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Pokljuka plateau to Bohinj

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  • Forewt track
    Forewt track
    Crédit photo : Minna Harshbarger, Community
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Hike across from the Pokljuka plateau through pastures, farmers lodges slowly descending to Lake Bohinj

Distance 13,6 km
5:00 h.
134 m
916 m
1 354 m
521 m

Walk across mountain pastures rich in Julian poppies, edelweiss and bellflowers. The high peaks are the realm of sure-footed chamois, ibex and lynx and griffon vultures circle on the thermals high above.

Walking in the clear alpine air you pass traditional farmhouses to bring you to a viewpoint that provides views far down into the Bohinj Valley. Descending into the valley the route brings you to the historic village of Studor. Travel back in time at the village ethnographic museum and walk amongst the traditional hayracks that have been declared an architectural monument.

Your final destination is Lake Bohinj, the largest lake in Slovenia and the jewel in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Legend says that God gave the humble citizens of the lake the most beautiful part of Slovenia and the location surrounded by the Julian Alps is indeed sublime.   In the small lakeshore settlement of Ribcev Laz, sit back and relax with a glass of borovnica blueberry schnapps, coupled with a dish of karst prosciutto ham.

Note de l'auteur

Take your time today as you slowly descend to Lake Bohinj 

Image de profil de Minna Harshbarger
Minna Harshbarger
Mise à jour: 24.10.2022
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1 354 m
Point le plus bas
521 m

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Consignes de sécurité

Take care on the trail today. There are some sections of path that are difficult underfoot.  Slippery logs, steep areas of ascent and descent make for harder going.  Keep concentrating on where you put your feet, and take your time, particularly if it is wet.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

Walk starts with a 30min transfer to the Platue (ask driver if you would like to pick up food, huts dotted through out on the way down)


Bled (1 320 m)
Coordonnées :
46.344573, 13.922527
46°20'40.5"N 13°55'21.1"E
33T 417088 5132897
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0.00km- You will be dropped off at the Hotel Canter Pokljuka, which is located next to a cross country skiing and shooting training ground. Follow the asphalted road away from the building (your back will be towards the building as you walk westwards).

0.75km – Come to a fork in the road, BEAR LEFT taking the descending gravel track following the sign to Uskovnica. Follow the signs to Uskovinca until you reach it

There can be a couple of gates along this route depending on time of year, you will CONTINUE STRIAGHT through then and ignore the paths branching off from the trail

2.20 km – Two roads will join, CONTINUE STRAIGHT following the signs to Uskovinca.

2.40 km – At the fork in the road, TURN RIGHT, following the sign to Uskovinca along a descending gravel road, from here until the valley floor most of the trail will be slightly descending (with the exception of a couple small ascents).

2.50km – The gravel road turns left, in the middle of the curve CONTINUE STRIAGHT, taking you off the main path.

3.10 km – You have arrived at Uskovinca plateau, there is a small water foundtain and hut. CONTINUE STRIAHGT past following signs to Sir Mleko Skuta.

This next section can be slightly confusing and therefore keep your eyes peeled. The gravel road turns right, in the middle of the curve CONTINUE STRIAGHT over a short grassy section towards a fence (direction Koca Na Uskovinici) and  pass through the gate(see picture).

When through the gate TURN LEFT walking towards the houses.

3.40km – Immidiately after you walk past the houses and a grave BEAR LEFT off the main road on to a small foot path through a cluster of trees and leads you directly to the hut Uskovnica(which has food and water).

3.60km – The trail leds you through the outdoor seating area of the hut, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on to the trail leading slightly downhill TURN LEFT and immediately BEAR RIGHT on to small footpath running in parallel to the gravel road. This footpath will take you alongside a small  barn (and sign to Stara Fazina) behind which you TURN RIGHT continuing your descent.  

4.50 km – Two roads join as you CONTINUE STRIAGHT past a shrine on your right, follow the road as it bends to the left  through some houses.

5.80 km – BEAR LEFT on to a forest track, taking you off the main gravel road, following the signs Srednja Vas. The terrain becomes a little tougher underfoot as your descent continues.

6.00 km - This path will cross the gravel road twice. CONTINUE STRAIGHT choosing the middle, descending footpath.

6.20 km – Cross the main gravel road again, this time TURN RIGHT on to the gravel road and after a couple of metres TURN LEFT continuing on a desedning footpath.

At the time of writing this there were multiple trees which have fallen over the trail, make your way carefully over and under them, the forestry is working on removing them and therefore with some luck they will be gone by the time you embark on this walk.

The terrain is quite difficult underfoot as it is uneven and rocky whilst descending at points quite steeply.

7.40 km – Arrive at the gravel road again which it in midst turning right, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the footpath to the left, continuing your descent.

7.80 km – Reach the main gravel road for the last time, TURN LEFT to continue your descent on it.

7.90 km – On your left you will spot a small look out point with a bench on it, take the narrow descending footpath next to it leading you off the gravel main road and into the town of Srednja.

8.20 km – You have arrived in Srednja, TURN RIGHT at a crossroads on the first road to your right almost doubling back on yourself. To your left the road it is heading directly to the church.

8.50 km – The asphalted road joins with a second road, CONTINUE STRIAHGT till the road forks, BEAR LEFT on the lower road following walking signs t Studor.

8.90 km – BEAR LEFT as you reach Studor, past the Oplenava Hisa Muzej (a muesuam) and a small wooden seating area to your left.

9.00km – At the shrine TURN LEFT following the road and signs to Jezero/Lake.

 9.05km – BEAR LEFT off the main asphalted road (pass one large white house, at the second large white house spot the small footpath to its left). On to a small descending footpath.

9.30 – CROSS the cattle grid and TURN RIGHT on to a descending asphalted road. You will cross a second cattle grid shortly.

The road till gradual start to run parallel with a main car road.

9.70 – Come to a T Junction, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the asphalted road which quickly turns into a dirt footpath which leads you to the village of Stara Fuzina.

10.60 – ARRIVE in Stara Fuzina, with the church to your right TURN RIGHT on to the main road. There is no pavement and you will be sharing this road with cars, therefore please take care as you walk through the village.

10.80 – Follow the road as it TURNS RIGHT next to a shrine. You will walk past a guest house with outdoor seating if you are ready for a break, if you want to push further you are less then a kilometre away from the beautiful shoreline of Lake Bohinj.

10.90 km – CROSS a bridge and CONTINUE STRAIGHT up an ascending asphalted road following the red signs to Planina Vogar.

11.05 – Reach a fork in the roa, BEAR LEFT infront of a large white and wooden house

11.20km – With the lake in direct sight come to a fork in the road, BEAR LEFT and shortly after reach a second fork, BEAR RIGHT, reach a third fork BEAR RIGHT taking you to the shore of the lake.

11.90 km – You have ARRIVED at the shoreline of Lake Bohinj, TURN LEFT on to the lakeside trail.

12.40 km – The trail takes you up to a parking lot, CONTINUE STRIAHGT across it to a footpath on the other side.

12.80 km – BEAR RIGHT off the main path on to a smaller footpath taking you closer to the lake side.

12.90 km – The trails takes you next to St Johns church, TURN RIGHT on the asphalted road and  CONTINUE STRIAGHT across the bridge, once on the other side of the bridge TURN LEFT.

Your walk has ended, if you are staying in Hotel Bohinj or Hotel Kristal TURN LEFT after the bridge, Hotel Bohinj will on your left 200 m down the road, if you are staying at Hotel Kristal walk past Hotel Bohinj, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the main road (no pavement) for another 600 metres and it will be to your right.


Toutes les notes sur les zones naturelles


46.344573, 13.922527
46°20'40.5"N 13°55'21.1"E
33T 417088 5132897
S'y rendre en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Trekking poles are highly recommended for today’s walk.  They will aid your balance and make the more difficult sections of trail much easier to navigate.

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Graeme Mackenzie
19.08.2019 · Communauté
Day starts with a 30 min drive up to 1500m where there is a army biathlon training centre with lots of youngsters zipping about on wheeled “skis” carrying rifles: interesting. Walk was then beautiful slow descent through ever changing scenery with great views of the high Julian Alps. Lots of shade which was needed as this was our hottest day. You finish at Lake Bohinj and take a dip in this idyllic location. From our hotel just up from the lake stunning views of Triglav: the highest peak in Slovenia.
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Crédit photo : Graeme Mackenzie, Community

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13,6 km
5:00 h.
Dénivelé positif
134 m
Dénivelé négatif
916 m
Point le plus élevé
1 354 m
Point le plus bas
521 m


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