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Walk to Wenns

Randonnée · Tirol West
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    Panorama Trail
    Crédit photo : Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
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This walk is the perfect way to recover from yesterday’s long journey. In Zams, catch the Venet cable car up the mountain. Then follow a downhill route which will lead you to Wenns.
Distance 11,8 km
4:00 h.
135 m
1 345 m
2 208 m
998 m

Route:  Zams – Pitztal Valley

In Zams, take the Venet cable car to the Venet plateau; the cable car runs every half an hour from 8:00. From the cable car station, the path slopes down to Wenns im Pitztal.

Our route takes you from the Venet cable car station on a panoramic path via the Goglesalm and Galflunalm lodges. The original E5 route takes you over the summit of Glanderspitze (Venet) and Kreuzjöchl and then down into the valley via a very steep, eroded path. Both routes converge shortly before you reach Galflunalm Lodge.

From Larcher Lodge, the original E5 route descends on a road. Our route takes you via the “Old Lodge Road”. This route offers outstanding views of the surrounding countryside, and is recommended in dry weather. If it is raining, the paths that run via the lodges can be very slippery. In wet conditions, we recommend that you stick to the road.

Note de l'auteur

Enjoy sampling the many delicious home-made products on offer at the lodges along today’s route.
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Sarah Stone
Mise à jour: 04.04.2022
Niveau physique
Point le plus élevé
2 208 m
Point le plus bas
998 m
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Consignes de sécurité

Today you may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

Always allow plenty of time for your hike. The walking times indicated do not include breaks. Rest and photo breaks must be added to the times indicated.

Check the latest weather information and be on the lookout for changes in the weather. Storms can develop rapidly in the Alps.

Do not leave the marked hiking trails.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

You can pick up refreshments at the Larcher Hut or Galflunalm Hut. Opening times do vary so always carry a packed lunch and/or snacks just in case. 

Points of Interest

Venet cable car: The cable car will take you to the Venet summit in just 7 minutes. From the summit, you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Further information is available at: 

Gogles Lodge: Enjoy traditional Tirol cuisine served at an altitude of 2017 metres with breathtaking views: 

Galflun Lodge: At an altitude of 1960 metres, you’ll find Galflun Lodge, which also offers a variety of local dishes.

Larcher Lodge: Larcher Lodge is just a few kilometres after Galflun Lodge. You can take another break here before starting the steep descent into Wenns.


Cable Car Station, Venetbahn (2,208m) (2 208 m)
Coordonnées :
47.146165, 10.626563
47°08'46.2"N 10°37'35.6"E
32T 623321 5222690
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Wenns Pitztaler Hof


0.00 km - Leave the Venet cable car station and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD; then TURN RIGHT past the old car. There is a yellow sign immediately to the left of the car. Follow the sign towards Gogles Lodge.

0.10 km - At the fork, take the path which BEARS RIGHT. After 50 metres, TURN RIGHT onto a gravel path and then immediately TURN LEFT onto a narrow path marked with red/white striped signs.

0.40 km - At the red/white striped signs, KEEP RIGHT and continue straight on downhill. Ignore the path that leads uphill to the left.

0.60 km - At the fork, BEAR RIGHT and continue to follow the path downhill. The yellow signs continue to direct you to Gogles Lodge.

1.10 km - The path splits in two, but converges again after approximately 30 metres. Follow whichever path you prefer.

2.50 km - Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD downhill and ignore the path coming downhill from the left.

3.20 km - Gogles Lodge is on your right. Pass the lodge on the LEFT and follow the red/white signs uphill. Now follow the yellow signs to Galflun Lodge.

5.40 km - TURN RIGHT and follow the signs to Galflun Lodge. The main E5 route snakes downhill from the left. Both routes converge at this point.

6.00 km - At Galflun Lodge, KEEP LEFT and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD uphill on the wide gravel path.

6.40 km - Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the wide gravel path and ignore the path that branches off to the left.

7.50 km - Larcher Lodge is on your left. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, and after approximately 30 metres, TURN RIGHT onto a small downhill path marked with a yellow sign for Wenns.

7.60 km - TURN LEFT and cross the field following the narrow dirt track.

7.80 km  - At the fork, BEAR RIGHT and take the wide downhill gravel path.

7.90 km - After the gate, BEAR RIGHT and follow the path downhill. A yellow sign points towards Wenns.

8.90 km - TURN RIGHT and continue to follow the trail.

9.30 km - Cross the gravel path and pass through the gate on the other side; head for the farm you can see straight ahead. Now follow the path through the field to continue your descent into Wenns.

10.10 km - You will reach another gravel path. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD and keep following the yellow signs through the field.

10.90 km - You will reach a paved road; TURN LEFT. You are now in between farms.

11.20 km - TURN RIGHT at the Wenns information board and follow the downward curve of the road to the left.

11.50 km - The road bends sharply to the RIGHT. Continue to follow the road.

11.80 km - On your left is a yellow sign indicating a shortcut to Wenns. Walk down the narrow path and after a few metres, you will arrive at Pitztaler Hof.

If you are staying in Wenns, please check your accommodation list for the address. Otherwise, the bus from the main road on which Pitztaler Hof is located will take you to Mittelberg.


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En transports en commun

Ascent on Venet cable car: 


47.146165, 10.626563
47°08'46.2"N 10°37'35.6"E
32T 623321 5222690
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Y aller en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Always wear good walking boots with a robust sole, and take waterproofs. Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you (at least two litres) and to protect yourself against the sun. Trekking poles are recommended.

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Pat Brechin
03.09.2018 · Communauté
I’m sure the walk would have a higher rating had we been able to see anything but most of the day was spent walking in thick mist. Skies cleared just above Wenns to give stunning views.
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Misty walk towards Galflun Lodge
Crédit photo : Pat Brechin, Community
Fly agaric mushrooms in the forest above Wenns
Crédit photo : Pat Brechin, Community
Approaching Wenns
Crédit photo : Pat Brechin, Community

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11,8 km
4:00 h.
Dénivelé positif
135 m
Dénivelé négatif
1 345 m
Point le plus élevé
2 208 m
Point le plus bas
998 m


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