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Eyeries to Ardgroom

Dagwandeling · Southwest Ireland
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  • Eyeries Coastal Path
    Eyeries Coastal Path
    Foto: Robbie Thurley, Macs Adventure
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A relaxed coastal path takes you alongside Ballycrovane Harbour before heading inland as you pass by the shores of Lough Fada and onwards to the tiny village of Ardgroom.

Afstand 13,8 km
4:30 u
210 m
227 m
104 m
-4 m

Follow a beautiful coastal path out of Eyeries which takes you across many small pebbled beaches. Passing by the ruins of one of the coast guard stations dating back to the 1800s, this was the scene of a daring arms raid in 1920 and has remained closed ever since. After following the shores of Ballycrovane Harbour, with the sounds of small fishing boats and the tirades of seagulls following them, you make your way back inland to join a small country road towards Lough Fada. Pick your way across often boggy open land as you follow the shores of the Lough.

Once past the lough, the final stretch follows a beautiful rocky ridgeline with views of Cleanderry Harbour to your left and Ardgroom Harbour to your right. After a short descent down the hillside, you pick up the main road into Ardgroom village. Finish your day off with a warm drink in the local cafe or a cold one in the pub, put your feet up and dry your boots off.

Tip van de auteur

Look out for Common Dolphins following fishing boats around Ballycrovane Harbour.

Profielfoto van: Robbie Thurley
Robbie Thurley
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104 m
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-4 m
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The rocks and cliff edges along the coast can be very slippery during wet or stormy weather, if the seas are particularly rough then make sure you stay well clear of the cliff edges to avoid being swept off your feet.

This route also covers a section of road with fast moving traffic and no pavement, walk on the right hand side so you're facing any oncoming traffic and make yourself as visible as possible.

Tips en hints

Food & Drink

There is nowhere en route to eat so pick up food at the local store in Eyeries before you leave or your accommodation may make you a packed lunch.


Points of interest

Coast Guard Station

During the War of Independence (1918 - 1920) this station was manned by 12 Royal Marines and 2 Officers. Legend has it that a local woman informed the IRA that a cache of rifles and other arms were kept there. Mounting an attack in July 1920 the IRA seized the arms and captured all the marines, killing the officers during the battle. The old Coast Guard station is now a ruin, but visitors can still see the rooms in which the Marines lived and slept; the Coulagh Bay views that they constantly surveyed; and the local stone constructed Boat House in which they protected their Life Boat.


If you are walking all the way from Eyeries to Laraugh, you use the Eyeries to Ardgroom route notes, maps, and GPX tracks, then you also need to use the Ardgroom to Lauragh route notes, maps, and GPX tracks.


Opposite the church in Eyeries (37 m)
OSI Grid
V 64656 50799
51.693855, -9.958122
51°41'37.9"N 9°57'29.2"W
29U 433777 5727423


Opposite the church in Ardgroom


0.00 km – Standing with the church on your right and the purple building of Causkey’s Bar on your left head STRAIGHT ON following the road through the village.

0.18 km – TURN LEFT to take the small lane, between two buildings, leading towards the coast.

1.00 km – At the end of the lane join the grassy track then cross a set of green steps. Continue STRAIGHT ON as you follow the well-trodden track alongside a stone wall.

1.30 km – Cross the green steps and continue STRAIGHT ON following the yellow markers to another set of steps 80m ahead.

1.50 km – BEAR LEFT to cross a small rocky beach with green steps on the opposite side.

1.80 km – Cross a small stream above a cliff edge then BEAR RIGHT towards more green steps. After crossing these continue STRAIGHT ON.

2.20 km – Pass the ruins of a coast guard station originally constructed in 1899 as you skirt the coast of Ballycrovane Harbour.

2.40 km – At the stone building TURN RIGHT and continue to follow the track to a set of green steps 100m ahead.

2.60 km – Cross the green steps and continue STRAIGHT ON skirting a pebble beach.

2.80 km – Cross the green steps then TURN RIGHT towards a yellow marker.

2.90 km – Cross another two sets of steps as you make your way through sparse woodland. It can be very boggy here at times.

3.00 km – TURN RIGHT after the next set of steps to start heading inland.

3.10 km – BEAR RIGHT to follow a wider stony track uphill, soon after you join a small lane next to a grey house.

3.30 km – TURN LEFT to join the tarmacked road. There is no pavement here and the traffic can pass quite quickly so take care.

4.20 km – BEAR LEFT to continue following the road.

4.30 km – At the junction BEAR LEFT following signs for “Ring of Beara” and “ Ardgroom”.

4.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the junction.

5.10 km – BEAR LEFT at the junction to continue following the road.

5.80 km – TURN RIGHT to leave the main road sign posted for “Lough Fada”.

6.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the lane splits.

6.60 km – TURN RIGHT to leave the tarmacked lane as you join a grassy track following yellow markers. You will now see Lough Fada directly ahead of you with a well-trodden path leading around its shores. This can be very boggy in areas so watch your footing.

8.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON following yellow markers alongside the lough.

8.50 km – BEAR RIGHT towards the next marker.

9.20 km – Cross the metal bridge over a small river then BEAR LEFT.

9.30 km – TURN LEFT to join the tarmacked lane.

10.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the lane begins to descend.

10.20 km – As the lane bears left continue STRAIGHT ON to the small grassy track under a line of telegraph poles. Re-join the tarmac after 100m.

10.40 km – TURN RIGHT to leave the lane and follow the grassy track on the lower side of a rocky ridgeline. To your left you have beautiful views over Cleanderry Harbour.

10.70 km – TURN RIGHT at the end of the ridgeline and head up hill.

10.80 km – Climb a short green ladder then TURN LEFT on the opposite side of the rocks to follow the next ridgeline.

11.40 km – The ridge now begins to descend offering views of Ardgroom Harbour straight ahead and the village off to your left. Continue STRAIGHT ON.

11.90 km – BEAR RIGHT after a small gully then head downhill. Be extra careful here as the terrain is rocky and can be quite slippery underfoot.

12.30 km – At the bottom of the hill BEAR LEFT and join a small lane.

12.40 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to follow a larger tarmacked road into Ardgroom.

13.40 km – Your walk ends at the junction just after the church in Ardgroom.


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OSI Grid
V 64656 50799
51.693855, -9.958122
51°41'37.9"N 9°57'29.2"W
29U 433777 5727423
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


The land around Lough Fada can remain waterlogged for a long time after rainfall so wear fully waterproof good quality walking boots and gaiters if you have them. If you're a little unsure on your feet then poles may also help you here.

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13,8 km
4:30 u
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