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Fruit Trail and River Valley Walk from Lofthus

Dagwandeling · Ullensvang
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  • Ullensvang countryside
    Ullensvang countryside
    Foto: Macs Adventure
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Your walk this morning takes you on a loop through the heart of the Ullensvang orchards and the Elvadalen river valley to the waterfalls of Bjodnebokse and Skrikjo.
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 The Fruit Trail takes you on a journey through the heart of the largest fruit garden in Norway, the Ullensvang area, which boasts over 500,000 fruit trees. Continue down the Elvadalen river valley to a pretty waterfall before returning to Lofthus.



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Tips en hints

We have booked a ticket for you on the ferry leaving Lofthus at 16:15 to take you to Norheimsund, arriving at 17:30. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for departure at Lofthus Quai.

The hotel will be able to point you in the direction of the quai, or they may even be able to phone the ferry company and have them stop at the hotel (which has its own dock) When you get off at Norheimsund, you will need to catch bus 925 to Bergen (payable locally), this costs approx. 160 NOK. View the latest timetables here –   and find your best connections here  - 

As of August 2018, the times of the buses departing Norheimsund back to Bergen are 17:45 and 18:45.


Lofthus (13 m)
60.328665, 6.657329
60°19'43.2"N 6°39'26.4"E
32V 370647 6690313
Toon op de kaart




0.00 km - STARTING at Ullensvang Hotel, Lofthus. BEAR RIGHT upon leaving hotel and ascend.

0.05 km - Come to pavement and TURN LEFT onto pavement and walk towards the zebra crossing.Once you reach the zebra crossing and TURN RIGHT onto it and cross. TURN RIGHT again and follow path.

0.10 km - Come to an information board about different hiking trails in the area. There is a small asphalt road on your left, TURN LEFT onto it and follow it as it ascends and passes by a few houses.

0.20 km - There is a school on your left, follow road as it BEARS RIGHT.Shortly after come to a t-junction. TURN RIGHT onto road here and follow it as it ascends through apple groves.

0.30 km - Ignore road on right which is signposted for ‘Nosi/Dronnigstien’ and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.

1.20 km - Arrive at ‘Lofthus Camping’. TURN RIGHT onto gravel road following signs for ‘Fruktstien’ (Fruit Trail) ascending.

1.40 km - Arrive at a fork and BEAR LEFT onto gravel path signposted for ‘Nosi’

1.60 km - Come to signposting. Ignore Gravel path on left for ‘Nosi’, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD following sign for ‘Frukstien’.

1.80 km - Continue to follow path STRAIGHT AHEAD as it descends. Ignore road on left signposted for ‘Nosi/Dronnigstien/Lofthus Centrum’

2.10 km - Come to an information board about the Fruit Trail. BEAR LEFT here and continue to follow the road ascending.

2.20 km - TURN RIGHT at fork, continuing to follow Fruit Trail signs.

2.50 km - Ignore dirt road on left ascending and BEAR RIGHT, descending.

3.10 km - Arrive at a T-Junction, TURN LEFT onto road, there is an information board here with more interesting info about the history of the farms.

3.60 km - Ignore road on right descending, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD ascending.

4.10 km - Arrive at a fork in the path, ignore road/bridge which crosses the river and BEAR LEFT on the path. Continue to follow this and the river will be on your right hand side.

4.20 km - Arrive at another fork, BEAR RIGHT and follow signs for ‘Elvadalen’ keeping the river on your right.

5.00 km - Ignore woodland path on left signposted for ‘Hovdn/Nosi’ and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on wide path alongside river.

5.60 km - Come to a bench and a bridge. This is an impressive viewpoint from which to observe the waterfall and to have a break. Once you are ready to move on, TURN RIGHT onto the bridge and cross. Follow the path, you are now on the opposite river bank, as it makes its way back to Lofthus.

7.10 km - Arrive at a fork in the path, there are a couple of houses in front of you, BEAR LEFT and continue on path, following the sign for ‘Idrettsplass’.

7.20 km - Ignore the path on left which is ascending. BEAR RIGHT on path on as it descends and meets the asphalt road.

7.30 km - Come to asphalt road, BEAR LEFT onto this and follow it as it bends and meanders.

8.10 km - Arrive at main road at the bottom of the descent. There is a small church (Ullensvang Church) just in front of you. BEAR RIGHT on path and follow cycle/pedestrian path into Ullensvang/Lofthus which runs separately to the main road.

8.20 km - Come to public toilets on your left. TURN LEFT here and leave the cycle path to join pavement in Ullensvang centre. This pavement runs alongside the main road.Cross the zebra crossing and then TURN RIGHT onto pavement and follow this back to the Lofthus Hotel.

8.40 km - ARRIVE at Hotel Ullensvang, Lofthus.


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60.328665, 6.657329
60°19'43.2"N 6°39'26.4"E
32V 370647 6690313
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8,4 km
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