every now and again you will pass stone tiles describing the flora, flora and history of the area.

With the small curved stone wall in front of you at the T-Junction, TURN RIGHT (ignoring the stony trail ascending sharp right) Watch your step when descending the steep steps.

1.80km – Cross the wooden slatted and metal bridge over the gorge, then TURN RIGHT and continue ascending up the stone steps and as it flattens out. The gorge will be on your left for a while and the trail veers right.

1.90km - At the junction where there is a stone tile (damaged) with Belvedere degli (and a word that cannot be read) on it TURN SHARP RIGHT. Continue on this trail descending with the sea to your left and the ruins of a fort in front of you. Here the trail is harder to follow as it seems to be camouflaged by scattered rocks. Just make sure you follow the route with the laid stones with concrete in between them and the fort in front of you and you can’t go wrong. Eventually the trail meets a rusted metal fence. It will be on your right and with the trail just next to it. The fort is now on your left and the trail descends once more.

2.20km – Here ignore the trail off to the sharp left and carry STRAIGHT ON descending.

2.30km – Come to a T-Junction with a sign on your left which reads Sentiero Fortini Faro. TURN LEFT and descend to the grassy patch, a great place for lunch if you brought a packed one!

2.40km. From the grassy patch walk inland past the old lime kiln and the information tile on your left. When you reach the stone wall (and metal rail) ignore the trail ascending right and TURN LEFT so that the wall is on your right as you walk past it ascending. There is now a wire fence to your right and after 10m turn SHARP LEFT up the rocky trail away from this fence.

2.60km - When you reach the top there is a tiled sign for Fonte l’Aurea. You can decide here to either turn left and take a short detour to the Fortino di Mesola (return the same way back to this point) or TURN RIGHT and walk along the laid stone trail. The path becomes stony/dirt, descends and ascend,  passes over a gorge then ascends on stone steps with a stone wall to the left of you.

At the metal gates carry STRAIGHT ON down the trail between the 2 stone walls. 100m later TURN LEFT along the trail where the trees have fallen and continue along the same trail. At the fork with a metal fence ignore the dirt trail to the left and take the RIGHT FORK along the stone-laid path and continue walking.

3.50km – At the junction with the metal gate in front of you TURN LEFT (tiled sign to Sentiero Fortini Grotta Azzurra). Keep following the trail for a further 200m.

3.70km – At the junction with the tiled sign TURN LEFT down the stone stairs towards the sea, taking the direction of Orrico. At the T-Junction TURN RIGHT and walk with the sea to your left.

4.00km – With the remains of Fort di Orrico to your left and a tile sign on the stone wall TURN RIGHT and follow the same trail for a further 400m.

4.40km – Come to the end of the Sentiero dei Fortini walk. However the walk carries on to the Blue Grotto. Once you reach the tarmac road TURN LEFT and walk along the road again with the sea to your left.

5.00km – The walk ends at the car park where you can visit the Blue Grotto if you wish. Here’s where you can catch a local bus to Anacapri and visit here if you would like.


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40.536744, 14.199722
40°32'12.3"N 14°11'59.0"E
33T 432225 4487641
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


There are several nice places to enjoy a picnic, if you want to take one with you, or you can have lunch in Anacapri after your walk if you wish. I had a gelato! If you do wish to take a packed lunch please take your daypack to put it in, but more importantly, plenty of water for hydration purposes, especialyl when it is hot.

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