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Pienza to Bagno Vignoni

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  • Views leaving Pienza
    Views leaving Pienza
    Crédit photo : Sally Thompson, Macs Adventure
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A lovely walk beginning in Pienza and finishing in the spa village of Bagno Vignoni with consistently fantastic views.
Distance 15,4 km
6:00 h.
312 m
495 m
523 m
285 m
This is a particularly great walk as most of the time you can see where you've been and where you are aiming for. Walk out of Pienza and immediately see views across the valley with typical Tuscan scenery of cypress trees, rolling farmland and olive groves. At first you are descending until you come to the outskirts of San Quirico d'Orcia and now it's a climb into the town, and what a delightful town it is. A walled city with an elegant 12th century church and some gardens, it is a great place to spend some time exploring. Then hike out of San Quirico and along gravel tracks and roads firstly to Vignoni which has a stone tower and then descending into the village of Bagno Vignoni with its hot springs.

Note de l'auteur

San Quirico d'Orcia is a really lovely town to explore with its quaint streets, wall, Horte Leonini Gardens and much more. It would be a mistake to simply walk through it and not spend some quality time here. There are also some lovely restaurants and cafes where you can have a beverage or lunch and watch the world go by.
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Sally Thompson
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Consignes de sécurité

At times you do have to walk along roads with some traffic. Cars seem to be very respectful of walkers though and generally drive quite slowly but this is Italy after all and some people do drive quite fast, so please take care.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

 Food & Drink ...

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in San Quirico, so you can stop of here and have lunch or coffee and a snack. A packed lunch is not necessary today, but if you prefer a lunch in the countryside, then you can buy provisions in Pienza before you leave as it has plenty of shops. You could also buy provisions in San Quirco and enjoy a picnic en route from here to Bagno Vignoni.


Tomorrow's shuttle information ...

Tomorrow you will walk to Sant' Antimo and from here a transfer to your hotel to in Montalcino is included. When you arrive at your hotel in Bagno Vignoni ask about it at reception. You can ask for a transfer at whatever time you prefer. However generally this is arranged for sometime after 3:00pm. You can review tomorrow's route notes to help you determine the time. Also check out the Monastery's opening times.

Some useful links ...

San Quirico d'Orcia

A charming walled hilltop town: This very picturesque town has an elegant 12th century church and the enormous Horte Leonin Garden, mostly topiary-filled. It also has a top-less tower and a Romanesque church, once housing a crufix by Giambologna, now in the Museum of Montalcino. Annexed is also the (rebuilt) 15th century Palazzo degli Amerighi, where a plot was set against the Spanish who menaced Siena in 1558–59.


Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni, a small hamlet famed for its hot springs: The hot springs at Bagno Vignoni have been known about since Roman times and the arcaded St Catherine's Portico beside the central pool was built by Medici, who, like St Catherine, is believed to have bathed in the hot springs to cure his ailments. In total 36 springs rise from 100m below the ground at a temeprature of 50 degrees centigrade.


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Porta Al Murello Gate (489 m)
Coordonnées :
43.077165, 11.677326
43°04'37.8"N 11°40'38.4"E
32T 717956 4772863
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In front of the Hotel Terme


0.00km – Today’s walk begins in front of the Porta Al Murello, one of the gates/arches to the old town. With your back to the gate continue STRAIGHT ON for 10m until you reach the road (in front of the park). TURN LEFT here, so that the park is on your right as you walk. In another 50m at the junction, instead of following the road that bears right around the park, TURN LEFT and walk down this road (you will have views of lovely countryside in the distance). At the fork BEAR LEFT descending and following the yellow sign for Pieve de Corsignano.

0.5km – At the bottom of the street (with a stone house in front of you) and at the T-Junction, TURN RIGHT and continue along this road descending (please take care of traffic here). Walk for about 150m until you come to a church on your left.

0.6km – With the church on your left continue STRAIGHT ON down the gravel track and ignoring the other trails/roads off to the left and right. Here there is also a red and white wooden sign on your right for San Quirico d’Orcia. Continue along the same gravel road for 700m, ignoring any trails off to the left and right.

1.3m – At this point you need to go STRAIGHT ON ignoring the gravel track ascending up to your right.

1.7km – With the small farmhouse on your left and at the fork BEAR RIGHT down the smaller dirt trail. (red and white signs on the right, follow the signs for San Quirico and Bagno Vignoni). Follow this dirt trail for 1.6km, enjoy the glorious views and occasionally see other red and white signs. The trail will wind, descend and ascend but keep following it.

3.3km – At the junction and as the narrower trail meets a gravel road TURN LEFT and walk down this road (see red and white signs on your right as you walk, follow signs of San Quirico and Bagno Vignoni again) and walk down the same road for a further 600m.

3.9km – Ignore the gravel trail off to the right and go STRAIGHT ON following the red and white sign to Vitaleta and ignoring the one to San Quirico. Continue on the same gravel road for a further 3km, ignoring any other trails/tracks off to the left and right.

6.6km – At the sign post for Il Rigo continue STRAIGHT ON, descending down the same road for 1km, following the red and white signs for Vitaleta and ignoring the trail on the left to Bagno Vignoni.

7.6km – As the gravel road bears off to the left continue STRAIGHT ON and up the dirt trail in front of you (ignoring the dirt trail off to the right into the field). The trail continues ascending for a further 1.1km

8.7km. Here you come to a junction with a tarmac road off to your left and an olive grove in front of you, go STRAIGHT ON continuing to follow the gravel road as it bears off to the right, ascends and becomes tarmac. 100m later TURN LEFT and walk up the wider tarmac road until you reach a main road.

9.2km – At the main road TURN RIGHT and walk up for 250m. Please be VERY careful of traffic here and walk on the grass verge.

9.5km – At the gas/petrol station, (which is also a hotel/restaurant) on the opposite side of the road enter the open courtyard of the store opposite (at the time of writing these notes it was called Etruria Arredamenti) and walk through the metal barrier which is on the right. Then go STRAIGHT ON heading for the little dirt trail between the olive trees. After 25m when you reach a car park TURN LEFT down the tarmac road. At the end of this street at the T-Junction you will see some stone steps in front of you and slightly to the left. Cross the road and go up the steps.

9.9km – At the top of the steps TURN RIGHT and walk down the small tarmac road which has a stone wall on the left and an iron fence on the right. Once you reach the flagstoned pavement and with the city wall in front of you TURN LEFT and continue down the flagstoned path to its conclusion. You are now in the Piazza della Liberta. If you wish to explore San Quirico d’Orcia you may do so at your leisure (this is highly recommended). Please return to this piazza where the walk begins again to Bagno Vignoni.

10.1km  - Walk to the end of the piazza. In front of you is a town gate/arch, go STRAIGHT ON through the archway and after passing through it walk past the wooden monument and then TURN LEFT up the Via dei Canneti and ascend up this street, ignoring roads off to the right and some stone steps until you come to a house in front of you with a whole bunch of signs on the side of it.

10.4km -  Cross over the road towards the house with the signs on the side and then TURN RIGHT down Via G. Garibaldi, following the brown signs to Vignoni Ripa d’Orcia. Follow this main road out of town ignoring any other roads off the left and right for 1km. (Take care of traffic along this road)

11.1km – Here you will see signs for the Via Francigena and Ripa d’Orcia and keep STRAIGHT ON following in the same direction as the signs and continuing along the same road.

11.7km – When you see red and white wooden signs on your left, go STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the trail off to the left towards Bagno Vignoni. Walk up the gravel road ascending for another 1km.

12.7km – At the junction of roads and with brown signs in front of you and red and white signs on your right, TURN LEFT heading towards Vignoni and Bagno Vignoni and the Via Francigena. Continue on this same gravel trail all the way to Vignoni.

13.6km – At the junction with the brown sign posts TURN RIGHT down the narrower trail descending and following the sign for Bagno Vignoni (1.7km). If you wish to visit Vignoni and its stone tower and church, go straight on here and when you have finished simply return to this spot.

Continue descending down the same gravel road, ignoring trails/roads off to the left and right (you will also spot some Via Francigena signs on the way down).

14.2km – 600m later ignore the trail off to the right signposted towards Bagno Vignoni and continue STRAIGHT ON down the same gravel road.

14.9km. If you are staying at the Buonaventura Country Inn, this is the point where you TURN LEFT down a small dirt trail in front of a house called Le Tassinaia (see a very small sign on its brick gate). See your accommodation list for directions from here.

If you are not staying here continue STRAIGHT ON down the same gravel road as it descends and winds downhill.

15.5km – When the gravel road becomes tarmac and you see lots of red and white signs on your right keep STRAIGHT ON down the tarmac road, ignoring the trails off to the left and right. About 100m later at the T-Junction, TURN RIGHT and walk up this road (Strada di Bagno Vignoni) towards the centre of the village.

15.8km – Your walk finishes just after the mini roundabout and in front of the wooden sign for the Albergo Le Terme.


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43.077165, 11.677326
43°04'37.8"N 11°40'38.4"E
32T 717956 4772863
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If it's a hot day it is recommended to wear a sun hat as whilst there is some shade but most of the time there isn't any. Don't forget your sturdy walking boots/shoes as the gravel roads can be hard on the feet. Take plenty of water with you.

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Question de Jean Duncan · 05.04.2022 · Communauté
Is there a simple way to download this page please?
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Roslyn Owen
12.10.2019 · Communauté
Great hike, roads can be dusty if cars are traveling.
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Saturday, October 12, 2019 5:57:04 PM
Crédit photo : Roslyn Owen, Community
Lukas Bergstrom
16.04.2019 · Communauté
The first TURN RIGHT, at the beginning of the hike, should be TURN LEFT. The instruction that the park should be on your right is correct.
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David Baylis
02.08.2018 · Communauté
Excellent walk - probably better when the 35 degree heat of August has passed😀
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