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Patterdale to Shap

Randonnée · Royaume-Uni
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  • Climbing from Haweswater
    Climbing from Haweswater
    Crédit photo : Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
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Your final day in the Lake District; a climb up to Kidsty Pike and a walk beside Haweswater, before an abrupt change in the landscape as you enter the rolling farmland and head towards the Yorkshire Dales.
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Distance 25 km
7:30 h.
1 113 m
1 013 m
781 m
132 m

25 kilometres of walking separate Patterdale and Shap, but the two villages are landscapes apart. The climbing starts straight out of Patterdale and continues up to 780 metres above sea level but, even as your legs scream, try to enjoy it - this is the last vestige of the Lake District’s dramatic scenery; irregularly-shaped Angle Tarn is a splendid vista, sprawled high in the mountains like a splayed starfish, several islands protruding from its surface, and the summit ridge to Kidsty Pike provides views down the valley and to Haweswater Reservoir.

Once out of the Lake District the wayfinding becomes easier and the paths more established. You’ll begin to see wooden signposts and the distinctive ‘A.W. Coast to Coast’ arrow markers at most of the important junctions. You’ll find yourself in a landscape of rolling farmland with gentle gradients, far kinder on the legs, and areas of colourful gorse-bush and brown bracken. This is one of the delights in travelling under your own steam, you’re immersed in the subtle changes around you.

Note de l'auteur

The Fish and Chip Shop in Shap is a famous stop along the Coast to Coast, perhaps one of England’s most fancy. Inside you will find blackboards telling you what potato species are used and where they were farmed, and where the fish was caught and the name of the boat that caught them. The toilet of the shop is ‘twinned’ with a toilet in Nepal. All in all, it’s quite an interesting stop for dinner.
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781 m
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132 m

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Consignes de sécurité

There are a few stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement or verge. Walk on the right side facing the oncoming traffic unless there is a right-hand turn, in which case you should cross to the outside edge to allow drivers the maximum chance to see you.

There are several river crossings in today’s walk. There are always stepping stones available but these may be slippery.

The section along the mountain tops can be featureless. It is important to read the instructions and check the map regularly to ensure you stay on the correct path.

There are steep drops and exposed edges throughout the walk today. Be sure to stick to the path to avoid these.

The descent from Kidsty Pike is steep, sometimes on a grassy slope and other times on loose scree. Bear in mind this may be slippery, and especially when wet. Walking poles will be of assistance here.

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Points of Interest

Shap Abbey

Built-in 1199, however all but the tower was demolished, with some of the ornate stonework used in Lowther Castle and Shap Mhap Abbey was barket Hall. The tower is all that remains today, but it is an impressive sight and directly on today’s walk. Information boards provide details about the Abbey and monastic life.

More information available here:


Food and Drink

There is nowhere to get food or drink between Patterdale and Shap. Be sure to bring enough supplies for the whole journey before leaving Patterdale.


Patterdale Village Store (155 m)
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OS Grid
NY 39682 15852
54.534337, -2.933652
54°32'03.6"N 2°56'01.1"W
30U 504293 6042977
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Shap Village


*** To help you follow the route with confidence we have provided full written turn by turns to aid you on your walk from Patterdale to Shap. Whilst, the Coast to Coast is waymarked it can be featureless and off the beaten path at some sections so we strongly suggest that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


0.00km – Start at the Patterdale Village Store. Facing the pub and red telephone box TURN RIGHT to walk towards the bridge. After 120 metres TURN LEFT to cross over the bridge.

0.40km – BEAR LEFT as the road forks, following the sign to Side Farm. After 140 metres BEAR RIGHT to go through the gate and onto the public bridleway, following the sign to Angle Tarn. After 50 metres BEAR RIGHT as the path forks.

0.76km – BEAR RIGHT to keep the drywall on your right and ignore the stone steps heading uphill.

1.60km – As you reach a flat grassy section with a cairn BEAR RIGHT to immediately cross a stream and continue along the grassy path. This will continue along a well-established path with views to Place Fell behind and Brothers’ Water on your right.

2.50km – BEAR LEFT following the path uphill, ignoring the right fork which remains flat.

3.00km – Just as Angle Tarn appears, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to head downhill towards it on a stony path, ignoring the grassy tracks on your left. You will pass Angle Tarn on your right.

4.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON through the gap in the dry-stone wall, and then along the clearly-established path with more dry-wall on your right.

4.80km – As the more major path heads left and up to a grassy mound you must BEAR RIGHT across the grassy plateau interspersed with rocks. Keep the dry-stone wall and fence posts on your right. It is easy to miss this turn so check the map regularly to ensure you remain on the correct path.

5.10km – BEAR RIGHT as the fence curves right to pass the remains of a drywall on your left. You will walk with the fence on your right, but the clearly-established path will slowly head uphill and away.

6.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON through the gap in the dry-wall, remaining on the gravelly path and ignoring grass tracks on both sides.

7.10km – As you reach a cairn TURN LEFT to head uphill and away from the drywall, whereas the main path continues downhill straight ahead. You will now have spectacular views down through the valley and to Haweswater on your right, as you walk above this steep slope towards Kidsty Pike.

8.20km – Congratulations, you are at the top of Kidsty Pike and it is now downhill to head out of the Lake District. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to head downhill.

9.00km – This section of the descent is steep and on loose scree. Place your feet carefully and bear in mind that it may be slippery. Walking poles will be advantageous here.

9.40km – BEAR RIGHT as the path forks to head uphill towards the grassy mound. Ignore the left grassy slope heading downhill. Keep parallel to the steep slopes on your right (but not too close!).

10.20km – The downhill is steep and grassy. Use the rutted footprints where possible and bear in mind it may be slippery when wet.

10.60km – BEAR LEFT as the path forks to cross the stream and head through the gate in the dry-wall, then walk with Lake Haweswater on your right. The path continues through several gaps in the dry-wall and continues on the fringes of woodland on your left.

11.40km – Proceed through a gate and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON ignoring the stile on your right. Keep the lake on your right.

12.00km – As the path plateaus on a grassy mound with a big boulder, BEAR LEFT to head downhill on the stony track with the crag on your right. This turning is easy to miss and the path appears to continue straight on. The path continues with a scree slope on your left and the lake on your right.

12.60km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across several streams and a bridge. The stepping stones may be slippery when wet.

15.10km – Leave the wooded area through a gate and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON.

15.60km – Ignore the gate on your right. BEAR LEFT to head uphill keeping the dry-stone wall on your right.

17.50km – Ignore the left grassy fork, then BEAR RIGHT to head through the gate in the fence. After 100 metres TURN LEFT through the gate towards the paved road and pass a house on your left. There is a ‘Coast to Coast’ arrow on this gate.

17.90km – At the junction with the red telephone box, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross the road, pass through the parking layby, and proceed through the gate following the Coast to Coast Public Footpath sign. After 200 metres BEAR RIGHT to climb the steps onto the paved road and then climb down the steps on the far side of the road back down to the footpath.

18.30km – BEAR LEFT to cross the wooden bridge, and then BEAR LEFT to keep the stream on your left.

18.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON over the stile (steps over a fence or wall) over a dry-wall. You are walking parallel to the stream on your left and overhead lines on your right. Ignore all bridges over the steam.

19.10km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON over the stile with the stream immediately on your left.

19.40km – After a short uphill away from the stream, you will cross a stile over a wire fence into a big field. TURN RIGHT to walk with the barbed wire fence on your right on a vague grassy path. After 200 metres ignore the stile on your right, and you will pass the stone building on your left. Once past the stone building, the path continues through the middle of the field towards a gate on the far side.

20.00km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON over the stile to the right of the gate, and then continue through another two fields to gates/stiles directly opposite.

20.30km – BEAR RIGHT to cross over a stile and then walk on the paved tracks, passing the farm buildings on your left. After 100 metres cross over a cattle grid; be careful with your foot placement and remember it may be slippery when wet.

20.50km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross the road and then proceed along the grass path and under the overhead lines. There is a footpath sign to Rosgill Bridge.

20.90km – After heading downhill, cross the wooden stile on the dry-wall, you will reach a paved road, TURN RIGHT to pass through a wooden gate and walk along the gravel road following the Coast to Coast sign. After 200 metres BEAR RIGHT as the gravel road curves right and through a wooden gate and then immediately BEAR LEFT off the road, to walk on the grass path keeping the dry-wall on your left. There may be a C2C sign on a piece of slate here.

21.20km - Climb the slate steps to pass through a small gate and then CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON through the field keeping the dry-wall on your left. The dry-wall and path will disappear; CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON, walking with the fence on your left until you reach the end of the field with a stream ahead. Pass a gate and then BEAR RIGHT to cross the old stone bridge and up the steps. From the top of the steps CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across the field to the old farmhouse buildings.

21.90km – Proceed through a gate and then BEAR RIGHT to pass the dilapidated farm buildings on your left and head through another gate to meet a paved road.

22.00km – As you reach the paved road on a giant bend, TURN LEFT headed uphill. After 100 metres TURN LEFT over a stile following the Coast to Coast footpath sign to Shap Abbey.

22.30km – Pass a gap in the dry-wall and then BEAR RIGHT to head diagonally across the field and under the overhead lines. You will keep the dry-wall on your right, ignoring all gates, as you head towards the corner of the field.

22.90km – In the corner of the field you will find a gate. Proceed through the gate and then TURN RIGHT. You will have Shap Abbey directly ahead and a river on your left.

23.20km – Once through the gate with Shap Abbey directly ahead, TURN LEFT to head downhill, through a gate, across a bridge, and past a building on your left.

23.30km – At the junction CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON ignoring the bridge on your right and the paved road on your left. There is no clear path uphill and across this field, but you are heading towards the paved road as it crosses a cattle grid at the top. BEAR LEFT to cross a stile just to the left of the cattle grid and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON walking through the field parallel with the road and dry-wall on your right.

24.00km – When you reach the end of the field, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across the stile to join the paved road. Cross the road and cross the wide gate back into a field. Walk keeping the dry-wall and road on your right. There is a Coast to Coast sign to Shap here. After 200 metres cross a stile and keep walking with the dry-wall and road on your right.

24.50km – BEAR RIGHT through the gate in the corner of the field and then TURN LEFT onto the road and into Shap. Walk on the right-side facing the oncoming traffic.

25.00km - As you reach the main road through Shap, TURN RIGHT to continue into the village centre. Finish after 100 metres; why not go for dinner in the famous Fish and Chip shop?


*** This is the end of our Patterdale to Shap route, please use your included documentation to find your overnight accommodation. ***


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OS Grid
NY 39682 15852
54.534337, -2.933652
54°32'03.6"N 2°56'01.1"W
30U 504293 6042977
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Sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes and a waterproof/wind-break layer are all required. The weather can change quickly so be sure to take all equipment even if the weather looks okay. Walking poles will be a big advantage on some of these ascents and descents.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

This walk is isolated with no opportunities to buy food or water so be sure to bring enough with you.

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