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Walk to Längenfeld

Randonnée · Ötztal
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  • Path secured with a rope
    Path secured with a rope
    Crédit photo : Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Enjoy descending on mountain paths along the Ötztaler Ache, take in the beautiful views as you go.
Distance 10,4 km
3:47 h.
457 m
815 m
1 831 m
1 157 m
A shorter day of walking takes you from Niederthai over green pastures and through airy forests further down into the Ötztal Valley. Stop along the way for an al fresco picnic of local meats and regional produced Mozzarella. Descend to Längenfeld, the main town of the lower Ötztal

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After your walking day relax your tired legs in the warm healing waters of the impressive ‘Aqua Dome’ spa and wellness centre.
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Minna Harshbarger
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1 831 m
Point le plus bas
1 157 m

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Consignes de sécurité

There are 4 sections today where the path has been secured with ropes, therefore you must be confident walking at heights and steady on your feet. In rainy weather, the narrow trails can be muddy and slippery. Make sure to wear sturdy footwear with good grip.

Check the latest weather information (for example by asking at your accommodation or the local tourist information centre) and be on the lookout for changes in the weather. If the weather is stormy or very rainy, do not walk this trail, as the path can be slippery.

You are responsible for your own safety. Know your limits and follow signs and instructions at all times. Off-track navigation is not recommended.


Niederthai (1 541 m)
Coordonnées :
47.128091, 10.967849
47°07'41.1"N 10°58'04.3"E
32T 649246 5221277
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0.0 km – With the tourist information centre behind you, TURN RIGHT and walk uphill on the asphalt road. Follow the signs for Ennebach/Überfeld.

0.3 km – At the fork at Hotel Falknerhof, BEAR RIGHT and walk STRAIGHT ON through the village. In Überfeld, you’ll pass a fountain on your right.

1.1 km – At the fork with the wayside cross, TURN LEFT onto a gravel road. Follow the signs for Hemerach-Alm and the red and white markings of the Ötztaler Urweg. Continue STRAIGHT ON through the gate and KEEP RIGHT to pass the sports field.

1.8 km – At the fork in the road,  after the viewing platform and benches, continue STRAIGHT ON along the gravel road. Follow the signs for Wiesle/Längenfeld/Hemerachalm and the red and white markings of the Ötztaler Urweg. Ignore the path that branches off to the left towards Hemerkogel and all other paths that branch off to the right and left.

2.6 km – At the fork, marked by a well, TURN LEFT onto an uneven walking path. BE careful, it can be slippery here in wet conditions. Follow the signs for Hemerachalm. You’ll see red and white markings painted on the trees.

3.3 km – When you reach a large clearing with lots of huts, continue STRAIGHT ON. You have now reached the highest point on today’s hike. The path continues over meadows and paths marked by white dots with a red outline.

4.1 km – You’ll pass the first of four sections secured with ropes, make sure you are careful when you cross. 

5.0 km – At the small fork, BEAR RIGHT. Follow the signs for the village (“Dorf”) and the red and white markings of the Ötztaler Urweg until you reach the valley. Do not cross the stream. If you reach the gravel road, you’ve already walked past the fork.

5.9 km – At the T-junction in the valley, TURN LEFT and walk parallel to the main road. After a few metres, you’ll cross a stream.

6.2 km – At the next junction, TURN RIGHT and walk through the underpass under the main road. Then TURN RIGHT.

6.6 km – At the junction at the church, TURN LEFT towards Dorfer Au and continue STRAIGHT ON until you reach the edge of the forest at the river.

7.2 km – At the fork at the end of the forest before the riverbank, TURN LEFT on the gravel road and walk parallel to the river. The river remains on your right-hand side. Follow signs for Längenfeld.

8.8 km – At the biomass heating plant, cross the main road and continue STRAIGHT ON on the tarmac road which runs parallel to the river. At the next fork, BEAR RIGHT on the gravel cycle path which runs parallel to the river.

9.6 km – At the junction with the campsite, continue STRAIGHT ON until you reach the bridge in front of the thermal spa. You’ll be able to see the slides in the distance. Before you reach the bridge, TURN LEFT and continue STRAIGHT ON until you reach the main road in Längenfeld.

10.4 km – When you reach the main road, TURN RIGHT onto the footpath next to the main road and walk towards the church in Längenfeld.

10.5 km – You have reached your destination for today: the church in Längenfeld.


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47.128091, 10.967849
47°07'41.1"N 10°58'04.3"E
32T 649246 5221277
S'y rendre en train, en voiture ou en vélo


We recommend wearing hiking boots that are well broken-in, plus a rain jacket and waterproof trousers in wet weather, as well as taking sun cream and a hat on nicer days.

In your information pack, you’ll find a detailed list of all the required hiking gear, including some good hiking boots, appropriate clothing, a rain jacket and a backpack

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10,4 km
3:47 h.
Dénivelé positif
457 m
Dénivelé négatif
815 m
Point le plus élevé
1 831 m
Point le plus bas
1 157 m


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