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Leukerbad to Fluealp Loop Walk

Randonnée · Leukerbad
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  • On the track ascending to Fluealp before the chalets at 3.5 km
    On the track ascending to Fluealp before the chalets at 3.5 km
    Crédit photo : Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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A varied loop walk from Leukerbad centre – ascend the forested slopes of the Dala valley, cross the river high up it’s valley, stop to admire the Fluekapelle, before descending on a path through alpine meadows and finish by taking the Dala Gorge walkway into Leukerbad. 
Distance 13,1 km
5:30 h.
665 m
665 m
2 069 m
1 402 m

Leave the winding streets of Leukerbad behind and hike up the forested valley slopes, passing charming wooden chalets at Majing where the family make mountain cheese specific to the region.  Continue up the Dala valley to the alpine meadows and the little restaurant at Fluealp.  From Fluealp you can take a shortcut to cross the river lower down the valley, but just 10 minutes further up the path it’s worth the extra ascent to see the small chapel, with it’s stained glass windows, built into the rock.  There are often lingering, gravel covered, snow banks in the gullies here so take care and bring your walking poles for stability.  From Fluealp descend to Leukerbad on a meandering path on the north side of the Dala River. 

An interesting way to enter Leukerbad is via the Dala Gorge walkway – featuring metal platform path, stairs ad bridges (not recommended if it’s been raining or if you don’t have a head for heights).  Alternatively, follow a good path down the valley into Leukerbad’s centre.   

Note de l'auteur

There are many benches scattered along the trail – make sure a choose a good viewpoint for your picnic lunch, there are lots of places to choose from!
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Catherine Allan
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Consignes de sécurité

Take care on any sections of the route that you might share with vehicles or bikes, the roads in Leukerbad and some sections of track up to Fluealp. 

The narrow path, which follows the north side of the Dala River should not be attempted after heavy rain because the path is prone to erosion with a drop down to the river on the left.  The Dala Gorge walkway with it’s metal walkways and ladders will likely be closed also as it will be especially slippery.  If this is the case please turn around and make the route a linear one following the track you ascended on back down into Leukerbad, or ask at the Tourist Information office for the most updated path information before making your own decision regarding what route to take.

Most of the route is on well-marked, and well-trod trails, but there are some sections around the Fluekapelle where some snow banks linger in the stream gullies – these are generally covered with gravel/moraine and are easy to pass but you’ll find walking poles useful here. Depending on the conditions when you do the route please make your own decision about whether these are safe to cross.

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Points of Interest


The farm at Fluealp is situated at approximately 2040m in altitude.  Here the family use the dairy produce from their 70 cows to make milk, butter and alpine cheese.  They have a small menu from which you can sample their homemade produce along with drinks.  Check their opening times, and find out more about the hut by checking their website. 

Telephone: 0041 762 179 075

Dala Gorge Walkway

The walk finishes by following the Dala River Gorge walkway through the gorge before the river flows through Leukerbad’s centre.  The metal walkways, and suspension bridges attached to the gorge sides are 600m in length from start to finish.  You can find more information on the current condition of the Dala Gorge walkway on the Leukerbad tourist information site:

Please don’t attempt the route in wet conditions though as you will find the metal walkways potentially very slippery and therefore unsafe.  This route is also only for those with a head for heights. 


Food & Drink

There are a couple of small supermarkets in the centre of Leukerbad where you can pick-up provisions for a packed lunch.  En route you’ll pass the cheese-making farm at Majing, and a small mountain restaurant at Fluealp.  Please bring enough food and water (at least 2 litres per person) for the walk though as the mountain restaurants normally just serve refreshments and snacks.  There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Leukerbad for your evening meal. 


Leukerbad centre (1 401 m)
Coordonnées :
2'614'728E 1'136'433N
46.379108, 7.630076
46°22'44.8"N 7°37'48.3"E
32T 394650 5137082
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Leukerbad centre


0.00 km – On Kirchestrasse with the church on your right-hand side continue STRAIGHT ON up the cobbled street to reach the square ahead.  In the square with the signpost on your right continue STRAIGHT ON following the arrow for Fluealp (2hr) to pass through the archway. 

0.30 km – After ascending to the road continue STRAIGHT ON to cross the road and TURN RIGHT following the signpost for Fluealp on the road into the trees. 

0.40 km – As a track goes off to the right, TURN LEFT to stay on the road and ascend.

0.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to ascend on the track as a path goes off to the left. 

0.90 km – At the T-junction with the road TURN RIGHT onto an ascending track and follow the Fleualp (1h 40 min) signpost.  Continue on this track for 500m.

1.40 km – At a bend in the track TURN LEFT to follow the signpost (1554m) to Fluealp (1h 20min). 

1.70 km – At the track junction continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the Fluealp signpost. 

2.10 km – Merge with a grassy ski run and BEAR RIGHT to follow it uphill.  Continue STRAIGHT ON as you pass a signpost on the right-hand side of the run for Fluealp (1hr). 

2.30 km – BEAR LEFT off the ski run onto a track through the trees to traverse the hillside and continue ascending.

2.50 km – With a narrow path and signpost down on the left, ignore these and continue STRAIGHT ON the track.  Soon after TURN RIGHT to stay on the track following the signpost for Fluelap. 

2.80 km – At a T-junction with a track TURN LEFT to reach the chalets ahead then follow the track right to reach a signpost. 

2.90 km – At the signpost (Folljeret 1776m) TURN LEFT onto the track and follow the arrow for Fluealp (50min). 

4.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON passing the Majing Alp cheese-making farm on your left. 

6.10 km – At the Fluespitz (2036m) signpost BEAR LEFT to continue on the track signposted for Fluealp (10 min).  At the next signpost in 100m continue STRAIGHT ON also. 

6.70 km – Follow the signpost on your left to stay on the track and BEAR LEFT for Fluealp. 

6.80 km – If you’re going to take the path further up the valley to Fluekapelle continue STRAIGHT ON passing the chalets and small mountain restaurant at Fluealp on your left.  The track soon becomes grassy. 

If you’re taking the shortcut then turn left off the track and pass between the chalets to pick-up a path that descends to the Dala River and crosses via a narrow metal bridge with handrails to join the descending path on the north side of the river Dala. 

7.10 km – At the signpost in the flat grassy area BEAR LEFT to follow the arrow for Fluekapelle onto a narrow path. 

7.50 km – Descend to cross the river, take care when crossing especially if a large snow bank lingers, then ascend to rejoin the path on the opposite side and continue STRAIGHT ON

7.60 km – You are now at the Fluekapelle, spend some time here admiring the stained-glass windows or TURN LEFT immediately to follow the signpost for Leukerbad and descend towards the gravel/moraine covered snow bank below, BEAR LEFT to cross.  Take care when crossing and pick-up the path on the other side. 

7.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON where a stream bed has eroded the path – take care when crossing. 

8.00 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON where a stream bed has eroded the path – take care when crossing. 

8.20 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON where a stream bed has eroded the path – take care when crossing. 

8.40 km – At the signpost the shortcut path from Fluealp joins from the left, continue STRAIGHT ON the path following the arrow for Clabinalp. 

8.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the path as a river crosses it – take care when crossing and use the stepping stones. 

8.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to pass through a narrow wooden gate then cross another stream bed in 100m. 

9.00 km – A vague path goes off to the left, but continue STRAIGHT ON the main path to pass between rocky mounds with yellow painted route markers at intervals. 

9.30 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to cross a wide moraine covered snow bank in the stream gully (20m wide) and pick up the path on the other side – take care and use poles for stability here if needed.  Then continue on the grassy path and pass between the water trough (on left) and small lake (on right). 

9.60 km – Emerge from the hollow and BEAR LEFT on the path towards a low stone wall down on the left. 

9.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to pass through a small gap in the low stone wall and follow the yellow painted markers. 

10.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as you pass some wooden chalets on your right-hand side. 

10.30 km – At the signpost (1843m) with a picnic bench and great viewpoint on your right BEAR LEFT to descend following the signpost for Leukerbad. 

10.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON through a wooden gate then descend to cross a stream over the path and continue through the trees.

10.80 km – At a path junction with chalets ahead TURN LEFT to descend on the narrow path (take care of tree roots) following the Dotrweid (1713m) signpost for Dorf (30 min). 

Please beware of any cows in the field – alpine cows are generally docile unless spooked, or if you come between a mother and calf, or get too close to a bull.

10.90 km – TURN LEFT to follow the signpost for Leukerbad then descend to cross the stream and continue on the path.

11.10 km – With some chalets on your right, BEAR LEFT to follow the grassy path across a field to the treeline.  Pass through the metal turnstile at the edge of the field and descend on the track. 

11.30 km – At the T-junction with the track TURN RIGHT to follow the signpost for Dorf. 

11.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to descend on the track after crossing the bridge. 

12.10 km – At the signpost in the trees BEAR LEFT to follow the arrow for Dorf and descend towards the river. 

12.20 km – You have now reached the entrance to the Dala River walkway – if the conditions are dry and you have a good head for heights then this is a great way to return to Leukerbad by continuing STRAIGHT ON – the route notes follow this route. 

Otherwise, from here at the path junction you can turn left to follow a signposted path into Leukerbad. 

12.60 km – Follow the path to BEAR LEFT away from the river into the trees. 

12.70 km – With a bridge on your right, TURN LEFT onto the road and follow the river, keep it on your right-hand side, as you pass the Helibab signpost.  Continue to follow this road into Leukerbad centre. 

13.10 km – At a T-junction with a road TURN LEFT onto it to continue descending – take care here as there is no pavement.  In 100 m continue STRAIGHT ON, don’t take the left fork. 

13.30 km – TURN RIGHT off the road to descend on a cobbled path between buildings.  In 100m cross the road then descend steps on Burggassi on a narrow path between buildings. 

13.50 km – Emerge from the narrow street into the square near the church and finish the route here. 


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2'614'728E 1'136'433N
46.379108, 7.630076
46°22'44.8"N 7°37'48.3"E
32T 394650 5137082
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The route is well-walked but please make sure that you’re suitably equipped (see your information pack for a complete recommended kit list).  Waterproofs, warm layers, gloves, hat, sunhat and sunscreen are all recommended in a ~25 litre or less backpack.  Make sure to bring plenty of water (around 2 litres per person) and food for the day. 

If you prefer to wear sturdy walking shoes rather than walking boots feel free to wear those (as the terrain can be rocky you’ll find that gym trainers won’t have enough support).  Walking poles are a useful aid for helping to take pressure off your knees. 

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