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Radtour nach Rocamadour

Vélo · Midi-Pyrénées
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Dordogne & Périgord: Von Souillac nach Rocamadour hier buchen:

Am Morgen radeln Sie weiter nach Loubressac. Das idyllische Bergdorf bietet Ihnen einen wunderbaren Blick auf die Täler der Umgebung. Schließlich wartet am Ende dieser Etappe das pittoreske Dorf Rocamadour auf Sie, dessen alte Burg majestätisch die Häuser in der Schlucht überragt. Mit zwei Übernachtung haben Sie genügend Zeit, um hier die köstliche regionale Küche auszuprobieren.

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Place du Mercadial, Saint Céré (152 m)
44.860793, 1.889960
44°51'38.9"N 1°53'23.9"E
31T 412300 4968085




0.00km – Today we start from yesterday’s finish point – the Place du Merdacail in the town centre. As there is a one-way system in Saint Cere we suggest you psuh the bike along the pavement for this first section. Stand with your back to the fountain and the castle up on the hill and walk towards the main street. When you reach the street, TURN RIGHT and walk along the pavement until you reach the two-way street, where you can mount your bike. Cycle to the end of the road, and TURN LEFT, following the blue sign for the A20 motorway.

0.20km – BEAR RIGHT following the signs for the Stade Municipal.

0.30km – Just before you reach the car park, TURN LEFT and follow the road round past the playing fields.

0.70km – At the end of the road and opposite the Peugeot showroom, TURN LEFT and head towards the busy main road.

0.80km – At the main road, carefully cross when it safe to do so and go STRAIGHT ON and head up the hill.

1.50km – At the top of the slope, TURN RIGHT following the signs for Le Claux.

2.00km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork and continue ahead into the golf course.

2.70km – TURN RIGHT at T-junction just after golf course.

2.90km – At the fork, go STRAIGHT ON through the green gate and up the path beside the wall. Pass through another green gate at the top, and continue STRAIGHT ON again.

3.30km – At the crossroads with the stone cross go STRAIGHT ON, then immediately BEAR RIGHT down the slope where the cul-de-sac sign is. This track is a little rough in places, so please take care.

3.50km – At the bottom of the slope after the last set of green gates, TURN LEFT onto the tarmac road and head up to the main road.

3.70km – Carefully cross the main road when it is safe to do so and TURN LEFT up the hill. The traffic is fast, so make sure there is a long enough gap in the traffic before committing to your turn.

3.90km – Just after you leave the village of St-Jean-Lespinasse, TURN RIGHT off the main road and into another village called Saint-Medard-de-Presque. Follow the road round to the left.

4.20km – At the T-junction with the church on your right, TURN LEFT and then follow the road round to the right. Follow the sign for Autoire and stay on the main route ahead.

7.20km – When you reach the outskirts of the village sharply TURN RGHT and zig-zag your way down to the metal cross at the bottom of the steep slope.

7.50km – At the bootom of the slope, beside the metal cross, you may want to take the opportunity to explore the village. Should you wish to, TURN LEFT here and cycle 100m or which will take you to the village centre. Return here when finished.

When you are ready to continue, with the cross behind you cycle away from the village and immediately TURN LEFT around the sharp corner, following the sign for Loubressac. This will swing around to the right and see you climbing up the other side of the valley. You will be climbing steadily for the next 2km.

9.50km – After entering the village of Segonzac, continue along to the war memorial where you should TURN LEFT and follow the main road out of the village.It will sweep left and down, and you will see Loubressac up on the hill to your right.

10.50km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the bottom of the slope and start your ascent up to the Loubressac. The road will sweep left, then right and take you into the village. You may wsih to take time out on the way up to enjoy the spectacular views across to Castelnau Chateau on the right as you tackle the final sections of the climb.

12.50km – At the village green with the war memorial, you may wish to take time out to explore the pretty village, enjoy the panoramic views or simply take on some refreshments. When ready, continue STRAIGHT ON out of the other side of the village.

12.80km – At the fork in the road just after the Marie, ignore the sign for Rocamadour to the right but instead continue STRAIGHT ON. You will be on this this winding and undulating road for almost 5km. Stay on the main route and ignore all other options.

17.40km – At the main road, TURN RIGHT, following the signs for Padriac. This is a busy road, but the section you are on here is reasonably straight and wide. However, please take all the necessary precautions when cycling on a main trunk road.

20.80km – When you reach the town of Padriac, continue on until you reach the fork in the road. Here you TURN LEFT following the signs for Rocamadour. Again, this is a busy road and all necessary precautions should be taken. There is a steep climb ahead too, so you will need to pace yourself accordingly.

Here you have the option of continuing STRAIGHT ON for 2km which will take you to the cave complex named Goiffre de Padriac. It is roughly 2km away and the tour takes around 90mins (a fee applies). There are several restaurants as well as toilet facilitates at the complex. Return the same way to this junction and pick the directions again to continue your route to Roacamadour.

23.40km – BEAR LEFT off the main road at the no-entry sign (except for access) and onto the well surfaced farm track. Note that this is an easy turning to miss. Prepare yourself to off roughly 2.5km after leaving Padriac.

23.80km – At the junction ignore the sign to Mas de Vignes, and instead TURN LEFT and head down the slope, following the road round to the right. Stay on this undulating road all the way to the town of Alvignac (you will enter the village opposite a deserted petrol station).

26.10km – On reaching the village of Alvignac, TURN LEFT then immediately TURN RIGHT onto the main road. Continue down to the junction ahead.

26.30km – At the junction, TURN LEFT following the signs for Rignac o the D20.Contue on the road until you have left the village.

27.10km – Just after leaving the village and after passing the Cheese Factory on the right, come off the main road and BEAR RIGHT down the slope signposted Varagnes. After 300m, BEAR RIGHT again and head through the small village.

27.60km – after passing a ruined barn on your left and just before the last house in the village, TURN LEFT and follow the narrow tarmac road around to the right. This next section can be quite bumpy in parts, so please take care. Stay on this road for the next 2km.

29.60km – Where this road merges with a wider tarmac road, ignore the wooden sign to Blanat, and instead BEAR LEFT down the slope.

29.80km – At the T-juntion, TURN RIGHT and head up to the slope which takes you to the main road.

30.00km – At the busy main road, carefully cross when it is safe to do so and go STRAIGHT ON. After crossing the railway tracks at the level crossing ahead, you wil then have a straight 3.5km burst into Rocamadour itself. The road can be quite busy, so all the usual precautions must be taken.

33.50km – When you enter Rocamadour, continue the T-junction then TURN LEFT following the signs for La Cite. You will see a viewpoint just ahead on your right, where today’s route ends. Enjoy the views for a few minutes before deciding whether to descend into the medieval town bay taking the road behind you and to the right (it sweeps under the viewpoint) or to first find your hotel before going exploring. The choice is yours, but bear in mind it is a VERY steep climb back out of the old town.


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44.860793, 1.889960
44°51'38.9"N 1°53'23.9"E
31T 412300 4968085
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