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Loop walk to Teno Alto

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  • Joining the PR TF-57
    / Joining the PR TF-57
    Crédit photo : Macs Adventure
  • / Yellow/White markers keep you on track.
    Crédit photo : Macs Adventure
  • / Teno Alto.
    Crédit photo : Macs Adventure
  • / Views across to Mount Teide.
    Crédit photo : Macs Adventure
  • / Looking down to El Palmar from the ridge.
    Crédit photo : Macs Adventure
  • / Priests Pulpit in El Palmar.
    Crédit photo : Macs Adventure
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A wonderful loop walk following two of the islands Pequeña Recorrido (PR) trails through woodland and over mountain tops with panoramic views in abundance.
Distance 9,6 km
5:00 h.
545 m
542 m
977 m
530 m

A quick 20 minute drive brings you to the village of El Palmar, the ‘capital’ of Teno Rural Park. Life moves at a slower pace here with locals mainly working on agriculture, wickerwork and the production of gofio, a delicious roasted grain flour. A lovely walk takes you through the tranquil El Palmar valley and into the Monte del Agua forest. Arriving at the traditional village of Teno Alto, we highly recommend stopping for lunch at one of the little bars serving the delicious local goats cheese.

Continue onto the ridgeline of the Cumbre de Baracan where far reaching views down the deep barrancos and on to the coast are quite spectacular, before finishing your walk back down in El Palmar.

Note de l'auteur

Take a stop at Bar Los Bailaderos for a Cortado or a Café con Hieldo (iced coffee) to fuel you up before the next half of the walk. Don’t miss out on trying some of the local cheese on offer too.
Niveau physique
Point le plus élevé
977 m
Point le plus bas
530 m
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Consignes de sécurité

The entire trail is very well marked, making it difficult to get lost, however, there are some steep drops and terrain can be loose underfoot at times. Watch your footing and think about carrying walking poles with you for use on steeper sections.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

Food & Drink

There are a couple of stores (Supermercados) in Garachico if you would like to stock up on supplies for a picnic on your route today. The other, and recommended, option is to take some time out for food in either Teno Alto or El Palmar.


Points of Interest 

Teno Alto

Also known as Los Bailaderos this tiny village in the heart of the Teno Rural Park has many Pequeña Recorridos that pass through it making it the perfect place to stop and admire more traditional ways of living. Famed for producing Teno cheese, be sure not to miss out on picking up a chunk from the local store before you leave. The unique flavour is due to the wild herbs goats in the area feast on, is quite intense.


Pequeña Recorrido Trails

Ranked as intermediate walks and marked by yellow and white paint the PR or Pequeña Recorrido trails range in distance from 10km to 50km. Found across many parts of the island some may be less than 10km but have steep ascents or descents which make them a bit more strenuous.


El Palmar (530 m)
Coordonnées :
28.340819, -16.850501
28°20'26.9"N 16°51'01.8"W
28R 318612 3136348


El Palmar


0.00 km – Starting at the junction with the main road and information centre, standing with El Palmar to your back, walk STRAIGHT ON following the sign for “Teno Alto 4.2km”. You are now following the TF-57 as it heads steadily uphill, flanked by low stone walls made from volcanic rock.

0.70 km – At the small cobbled lane continue STRAIGHT ON in the direction of Teno Alto.

0.87 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON again over the tarmac road.

1.20 km – As you reach a small plateau take a moment to enjoy the views across to Mount Teide before BEARING LEFT to follow the shady path parallel to the road. There are wonderful intermittent views across the Atlantic here, on a clear day and with some strong vision you may see the island of La Palma in the distance.

1.60 km – The trail now heads downhill as it traverses the hillside.

2.00 km – BEAR RIGHT following the yellow/white painted markers, still heading downhill. There are views across the valley to the tiny settlement of Buguio.

2.90 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as you join a small concrete lane with Agave plants covering the hillside to your right. After 100m BEAR RIGHT to leave the lane, following the yellow/white wooden way maker, for a short distance.

3.20 km – As the lane bears left continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the rocky path through trees, soon heading uphill again.

3.50 km – Cross the tarmac road and continue STRAIGHT ON as you follow the sign for ‘Los Bailaderos’. (The alternative name for Teno Alto)

3.60 km – After a short descent continue STRAIGHT ON to join the main road as you enter Teno Alto.

3.80 km – TURN LEFT to follow the sign for ‘San José de Los Llanos’ as you now join the TF-51 which heads uphill and way from Teno Alto.

4.50 km – At the end of the tarmac lane BEAR RIGHT at the junction to continue of the TF-51.

4.60 km – TURN LEFT at the next sign for ‘San José de Los Llanos’ to follow the dusty, stepped track of the Camino de Baracan.

4.80 km – The trail now heads through a lovely shady forest, providing some respite from the sun.

5.10 km – As the trail opens up you gain wonderful views of the mountains ahead and the island of La Gomera across the water on your right side.

5.70 km – The trail now becomes much rockier as it hugs the hillside; take care as there are some significant drops to your right.

6.20 km – At this point you can TURN LEFT for an optional side trip to the summit of Baracan (1002m). The trail is fairly steep and loose in places but the effort is rewarded with stunning 360degree views from the top. Allow 20 minutes for the return journey then continue STRAIGHT ON along the main track.

6.50 km – TURN LEFT as you reach the rocky ridgeline to descend slightly and follow its left side. There are now views of El Palmar in the valley below you.

6.70 km - BEAR LEFT as the trail descends again.

7.30 km – Before reaching the main road TURN LEFT at the sign for TF-51 to continue heading downhill.

7.70 km – BEAR LEFT to pass a couple of small stone buildings, continuing downhill.

7.90 km – Cross the 4x4 track then TURN LEFT at the stone cairn to continue on the trail.

8.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON across the tarmac lane.

8.10 km – BEAR RIGHT to now join the same tarmac lane.

8.70 km – Cross the main road, STRAIGHT ON, and follow a small path past a couple of houses before joining a slightly overgrown track.

8.90 km – At the end of the path BEAR RIGHT to follow the small street through Las Cuevas, BEARING LEFT at the junction after 50m.

9.20 km – As you pass the priests pulpit you can’t fail to notice the black, volcanic rock that has been exposed on the terraced hillside behind the village.

9.60 km – Finish your walk back at the junction with the information centre and road into El Palmar, where you began this morning.


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S'y rendre

-Take the TF-42 out of Garachico heading towards Buenavista del Norte

-Follow the TF-42 and the TF-436 to Buenavista del Norte

-Turn left onto the TF-436 and continue for approx 5km to El Palmar

Se garer

Park at the turn-off to Teno Alto 530m bus stop (parking is just along the road)


28.340819, -16.850501
28°20'26.9"N 16°51'01.8"W
28R 318612 3136348
Y aller en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack sunscreen, insect repellant and plenty of water. A water/windproof is always a good idea to keep handy, and be sure to double check weather forecasts before heading out.

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9,6 km
5:00 h.
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545 m
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977 m
Point le plus bas
530 m
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