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Walk to Lago Poschiavo

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  • Lake side path at Lago Poschiavo
    / Lake side path at Lago Poschiavo
    Photo: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure Ltd
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Hike to Lago Poschiavo, spot the famous circular viaduct of Brusio and continue towards Italy and the border town of Tirano.
Distance 13 km
3:45 h.
231 m
465 m
On the last hiking day, enjoy a flat hike through the green Val Poschiavo whilest soaking up the warming rays of the Italian sun. Hike to Lago Poschiavo along dirt roads and winding riverside paths as you watch the Bernina Bahn make it's way round the world-famous circular viaduct of Brusio. Take the train over the circular viaduct and continue slightly downhill towards Italy and the border town of Tirano.
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Consignes de sécurité

Allow enough time to complete your walk as the times provided are solely walking times, and breaks have not been included.

Parts of the path are for shared use, for hikers and mountain bikers. Stay alert and make sure to make space for the other people using the trail.

Some of the fields may have cows in; they are not aggressive but take care not to startle them, and pass around them with a wide berth.

In early spring/summer there may still be patches of snow. Walk around where it is possible, and otherwise place your feet carefully and use walking poles if you have them.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

Find the train timetable for the Rhaetian Railway (Rhätische Bahn) here - 


Hotel Croce Bianco Poschiavo (1.008 m) (1 008 m)
2'801'662E 1'133'608N
46.323572, 10.057586
46°19'24.9"N 10°03'27.3"E
32T 581412 5130543


Brusio Train Station


START at Hotel Croce Bianco on Via da Mez. Walk south along the road and TURN LEFT at the first junction on to Plazzi Poschiavo, spot the first yellow signs for the hiking trail.

At the next junction, TURN RIGHT on to Via da Santa Maria (do not follow path no 30). Follow the road to a fork, with a signpost for trail no. 33.

PASS the monastery of St. Maria and follow the road and CONTINUE through fields as the trail approaches the Poschiavino river.

At the junction at LiCurt, the path follows along the banks of the idyllic stream until you reach a paved road again at LePrese. Leave trail no.33 here and instead BEAR LEFT towards Cantone / Prada.

Follow the paved road through the hamlet of Cantone and further towards Lake Poschiavo. REACH a picnic area, BEAR LEFT and CONTINUE along the lakeside path.

Follow the beautiful lakeshore path to the southern end of the lake until the private home, Caneu,  where the path leaves the forest and meets the lake again, keep an eye out for a narrow ascending path that climbs steeply to the LEFT. Signposted La Presa.

Ascend the narrow path through the forest. The path eventually reaches a clearing and the first houses of La Presa and the Selvaplana bus stop. TURN RIGHT following the street. Shortly afterwards reach a yellow hiking sign, follow it as it snakes its way through meadows and forest paths, crossing the railway line to the Brusio train station.

You can end the hike here or take a detour to the world-famous circular viaduct of Brusio. To do this, CONTINUE to the main street and PASS the church, follow the stream.

A narrow path leads you along an old wall through gardens backing onto the main street. CROSS onto a dirt road that leads to the square under the circular viaduct.

Here is a nice place to have a picnic and watch the red train of the Rhaetian Railway go by. Complete the loop by crossing under the railway track from the square at the circular viaduct via a narrow path. Follow the path and reach a couple of old stonecold stores.

Behind it, CONTINUE onto the street via a gravel path and follow the narrow streets back up to Brusio train station.

From here, take the Rähtische Bahn to Tirano.


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2'801'662E 1'133'608N
46.323572, 10.057586
46°19'24.9"N 10°03'27.3"E
32T 581412 5130543
Y aller en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Such is the way of Alpine hiking, that you need to be prepared for all seasons and weathers; sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes and a waterproof/wind-break layer are all required, as is plenty of sun-cream and a healthy respect for the sun.

Walking poles will be a big advantage on some of these ascents and descents.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

This walk is isolated with few opportunities to buy food or water so be sure to bring enough with you.

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13 km
3:45 h.
Dénivelé positif
231 m
Dénivelé négatif
465 m


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