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Gordes Loop Walk

Dagwandeling · Vaucluse
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  • Follow quiet country roads
    / Follow quiet country roads
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  • / 1.95 km TURN RIGHT here
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  • /
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / Rocky ascent
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  • / Heading back into Gordes
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This walk takes you around the lovely countryside surrounding Gordes. The views over the village from the Southwest as you leave the village, and from the Northwest as you approach it again are nothing short of stunning.
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This route sees you meandering along quiet country roads and farm tracks, before descending to the floor of the Sènancole Gorge. After a short, steep climb you will work your way along some quiet back roads before returning to the village. This shorter walk will allow you to maximize the time you have to explore the village of Gordes itself.

This walk involves some short steep climbs, but the views across Gordes are wonderful. The walking is mostly on quiet tarmac roads, or forest tracks, with a section down into the gorge on a steep rocky path. The route is clearly marked most of the way, and there are a couple of options you may wish to take advantage of, detailed later in the document. Underfoot conditions are good throughout, with some rocky sections either side of the gorge.

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Take your camera for the wonderful views of Gordes when re-entering the town at the end of the walk
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At the start of today's walk there are sections of road walking. Take good care, particularly when walking around bends in the road, to avoid passing traffic.

tips en hints

Food and Drink

As today is a short walk, you may prefer to make an early start and arrive back into Gordes in time for lunch. Otherwise, why not pick up a sandwhich at the boulangerie to take with you on your walk. There are no facilities along the way. We recommend always starting your day carrying at least 2 litres of water per person per day, and maybe even more on particulalry warm or longs days. Provence can become very hot and it is important to stay hydrated. 

Points of Interest 

Chateau de Gordes

This Castle was rebuilt in 1525 and already existed in 1031. This well-restored and preserved building combines architecture from the troubled Middles Ages and the Renaissance era. The monumental fireplace that decorates the Hall of Honour was classified historical monument in 1902, as was the rest of the castle in 1931. There is a small entrance fee. More details can be found at the Tourist Information Office at the castle entrance.

Les Caves du Palais Saint Firmin (Gordes)

The cellars of Saint-Firmin Palace, which boast a variety of artistic features, provide evidence of life in Gordes from the Middle Ages onwards, and offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of this mysterious, semi-troglodyte world. Moving from room to room, visitors will learn all about the history of the place and the know-how associated with the oil production process. Self-guided visit with audio-guide in several languages. There is a small entrance fee.

More details can be found at 

Les Village des Bories

Set in the countryside just outside Gordes, the Village of Bories is a mysterious, eerily beautiful cluster of several dozen dry-stone huts restored to display a traditional rural way of life. Bories, also referred to locally as Gallic huts, are built from dry stone walls, without the use of mortar. Usually to be found singly, and used for shelter or storage, this particular site is unusual in that 20 or so of these constructions stand together in the forming a small community. Dating back to the 7th century, The Bories Village was abandoned around 150 years ago as farming practices changed. It was restored between 1969 and 1976, stands today as it did when the last inhabitants abandoned it. It is a short detour from the documented walk, and clearly indicated in the notes. There is a small entrance fee, and there are toilet facilities as well as light refreshments (no café however).

More details (in French) can be found here.  Extensive literature in English, alongside all other details can be found in the Tourist Information Office in Gordes, at the castle entrance.


Main Roundabout, Gordes (349 m)
43.911223, 5.199503
43°54'40.4"N 5°11'58.2"E
31T 676607 4864364


Place Genty Pantaly, Gordes


 0.00 km – Start in the centre of Gordes. Standing with the War memorial behind you and the castle to the your left, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD through the Place Genty Pantaly. BEAR RIGHT onto the Rue d’Eglise and descend the small stone steps.

0.10 km – Come to the Eglise Saint-Fermin on your right. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, still descending the cobbled, stone street, following it as it winds it way down.

0.15 km – TURN RIGHT to stay on Rue d’Eglise.

0.20 km – The street becomes ‘Rue Jean Deyrolle’, continue to follow it as it steeply descends.

0.25 km – At the bottom of the slope, ignore the first path on your left (descending) and instead take the second LEFT up the road signposted for the ‘Point de Vue’. Follow this road as it ascends steeply for  approx. 600m.

0.80 km – Come to the top of the hill. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the paved road, named ‘Chemin de Bel Air’. Look out for the red/yellow markers.

1.00 km – Arrive at a crossroads. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD crossing the road carefully to reach a yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘Bel Air 328m’. From here, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on a smaller paved road, following the signpost for Cabrieres d’Avignon (4.7 km) and Les Grangiers (0.7 km).

1.50 km – There is now a main road on your left. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD down the paved road between to stone walls.

1.90 km – Come to a yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘Les Grangiers 270 m’ and a fork in the road. BEAR LEFT, following the sign for Cabrieres d’Avignon (4.1 km) and La Croix du Baux ( 1.6 km).

***However, here you do have the option of turning right here and walking 1.5 km to Le Village de Bories, a curious collection of dry-stone built dwellings which now form the basis of an open air museum. There is a small entrance fee. Should you choose this option and then wish to continue the circuit simply retrace your steps to Les Grangiers.***

You also have the option of cutting the circuit short by continuing past the village. To do so, follow the yellow path indicators that are present to the left of the car park entrance for approximately 1.4 km, and you will emerge at the signpost named ‘La Senacole’, which features later in these route notes (See point 6.30 km)

1.95 km – BEAR RIGHT onto a narrow path through trees and with a stone wall to your right. This turning could be easy to miss, keep an eye out for the red water hydrant. See image ‘1.95km’ for more guidance.

2.00 km – At the fork in the path, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, ignoring the path on your right which is marked with an X (indicating it is the wrong path)

2.40 km – BEAR RIGHT off of road onto smaller trail. There is a T sign indicating a dead end – this applies to cars only. The walker’s waymarkers are still present.

2.50 km – Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD as the paved path become rocky and descends.

2.60 km – Cross a dry river bed and continue on the path as it swings left. Keep an eye out for markers on the tree if you are in doubt.

2.70 km – BEAR RIGHT, ignoring the path straight ahead which is marked with an X. Shortly after, come to another dry river bed. Cross it and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the rocky path as it ascends steeply.

2.90 km – Come to the top of the hill. The path forks. Ignore the path straight ahead and TURN RIGHT to continue along the path between two stone walls.

3.60 km – Come to a road a yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘La Croix des Baux 257m’. TURN RIGHT here following the signpost for ‘Les Boujolles’ (1.4 km).

4.30 km – Arrive at a signpost named ‘Les Boujelles 348m’. TURN RIGHT and follow the signpost for Gordes (3.7 km )

4.60 km – Continue through the cluster of houses and join a narrow forest path at the end of the road.

4.80 km – Wonderful views of the surrounding gorge starts to open up and the path begins to descend to the floor of the gorge. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD ignoring the very steep path descending on your right.

5.60 km – Come to a fork in the path. TURN RIGHT, ignoring the ascending path on your left. Follow the yellow markers on trees.

6.10 km – Come to a wide opening in the path. Ahead of you is the remnants of an old stone wall. TURN LEFT onto a narrow, rocky, descending path, shortly after, ascend steeply.

6.30 km - Reach a yellow walker’s signpost named ‘La Senancole 277m’ on your right, and a large cairn of stones on your left. TURN RIGHT to follow the signpost for Gordes (2.2 km). The path begins by ascending gently but soon becomes steep.

6.40 km – BEAR LEFT as the path swings round to the left, then to the right. Ignore the less distinct path straight ahead.  

6.60 km – Arrive at a paved road. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on this quiet backroad, past houses and gardens. Be aware of passing traffic.

8.10 km – Come to the hamlet of ‘Les Bories’. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the paved road.

8.50 km – Come to another road. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, crossing it carefully. Spend some time enjoying the fabulous view of Gordes from here. When ready to continue, TURN RIGHT and walk toward the lamppost. You have rejoined the path you followed at the start of the walk. TURN LEFT after the lamppost and descend on the steep road. Again the views of Gordes and its lovely terraces are fantastic. Retrace your steps back to the village centre from here.

9.30 km – FINISH in the main square in Gordes.


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43.911223, 5.199503
43°54'40.4"N 5°11'58.2"E
31T 676607 4864364
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