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Loop walk to Chinyero

Randonnée · Teneriffa
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  • Chinyero
    / Chinyero
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  • / Passing Montana Negra.
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  • / Views of Mount Teide.
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  • / Walking through Pine forests.
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  • / Crossing lava fields.
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An easy going loop walk passes through pine forests and across black volcanic land with an almost otherwordly feeling at times.
Distance 11,1 km
3:30 h.
310 m
305 m
1 540 m
1 229 m

Today you drive to the town of Santiago del Teide, stopping off to walk around the volcanic landscapes of Volcan Garachico and Chinyero. Chinyero is Tenerife’s youngest volcano with its latest eruption dating back to just 1909 and your walk will take you through contrasting landscapes from bright green pine forests to the solidified black ash and lava flows of the 1909 eruption, with Chinyero itself tipped in orange.

Finishing your walk, continue to the traditional town of Santiago del Teide, located in the Valle de Santiago, where you will stay overnight in a beautiful ranch-style hotel.

Park up at the Zona Recreativa Las Arenas picnic area. The approach to this is via a track road that forks off from the TF-373.

Note de l'auteur

Keep an ear out for the sounds of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers working on the many Pine trees on todays walk. They can be hard to spot but are easily identified being black and white in colour with flecks of bright red on their belly and back of the head.
Niveau physique
Point le plus élevé
1 540 m
Point le plus bas
1 229 m
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Consignes de sécurité

The entire trail is very well marked so there is no issue with becoming lost. However there is little to no mobile signal up here so take good care and watch your step on looser ground when crossing the lava flows. Walking poles could be a good idea for those less steady on their feet.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

Food & Drink

There is nowhere to get food or refreshments whilst on the walk today so be sure to stock up on any supplies you need before you leave Garachico.


Points of Interest


El Chinyero is the highlight of todays walk, and for good reason, it is Tenerife's youngest volcano. Last erupting on the 18th of November in 1909, for 10 days lava and ash was projected across an area of over 2.2km. This now forms the scientifically protected area you are walking through today. 

Although we call it a volcano it is actually one of the many vents of Mount Teide which stands at over 3500m and dominates the skyline of Tenerife. 



Arenas Negras Picnic area (1 229 m)
Coordonnées :
28.320121, -16.757246
28°19'12.4"N 16°45'26.1"W
28R 327721 3133918


Arenas Negras Picnic area


0.00 km – Standing with the map and information board in front of you, on the edge of Arenas Negras Park, TURN LEFT to follow the sign for Chinyero. This route follows the PR TF-43, which is also marked with yellow/white painted rocks.

0.20 km – After passing through the metal gate on the opposite side of the picnic areas, TURN RIGHT to join the ascending gravel road lined by a low stone wall.

0.44 km – BEAR RIGHT to leave the road and follow a well marked path through the trees.

0.65 km – There are wonderful views across to Montana Negra on your right hand side as you weave through the black volcanic land surrounding it.

1.20 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the sign for Chinyero.

1.50 km – STRAIGHT ON as you pass alongside old lava flows dating back to 1909 when the last eruption occurred.

2.00 km – The trail now becomes loose and rocky as you walk directly across the lava flow.

2.20 km – TURN LEFT at the junction, following the sign for Chinyero.

2.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the crossroads to join the ‘Circular Chinyero’.

3.00 km – Now passing the summit of Montana de Las Flores (1468m) on your left as you gain views of Mount Teide directly ahead.

3.50 km – On your right the prominent black and red peak of Chinyero (1551m) can now be seen.

3.70 km – BEAR RIGHT at the split in the track.

4.00 km – TURN RIGHT at the next split, following the yellow/white paint markers.

4.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the ‘Circular Chinyero’ sign, being sure to take the slightly elevated track on the left. The track now heads uphill through the wooded slopes of Montana la Corredera.

4.90 km – TURN RIGHT at the split as the trail now heads downhill, continuing through the pine forest.

5.50 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the next two junctions.

6.40 km – TURN RIGHT to head across open lava flows again as you now leave the forest. Take care here as mountain bikers use the same trail.

7.00 km – At the sign for ‘Los Partidos’ TURN RIGHT to continue on the TF-43.

8.20 km – TURN LEFT at the sign for ‘Arenas Negras’ then retrace your steps back to the parking area.

8.60 km – BEAR RIGHT at the split in the track, continuing towards Arenas Negras.

10.30 km – TURN LEFT to join the gravel vehicle track.

10.70 km – Your walk finishes here, back at the Arenas Negras picnic area.


Toutes les notes sur les zones naturelles

S'y rendre

-From Garachico, take Calle el Puerto to Calle el Puente/TF-445.

-Follow the TF-42 to Camino Real las Arenas. Continue on Camino Real las Arenas.

-Take the TF-423 to Av. Principes de Espana/TF-82 in El Tanque.

-Turn right onto Av. Príncipes de España/TF-82. After 1.2km turn left.

-At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto TF-373.

-At 2.5km turn right and Arenas Negras parking will be on the right. It is approx 3km up a rough track from this turn off.

Se garer

Park up at the Zona Recreativa Las Arenas picnic area. The approach to this is via a track road that forks off from the TF-373.


28.320121, -16.757246
28°19'12.4"N 16°45'26.1"W
28R 327721 3133918
Y aller en train, en voiture ou en vélo


A pair of sturdy walking trainers will be enough for this route if you dont want to wear full hiking boots. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack sunscreen, insect repellant and plenty of water. A windproof would be a good idea during the winter months as it can get chilly when crossing open land.

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11,1 km
3:30 h.
Dénivelé positif
310 m
Dénivelé négatif
305 m
Point le plus élevé
1 540 m
Point le plus bas
1 229 m
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