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Volterra Loop Walk

Randonnée · Italie
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  • Views from Volterra
    Views from Volterra
    Crédit photo : Sally Thompson, Macs Adventure
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Enjoy a glorious walk through typical Tuscan scenery, looping back round to Volterra.
Distance 17,3 km
5:25 h.
429 m
143 m
539 m
111 m

Start with a transfer to the trailhead, then set off on a rewarding walk which explores the gently undulating landscapes north west of Volterra, dotted with picturesque villas and poker-straight cyprus trees. Follow strada bianche (gravelled roads) and footpaths across rolling farmland.





Note de l'auteur

When you walk back into Volterra do not miss a visit to the Pinacoteca in Palazzo Minucci-Solaini. This is an art gallery containing works by Tuscan artists from the 14th to 17th centuries, including the Deposition by Rosso Fiorentino.
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Consignes de sécurité

Although the roads are relatively quiet, please do be careful of passing traffic, particularly at bends. 


Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires


Food & Drink ...

Volterra is well served with shops that will allow you to stock up for the day with food and water. Ask your hotel for directions to the nearest grocery shop. Although you are passing a few agriturismos on this route, most of them do not offer lunch so please make sure you take a packed lunch with you on this walk.


Alternative Transport ...

If you wish to shorten your walk there is a bus service (Line 800) between Montecatini Val di Cecina and Volterra which runs along the last 7km of the walk, there are frequent bus stops along the way. Typically, there is a bus in the morning, mid-morning and late afternoon. See for more details.


Some useful links ...

Volterra Art Gallery (Pinoteca):  A wonderful art gallery with a collection of Tuscan art from the 14th-17th centuries. The origins of the Volterra Art Gallery date back to 1842 when Luigi Fedra Inghirami, who worked in the cathedral, began to collect works of art from various disused churches and monasteries of the city. He gathered the work in the chapel of San Carlo which adjoins the cathedral ( 


(This route is used in the following itinerary: WItSClass)



Junction with signposting for San Giacomo (you will be dropped off here) (249 m)
Coordonnées :
43.432908, 10.842952
43°25'58.5"N 10°50'34.6"E
32T 649158 4810539
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Volterra Tourist Information Centre


0.00km - START POINT: Junction with signposting for San Giacomo (you will be dropped off here) Follow small gravel road leaving main road behind you and follow the sign for Agriturismo San Giacomo. 

1.40km - Ignore turn off for Chiesa (church) Corbano on your right and BEAR LEFT continuing to follow signs for San Giacomo. 

1.90km - Ignore turn for San Giacomo and Continue STRAIGHT ON  on gravel road.

2.70km - Pass large oval modern art sculpture on your left.

2.80km - Ignore dirt track on left descending steeply. BEAR RIGHT continuing on main gravel road, descending. 

3.70km - Arrive at Junction, continue STRAIGHT ON on gravel road ignoring side roads. There is a farm on your left. 

4.80km - Continue following gravel road STRAIGHT ON, cross small bridge. 

5.80km - Arrive at small junction. TURN LEFT sharply, onto smaller rougher trail which double backs on the way you just came for a short while.

7.10 km - BEAR RIGHT and continue on stoney path. After approx. 100m, the path forks but they meet each other again shortly. BEAR RIGHT to avoid the muddier of the two paths. Once the paths rejoin, ignore small path on right leading to private houses and continue STRAIGHT ON.

9.00km - Come to clearing in gravel path. BEAR RIGHT staying on the main gravel road. A cluster of abandoned farm buildings are on your left.

9.50km - Ignore small road on right signposted for Agriturismo Castello. BEAR LEFT and continue on the main gravel road.

10.10km - Arrive at junction, BEAR LEFT following small red and white walkers/mountain biker’s sign onto asphalt road. Descend. Although a fairly quiet road, beware of passing traffic, especially at bends.  

11.90km - Continue STRAIGHT ON  on asphalt road. Small road and sign on left for Podere Lischeto. 

13.10km - Continue STRAIGHT ON  on asphalt road, ignore any small side roads. Ascending.

16.50km - Arrive at junction. Cross the busy road carefully. Continue STRAIGHT ON  on small asphalt road ascending gently then steeply.  

17.00km - TURN RIGHT rejoining main road, walk along the side carefully for about 10meters until you reach the zebra crossing. Cross here and join a small side road ascending. There is a no entry sign here but this applies to cars only. You are now in the suburban area of Volterra. After about 10m come to a junction, TURN LEFT onto the road, take care as this is a busy junction. 

17.40km - Arrive at bus stop on your left and signs for the Tourist Information on your right. Cross zebra crossing leading to stone steps. Ascend steps. Continue to ascend steps and gravel footpath until you reach Porta All’Arco. Enter the historic centre through the Porta. Continue STRAIGHT ON  ascending on Via Porta All’Arco. At top of Via Porta All’Arco TURN LEFT onto Piazza dei Priori where you will find your start point, the tourist information centre. 

17.90km - FINISH POINT: Tourist information centre.


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43.432908, 10.842952
43°25'58.5"N 10°50'34.6"E
32T 649158 4810539
S'y rendre en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Please be prepared by taking all necessary items. For example, proper rain gear (jacket and pants) and a sun hat and sunscreen (particularly essential during the hotter months).

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17,3 km
5:25 h.
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