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Alinca to Faralya

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  • Cloud capped cliffs
    / Cloud capped cliffs
    Foto: Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure
  • / Sunset over the islands
    Foto: Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure
  • / View from pine forest
    Foto: Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure
  • / Turquoise bay below
    Foto: Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure
  • / Sea view
    Foto: Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure
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A spectacular walk including the blind valley above Kabak and a ridge walk between Kabak and Faralya, mainly on narrow mountain paths.
Afstand 10,5 km
3:30 u
275 m
703 m
745 m
297 m
A morning transfer will take you from Gey to Alinca. The views here along the coast to Olu Deniz and the Seven Capes are quite spectacular. Descend through the Aladere Valley to the village of Kabak and then walk along the southwest slope of Baba Dag mountain to Faralya with views of pine trees on one side and the turquoise sea on the other. The towering cliffs with improbably steep forests are reminiscent of the mountainscapes of Canada and are a real change from the previous days trekking.

Tip van de auteur

Check the weather the day before and try and time your walk so the clifftops will be clear of cloud. Most of the walk is in the saddle of the mountain so you will be in shade regardless of the weather.
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Jack Cunliffe
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Hoogste punt
745 m
Laagste punt
297 m


The heat and dehydration are the main risks on the Lycian Way, ensure you have at least two, preferably three litres of water per person per day, wear light and loose fitting clothing and a suitable sun hat. Factor 30 sun cream is recommended, particularly from May until the end of August.

There are some road crossings, always be aware of traffic and be sure to use a pavement/sidewalk where possible. Where it isn’t, walk on the right-hand side of the road in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Some of the ground can be uneven, with rocky/pebbly paths. Ensure you have suitable footwear and step cautiously when needed. 

Much of the path is on clifftops and there has been some erosion, for this reason, the path is sometimes unclear, be careful of the drop and of loose rocks and edges to the cliffs.


Tips en hints

Food and Drink

There are no stops, make sure you get a packed lunch from the hotel before you leave, and plenty of water.


Points of Interest

The views of the cliffs above the trail

The beautiful, sheer limestone cliffs that burst up into the sky, peppered with pine trees. The low hanging cloud often whisps around the top of these cliffs as your path is almost always in their shadow. You will have to pinch yourself to be reminded you are in Turkey as this epic landscape is so different to your other days of trekking.


Faralya is a small village nestled between the ocean and the cliffs that form the base of the vast Babadag mountain, this is where your family run hotel, the Montenegro sits, with incredible views out across the islands. The sunsets here are very special.




Alinca, drop off point (738 m)
36.448153, 29.143113
36°26'53.4"N 29°08'35.2"E
35S 692068 4035791




0.00 km - Start at the drop off point and proceed up the ascending vehicle track that leaves the road, signposted for Kabak 7 km

0.23 km - As the path forks, BEAR LEFT descending, you will begin to see the red and white Lycian Way markers

0.51 km - As the path forks, BEAR RIGHT, keeping an eye out for the markers, there are lots of overlapping paths in the forest and the best way to navigate this section is to follow the markers

1.40 km - The trail begins to zigzag as it descends

1.80 km - There is a section of very loose rock, be careful when crossing this section for loose rock underfoot or falling from above

2.50 km - You emerge into a small clearing with evidence of camping, BEAR RIGHT as the path continues to descend

3.20 km  - Ignore the left turn, continue STRAIGHT ON

5.60 km - Footpath arrives at a bend in a rough road. TURN RIGHT uphill, follow the orange spots. (This is a shortcut to stoop you descending and then climbing again)

5.80 km-  After 200m the rough road veers to the right.  Keep going STRAIGHT AHEAD following the dots, and you will find the footpath after a very short (5m) difficult section where care is needed

6.22 km- Exit the forest and arrive at some abandoned terraced fields.  Keep going STRAIGHT AHEAD uphill on wider track.

6.30 km- After 80m KEEP LEFT very gently downhill.

7.00 km- TURN SHARP RIGHT at junction to rejoin the Lycian Way.

7.90 km - BEAR RIGHT to leave the main track and ascend a narrower vehicle track

9.20 km - The path forks, BEAR RIGHT to descend, still following the way markers

9.60 km - When you reach the main road, TURN RIGHT as it ascends slightly

10.00 km - As you come to a steep hill descending to the left off the main road, TURN LEFT signposted for the Montenegro Hotel

10.50 km - You have arrived at your destination, the days walking is finished.









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36.448153, 29.143113
36°26'53.4"N 29°08'35.2"E
35S 692068 4035791
Aankomst met de trein, auto, te voet of met de fiets


Sturdy boots for uneven ground

A sun hat

Walking poles

Water purifying tablets in case of emergency

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10,5 km
3:30 u
275 m
703 m
Hoogste punt
745 m
Laagste punt
297 m
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