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Rifugio Pedrotti to Rifugio Cacciatore

Randonnée · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
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  • Small ladder - 0.10 km
    Small ladder - 0.10 km
    Crédit : Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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A spectacular walk through the Brenta Dolomites from the high point of Rifugio Pedrotti along narrow rocky paths with amazing views down to Rifugio Cacciatore on the tree line. 
Distance 8,3 km
5:00 h.
350 m
1 023 m
2 494 m
1 833 m
Follow the narrow rocky paths from the saddle below Cima Tosa and the site of Rifguio Pedrotti across slabby limestone and skirt the steep sided valley before a short climb out into the next valley over.  Traverse the rugged terrain of this valley before descending on a zig zag path towards the tree line and Rifugio Cacciatore for your night’s stay. 

Note de l'auteur

The views on this walk are stunning, and the mountains here remote.  Enjoy the peace of the environment and keep your eye out for chamoix and marmot, along with the many wildflower species littering the valley slopes. 
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Catherine Allan
Mise à jour : 28.02.2020
Niveau physique
Point le plus élevé
2 494 m
Point le plus bas
1 833 m
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Consignes de sécurité

If you are walking on a day with bad visibility pay special attention to the red and white markers on leaving the Rifugio because the way could be easily lost across the slabby limestone. Some of the day’s walk is on narrow paths (less than 1 metre) with steep drop-offs on one side, sometimes there are railings for your hands at these points (but not always).  Take care on these exposed and rocky sections – poles can be very useful here. 

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

There are no places to stop for food along the way except Rifugio San Agnostini, and this is may not be open.  It is best to ask Rifugio Pedrotti to make a packed lunch for you or delve into the provisions you have brought with you. 


Rifugio Pedrotti (2 489 m)
Coordonnées :
46.154027, 10.899129
46°09'14.5"N 10°53'56.9"E
32T 646644 5112914


Rifugio Cacciatore


0.00 km – Exit the refuge then turn to face it in approximately 20m.  BEAR LEFT through the 2m gap in the rock outcrop and walk towards the red and white marker ahead. TURN LEFT and descend the gravel path emerging onto the tilting slab of limestone.  Walk towards the large rock step with the red and white marker painted on it. 

0.10 km – Climb the short metal ladder and the rock steps at the red and white marker and continue STRAIGHT ON following the red and white markers on the rocks.  The slab is sloping away down to your left.  After a short section of path step up right onto another rock slab.  Continue STRAIGHT ON walking towards the large cube-like boulder with the red and white marker (for route 358) on it and continue on the path again.

0.50 km – After descending steep rock steps keep to the left below the cliff and continue STRAIGHT ON following the red and white markers.

0.53km – At the signpost for Rifugio Val Ambiez-Agostini BEAR LEFT onto the lowest path (route 320) and follow the red and white markers on the descending zig-zag path.

0.80 km – Here you reach another rock slab, follow the red and white markers across it to rejoin the path.  Continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the path for 1km.

1.80 km – The path has reached it’s lowest point in this valley.  Continue to follow the zig-zag path as it ascends out of the valley.  In 200m take care on the exposed rocky sections of path and make use of the hand railings - there are 3 sections like this which follow on closely from each other. If the rocks are a slippery with rain water pleas take extra care and use the railings whenever possible.

2.10 km – Where the path splits at the boulder with the route 320 marker on it BEAR LEFT and follow the ascending zig-zag path. 

2.40 km – At the junction of paths – 320 and 320B and the signpost for Rifugio Pedrotti TURN LEFT and continue ascending. 

2.60 km – At the spot height Costa di Ceda (2414m) follow the signpost for Rifugio Val Ambiez-Agostini (1.15).  Continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the path for another 800m.

3.40 km – At the spot height Forcocotta di Noghera (2423m) TURN RIGHT following the signpost for Rifugio Val Ambiez-Agostini (1.10). Shortly you will pass over the saddle point, follow the old wooden signpost and descend steeply on natural steps in the rock.  Continue to follow the red and white markers for approximately 2km.

5.30 km – A large scree field crosses the path, follow the path and markers across it before shortly reaching a signpost. Continue STRAIGHT ON the lowest signpost to Rifugio Cacciatore (1.10) on route 325B.

5.80 km – Ignore the signposted path ascending to the left for Forcella di Noghera and continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel path. 

7.00 km – At the spot height Busa dei Malgani (1960m) continue on the gravel path signposted for Rifugio Cacciatore on route 325B. 

7.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel track passing buildings and water trough at Malga Prata di Sopra (1885m).

8.30 km – You have reached your night’s accommodation.  Rifugio Cacciatore is the large Rifugio on the left hand side of the track, the entrance faces down into the valley – step inside to warm by the fire and enjoy a drink by the bar.


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46.154027, 10.899129
46°09'14.5"N 10°53'56.9"E
32T 646644 5112914
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The weather in the mountains, as normal, can be very mixed so make sure to pack layers, and waterproofs for cooler, wet days.  For warmers days remember sunglasses, hat, and suncream for protection.  Normal hiking equipment in a 20-30 litre rucksack, and walking boots or sturdy walking shoes are needed.  Walking poles for the ascents and descents are highly recommended. 

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Catherine Allan
04.12.2017 · Macs Adventure
A fantastic high level walk with beautiful scenery!
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8,3 km
5:00 h.
Dénivelé positif
350 m
Dénivelé négatif
1 023 m
Point le plus élevé
2 494 m
Point le plus bas
1 833 m
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