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Souillac to Martel

Vélo · Midi-Pyrénées
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  • Typical countryside view
    / Typical countryside view
    Photo: Angus Smith, Macs Adventure
  • / The Marie at Mayrac
    Photo: Angus Smith, Macs Adventure
  • / The River Dordogne
    Photo: Angus Smith, Macs Adventure
  • / Foie Gras for sale, Creysse
    Photo: Angus Smith, Macs Adventure
  • / Creysse
    Photo: Angus Smith, Macs Adventure
  • / Loking over Martel
    Photo: Angus Smith, Macs Adventure
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Testing, but very pleasant cycle through the backroads of Dordogne from Souillac to Martel
Distance 21,5 km
3:00 h.
411 m
261 m
A rewarding route, that take you up out of Souillac, through some glorious countryside, through charming villages and onto the medieval town of Martel, known locally as the town of the seven towers – you will see why as you wind your way down to the end of today’s route.

Note de l'auteur

It is worth taking time out en-route to explore the tiny, but picture-perfect village of Creysse. Famous for its Foie Gras, the church and town hall are also worth exploring, or if you prefer simply have a coffee beside the stream.
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Point le plus élevé
293 m
Point le plus bas
102 m
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Consignes de sécurité

There are some testing hills on this route, particularly right at the beginning so you will need to be reasonably fit to tackle these. You will be on roads all the way, and while they are mostly quiet backroads, it is essential you take great care and be aware of any oncoming traffic. Locals drivers are used to cyclists however, and tend to be courteous and give you plenty of room.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

There are a couple of small grocery stores in Souillac should you need to stock up for the day with food and water. As mentioned earlier, this is a testing route so plenty of liquids and some snacks are essential.

There is a restaurant at Creysse on the route, but other than that it will be at the end in Martel before you can find somewhere to eat.

Souillac is also well served with banks, pharmacies and most other types of shops, all clustered on the main street where you will start your day.



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Office de Toutisme, Souillac (102 m)
44.894409, 1.479203
44°53'39.9"N 1°28'45.1"E
31T 379917 4972345


Office de Tourisme, Martel


0.00km - Today we are going to start from the Office de Tourisme in Souillac, which is to be found on the main road through the town, in the shadow of the ruined belfry which you should be able to locate from all areas of the town. With your back to the Office de Tourisme, TURN LEFT and head carefully along the main road.

0.10km – After approximately 200m TURN RIGHT at the bank, and into the tree lined street tat leads through a car park. Continue through the car park, and up the short slope at the far end where you should TURN RIGHT. After less than 50m, the road swings to the left past the swimming pool, and up the steep slope. It will then turn sharply left, and then round to the right. You will be climbing steeply for the next 3km or so before you cross the motorway.

3.35km – Continue STRAIGHT ON across the bridge over the motorway, and up the slope opposite. Unfortunately, the climb is not finished yet.

3.80km – At the fork, ignore the signs for Pinsac and BEAR LEFT up the hill. There is a good view of the railway viaduct across the valley to your left. Stay on this road until you reach a crossroads.

6.60km – At the crossroads where you will see a sign back to Lacroux, and ahead to Izorche, TURN LEFT and head won the hill.

7.50km – At the next crossroads, you will see a sign on the D15 road pointing left back to Souillac. Ignore this and continue STRAIGHT ON and onto the narrow tarmac road opposite.

8.70km – You will enter the small village of Mayrac, and you should continue up the slope past the neat and modern Marie, and onto the top of the hill. At the top, BEAR RIGHT down the hill. You now find yourself on a long downhill slope. The temptation is to pick up speed here, but please be aware of oncoming traffic.

10.80km – At the bottom of the long downhill section and after the houses, TURN LEFT at the junction. After less than 100m, BEAR RIGHT down the road following the signs to Creysse and towards the river.

11.90km- Follow the road round to the right, following the signs for Creysse (2km).

13.6km – BEAR RIGHT at the junction and follow the road into the village.  

13.80km– In the village of Creysse, TURN RIGHT at the farm selling Foie Gras, and take a short detour through the village, TURN LEFT past the market canopy, and left again across the bridge.

14.00km – At the junction after the bridge and the café, TURN LEFT and then immediately TURN RIGHT into the road beside the war memorial. 

15.90km – BEAR RIGHT onto the wider road. 

16.20km – BEAR LEFT along the main road, following the sign for Martel (5km) – Please note that the traffic can be fast on this next section and you should be aware of oncoming traffic. You will be climbing steadily for the next 2km or so.

19.00km – TURN RIGHT onto the road down into Martel. You will have a great view of the village below as you approach. Continue along the main road until you reach a roundabout.

20.90km – Carefully traverse the round about and go STRAIGHT ON following the signs to Centre Ville. After less than 100m, TURN RIGHT following the signs for the Office de Tourisme.

21.00km - Continue along the narrow street until you come to Rue de Cinema, where you should TURN LEFT. After less than 50m TURN LEFT again and go straight ahead into the village square (Place de Consuls).

21.5km - Turn immediately right, and you will find the Office de Tourisme through the arch in the corner, where your route for today finishes.



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44.894409, 1.479203
44°53'39.9"N 1°28'45.1"E
31T 379917 4972345
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All normal cycle equipment and outdoor gear is required. In particular cycle gloves, waterproof jacket, a warm layer, bottle of water, and food for the day.  A helmet and padded cycle shorts are highly recommended along with suncream. 

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3:00 h.
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