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Visite d'une ville

Drive Stanley Glacier to Lake Louise

Visite d'une ville · British Columbia
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Follow the Bow River Northeast as you drive this popular route between Banff and Lake Louise.
Distance 38,9 km
0:35 h.
312 m
277 m
1 741 m
1 434 m
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1 741 m
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Points of Interest

Lake Louise Overflow Parking

When you get close to Lake Louise, look for electronic signs stating the parking availability up at the Lake itself. If overflow parking is suggested, take note of the parking lot on your left about 6km before town. Shuttles pick up here regularly to take travelers to the Lake. 


This drive follows the valley path of the Bow River, so enjoy driving by the mountain peaks on your right - Castle Mountain, Protection Mountain and Armour Peak. 


Food & Drink

There are no services between Stanley Glacier Trailhead and Lake Louise Village. However, if you're in need of a snack when you arrive there are some great cafes and restaurants within walking distance of the Village.


Trailhead Cafe

This small cafe serves up hot drinks and many delicious meals, including gourmet breakfast sandwiches, pastries, & even caribou stew! Seating is limited so be prepared to take your goods and sit in the courtyard to eat.


Laggan's Mountain Bakery & Cafe

This location has a huge display of pastries, brownies and cookies but also serves up plenty of standard cafe fare. There's a good number of seats inside, but it can be crowded on a busy (or rainy) day.


Bill Peyto's Cafe

This restaurant flies under the radar in town because it's hidden in the local HI Lake Louise Alpine center, which also serves as a large hostel. It's a great place for a dinner meal to be surrounded by other travelers from all over the world who are staying at the hostel. You'll also have a chance to learn all about the incredible hostel and cabin systems that are present across Canada in both urban and rural areas. 


Stanley Glacier Trailhead (1 538 m)
Coordonnées :
51.425765, -116.178660
51°25'32.8"N 116°10'43.2"W
11U 557103 5697493


Lake Louise Visitor's Center


Note: Road closures and conditions may change without notice and due to circumstances beyond our control. For this reason, we recommend using these notes in conjunction with a GPS navigation system while in your car and visiting and for additional travel information.  

Depending on where you are staying in Lake Louise, use your GPS to take you there directly. However, these directions will take you from Stanley Glacier to The Lake Louise Visitor Center where you can get oriented.


0.0km - As you drive out of the parking lot with the trail directly behind you, TURN RIGHT onto AB - 93 N (also known as BC - 93 N when in British Colombia).

13km - TURN LEFT into the AB - 1 W Ramp towards Lake Louise.

25km - BEAR RIGHT on the Bow Valley Parkway exit towards Lake Louise.

400 meters - TURN LEFT onto Bow Valley Pkwy/Whitehorn Rd/AB-1AW, following signs for Lake Louise.

400 meters - TURN RIGHT onto Village Rd.

100 meters - TURN LEFT on an unnamed road following the green signs for the Visitor Center. You’ll park in a large parking lot for some local shops and grocery stores as well as the Visitors Center.


Toutes les notes sur les zones naturelles

Se garer

Feel free to park in the Lake Louise Village Parking Lot where these route notes end or at your accommodation for the night. 


51.425765, -116.178660
51°25'32.8"N 116°10'43.2"W
11U 557103 5697493
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38,9 km
0:35 h.
Dénivelé positif
312 m
Dénivelé négatif
277 m
Point le plus élevé
1 741 m
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1 434 m


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