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Winchcombe to Stanton

Randonnée · Cotswolds
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  • Green moss by stream
    Green moss by stream
    Crédit : Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure

Following the Cotswold Way from the small town of Winchcombe through Hailes and its ruined abbey, past Breckbury Camp and down into the villages of Wood Stanton, Stanway and Stanton.

Distance 12,7 km
4:00 h.
234 m
202 m
277 m
79 m

Today's walk has some climbing spread out throughout the day as you pass idyllic villages, vivid history and country pubs.  From sleepy Winchcombe, you wander along bridleways, tracks and open fields to Hailes. The abbey in Hailes is a holy place, and a small pilgrimage from Winchcombe to Hailes was a popular journey. Passing a small medieval church you climb through a thick forest over the hill fort of Beckbury Camp which sits above Cromwell's seat, where Thomas Cromwell sat and watched the sacking and looting of Hailes Abbey during the dissolution. 

Note de l'auteur

In the small hamlets of Church Stanway and Hailes, seek out Stanway House and the Tithe Barn as well as the ruins of Hailes Abbey. The stone monument passed on the walk supposedly marks the spot from which Thomas Cromwell watched its destruction.

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Lieux où se restaurer

The Corner Cupboard
Sudeley Castle
The Lion Inn
Food Fanatics Winchcombe
5 North St
Winchcombe Museum
Food & Drink Supplies - Winchcombe
The Mount Inn Stanton
Hunters Tea Room
Russell's Fish & Chips
Broadway Deli
The Broadway Hotel
General Food & Drink Supplies - Broadway

Consignes de sécurité


There are some road crossings, always be aware of traffic and be sure to use a pavement/sidewalk where possible, where it isn’t walk on the right-hand side of the road,

Some of the ground can be uneven, with steep descents and muddy/boggy ground. Ensure you have suitable footwear and step cautiously where needed, the mud is especially tricky in wet weather.

A note about farms and animals: Be very aware of closing gates behind you. Remember, animals on a farm are not pets and can be closer to wild animals than domestic pets - particularly dogs. 

When crossing the streams, be wary of slippery and loose stones, if you feel unsure bring walking poles for support, and you can always find a more suitable crossing a little up or downstream.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

Points of Interest

Please see the interactive map for notable points of interest along the walk, including recommended pubs/restaurants and cafe stops.  Simply click the icons on the map for more information as you walk. 


Food and Drink

There are a few options on today's walk. In Hailes, there is the Hailes Abbey Visitors Centre (described above), Hailes Fruit Farm and Cafe (Open 9 am till 5 pm -, call to confirm if out of season 01 242 60 21 23).

In Stanton there is the excellent Mount Inn which serves food, Check the website for opening times (it can close on certain days).


Public Transport

The 606 Bus towards Cheltenham goes from Winchcombe to Broadway. Bus timetables change year on year and can be seasonal. Be sure to check  (the local operator who runs this service) for up-to-date timetables.

Please note that bus services may be affected by public bank holidays in the UK and in some cases may run a limited service or no service at all on weekends.

There are also useful websites to find when the next bus is due at or simply have a quick google search.


Recommended Local Taxi Services

TDM Taxis (Broadway Area): +44 (0) 7919 160 630

Starline Taxi (Cheltenham/Winchcombe Area): +44 (0) 1242 250 250


The War Memorial in Winchcombe (91 m)
Coordonnées :
OS Grid
SP 02450 28233
51.952589, -1.965748
51°57'09.3"N 1°57'56.7"W
30U 571076 5756270


Mount Inn, in Stanton


 *** To help you follow the route with confidence we have provided full written turn-by-turns to aid you on your walk from Winchcombe to Stanton. Whilst, the Cotswolds are waymarked (it is normally for the Cotswold Way, but local towns and villages are usually also signposted). At sections, the trail can be featureless and off the beaten path so we strongly suggest that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


DISCLAIMER: Please note, the distances and ascent/descents are approximations of the direct routes at the time of our pathfinder walking them (this excludes walking to/from your accommodation to the start/end point, or for example coming off the path for lunch). There may be some slight discrepancies/small diversions that make the distances slightly out compared to your own mapping software (Strava/Garmin/Apple Watch).


0.00 km - Start next to the war memorial, your back to the Plasterers Arms and TURN RIGHT down Winchcombe High Street

0.75 km - When the walkway runs out, cross to the left side of the road and continue STRAIGHT ON

0.83 km - TURN RIGHT, carefully crossing the road and proceeding down Puck Pit Lane, clearly signposted on both sides of the turn-off

0.99 km - STRAIGHT ON as the road surface deteriorates to a rough track

1.20 km - Ignore the left turn and continue on the road and BEAR RIGHT following a sign for ‘Hailes Abbey 2 miles’

1.70 km - As the track runs out, you will reach two gates, in between them is a small footbridge. Cross this bridge and the following fence crossing, BEAR LEFT across and ascend the field

1.90 km - At the edge of the field, you meet a small wooden bridge, cross it and continue STRAIGHT ON across the next field on the faint grass path

2.10 km - Pass through a small wooden gate into the next field and BEAR RIGHT to follow the path along the fence

2.50 km - When you reach the end of the field, BEAR LEFT for 20 metres and cross over the fence using the step required, follow the path as it continues to BEAR LEFT across the field

2.70 km - When you reach the edge of the field, BEAR RIGHT following the hedge line

2.80 km - TURN LEFT to join a mud vehicle track marked for the Cotswold Way

3.20 km - TURN RIGHT onto a main road, signed for Cotswold Way on a wooden sign, continue for 60 metres then TURN LEFT off the main road onto a track  past a large cottage

3.40 km - Pass through a big wooden gate and head STRAIGHT ON across the field towards Hailes Abbey

3.60 km - After passing the fenced-off abbey ruins to your right, pass through a small wooden gate and TURN RIGHT onto the main road, you will pass the official entrance to the ruins where there is also a cafe

3.80 km - You will pass Hailes Fruit Farm campsite

4.0 km - After passing the Hailes Farm Shop and Cafe entrance on your right, take the ascending path as you BEAR LEFT, it is signed for the Cotswold Way

4.90 km - TURN LEFT off the track, through the wooden gate signed for Cotswold Way and Beckbury Camp ¼ mile, BEAR LEFT as you ascend through the field on a faint grass path

5.10 km - At the top left of the field, pass through a wooden gate and BEAR LEFT through the next field until you pass through a small wooden gate that has a fence on the left side and a stone wall on the right

5.20 km - Pass straight through the gate and carry STRAIGHT ON and then follow the path as it begins to bear right, ascending steeply through a few large trees

5.60 km - When the hill levels out, BEAR LEFT pass the stone marker for Beckbury Camp, BEAR LEFT through the wooden gate and follow the stone wall through the field

6.00 km - When you reach the upper boundary of the field, BEAR RIGHT following the boundary

6.30 km - TURN LEFT through the large metal gate and then BEAR RIGHT joining a stone and earth  vehicle track

6.40 km - TURN LEFT onto the well defined vehicle track

6.70 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the metal gate

7.20 km - Just before you join the main road, TURN LEFT sharply following the wooden sign for the Cotswold way as you pass through a small wooden gate and then BEAR RIGHT following the path

7.60 km - BEAR RIGHT at the bench, descending the hill

7.90 km - Pass through the wooden gate and BEAR RIGHT descending

8.00 km - TURN RIGHT through the small wooden gate then BEAR LEFT through the field, to exit at the bottom and head STRAIGHT ON, beware of horses

8.30 km - Pass through a wooden gate, continue STRAIGHT ON descending with the path as it begins to BEAR RIGHT

8.60 km - At the bottom of the field, pass through the wooden gate, BEAR RIGHT through a second metal gate and then continue STRAIGHT ON following the track road

8.70 km - Pass through the metal gate and across the working farmyard, be careful of livestock and machinery and stay on the track

8.90 km - Stay on track as you BEAR LEFT

9.00 km - TURN RIGHT after the cottage, off the road onto a small track, passing through two metal gates and into a field where you continue STRAIGHT ON following the hedge to your left

9.30 km - Pass over footbridge and continue STRAIGHT ON

9.60 km - Pass through a wooden gate and continue STRAIGHT ON

9.80 km - Pass through a wooden gate and continue STRAIGHT ON

9.90 km - As you come out onto the main road, carefully cross the road and TURN LEFT, after 20 metres TURN RIGHT through a small wooden gate following signage for Cotswold Way and Stanway

10.00 km - BEAR RIGHT past the water mill, ignoring the left turn

10.10 km - STRAIGHT ON through a wooden gate, passing a large cottage to your left and a large conifer with a circular bench around the trunk on your right. TURN RIGHT onto the main road where you will immediately pass the impressive gate for Stanway House

10.60 km - TURN RIGHT off the road, through a small metal gate in a metal fence signposted for Stanton 1 ¼, then BEAR LEFT before passing through an identical gate and fence and then BEAR RIGHT through the field, ascending

11.00 km - Pass through the metal gate and BEAR LEFT into the next field

11.20 km - Pass through the metal gate and BEAR LEFT into the next field

11.50 km - The path descends, passes over the wooden footbridge into the next field and BEAR RIGHT slightly

11.70 km - At the stream, pass through a gate and over the bridge into the next field and continue STRAIGHT ON

12.10 km - At the end of the field, cross the stream on the footbridge and through the wooden gate, BEAR LEFT into the next field and then BEAR RIGHT towards the top left corner of the field

12.30 km - Pass through the small wooden gate and TURN LEFT on what looks like a house driveway then BEAR RIGHT into Stanton village (ignore the sharp right turn, it is someone's drive)

12.50 km - TURN RIGHT at the war memorial signposted for the Mount Inn and Cotswold Way and follow the High Street until you reach the entrance of the Mount Inn itself (slight climb uphill at the end). 


 *** This is the end of our Winchcombe to Stanton route. ***


OS Grid
SP 02450 28233
51.952589, -1.965748
51°57'09.3"N 1°57'56.7"W
30U 571076 5756270
S'y rendre en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Good comfortable boots or walking shoes are recommended. The ground can be quite soft and the paths are well used by walkers and riders. Whilst the terrain is not particularly difficult it can be muddy with some waterlogged stretches after heavy rain. Walking poles are an option if preferred. The British weather is changeable so waterproofs should also be carried just in case.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike/or if you have an older phone, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank as a backup.

There are no reliable options to buy food or water en route today (with the exception of a small fruit farm shop) so be sure to bring enough water and snacks with you before leaving Broadway.

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