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Lauragh/Drombohilly to Kenmare

Randonnée · Irlande
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  • Killmakiloge Harbour
    / Killmakiloge Harbour
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Uragh Woods, Gleninchaquin & Cloonee Loughs
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Uragh Stone Circle
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Lough Cloonee & Amnee River
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Lough Gleninchaquin
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Gleninchaquin Park
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Kenmare
    Photo: Macs Adventure
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Cross stunning green valleys and skirt the shores of the picturesque Gleninchaquin Lough with it's Bronze Age stone circle as you make your way to Kenmare village at the head of the Kenmare River.

24,6 km
7:30 h.
824 m
831 m

A steady uphill to begin the day gets your legs warmed up for the long walk ahead. Leaving Lauragh you cross over the Owenshagh River then follow small winding lanes as you ascend the lower slopes of Knockatee (383m) with views of Kilmakilloge Harbour just behind you. Once the tarmac gives way to open hillside you again ascend up another slope, this time passing just below the summit of Knockagarrane (467m) before descending towards the Uragh Woodland and it's ancient stone circle. 

The sheep and cattle welcome you as you make your way through farmland before joining the shores of Gleninchaquin Lough. The valley here was carved out by glaciation some 70,000 years ago and has remained largely unchanged since, with a 140m waterfall on its southern side the views all around you are spectacular.

The second half of the walk veers away from the lough and heads further inland over wide-open grassland as you head towards Kenmare River and the town at its estuary. Upon crossing the bridge you're welcomed back into civilisation along Kenmare's quaint, bustling central street lined with traditional bars and cafes.

Conseil(s) de l'auteur

The Uragh Stone Circle is a great spot to sit for your lunch, spend some time here taking in the views across the Lough. If you're very lucky you may spot an Otter out fishing by the shoreline!

Point le plus élevé
368 m
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2 m
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Consignes de sécurité

This walk covers a lot of distance over open land with little in the way of shelter from the elements so check the forecast and speak to locals if you do decide to set out on a bad weather day. It can be fairly difficult to navigate if the visibility is low and as there are a couple of steep drops along the way you should take extra care to stick closely to the GPS tracks.

The last few kilometres into Kenmare is by a main road with fast moving traffic and no pavement, as always walk on the right side of the road towards any oncoming vehicles and make yourself as visible as possible.

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Food & Drink

As Lauragh is a very small village with no shop and there is nowhere en route to buy food it's best to speak to your B&B host to arrange for a packed lunch to be made for you. Please give them plenty of notice to do this. On arrival in Kenmare there are many restaurants, bars & cafes to refuel after a long day on your feet.


Points of interest

Uragh Stone Circle

Consisting of five stones, with another large standing stone at over 10ft in height, this stone circle is situated in a dominating position on a small hillock at the north end of Gleninchaquin Lough. Dating back to the Bronze Age, as with many other stone circles, it's believed these were constructed as ritual and ceremonial sites. If a line were to be drawn through the entrance portal and across the axial stone it would orientate itself  on significant solar and lunar events.

With views of the mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfall all around you it's well worth taking a stop here to soak up some of the history.



Centre of Lauragh - at the split in the road where yesterday's walk finished, or in Drombohilly (18 m)
51.764580, -9.772937
51°45'52.5"N 9°46'22.6"W
29U 446659 5735137


Shelbourne Street in Kenmare on the roundabout


0.00 km – Starting at the split in the road, BEAR RIGHT and follow the lane straight on.

0.22 km – At the junction, next to a large white pub, continue STRAIGHT ON to cross the Owenshagh River.

0.40 km – At the cross roads continue STRAIGHT ON to join a small ascending lane leading through some woodland. Take extra care here as you’re crossing a main road with potentially fast moving traffic.

0.92 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the junction. The road now begins to climb steadily as you pass by Knockatee Mountain (383m).

3.50 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to follow the sign for “Beara Way” as you now join a small single-track lane.

5.20 km – At the end of the lane TURN LEFT to join the main road following the sign for “Kenmare”.

If you get a transfer to Drombohilly this is where you will be dropped off and begin your walk.  (At 5.50km)

5.50 km – TURN RIGHT to leave the main, go through the metal gate and follow the yellow markers uphill across grassy open land.

6.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the trail now becomes slightly steeper and rockier.

6.60 km – At the yellow marker continue STRAIGHT ON up the hillside as you pick your way along a faint track through the scrub. Always keep an eye out for the yellow markers to help you on your way.

6.90 km – As you reach the fence line at the top of the hill you’re welcomed with 180-degree views of Cloonee Lough. TURN RIGHT and cross the green steps just ahead of you.

7.30 km – Cross another set of steps and continue to follow the trail. It can be very wet underfoot at this point.

7.40 km – Cross more green steps and continue STRAIGHT ON, skirting a rocky slope as the trail begins to descend.

7.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON down the hillside as you catch views of Gleninchaquin Lough directly ahead of you.

8.10 km – Cross a set of wooden steps then make your way downhill towards a barn with a green roof. There can be livestock at this point as you are crossing farmland so remember to close behind you any gates you happen to go through.

8.30 km – Cross another set of wooden steps followed by a small gate then BEAR LEFT to join a steep concrete lane next to the farmhouse.

8.60 km – Cross the cattle grid next to some animal pens and continue STRAIGHT ON along the vehicle track.

9.10 km – Cross another cattle grid as you follow the banks of the Amnee River away from Cloonee Lough.

9.20 km – On your right is the Uragh Stone Circle, if you have the time then take a quick side visit here to see the stones and take in the view over Gleninchaquin Lough towards a beautiful waterfall on it’s Southern shores.

9.30 km – BEAR LEFT as the track crosses the river then go through the metal gate.

9.50 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to follow a tarmacked lane skirting the shores of the lough.

10.60 km – TURN LEFT at the small stone boathouse as you now start to head inland and away from the lough.

12.10 km – As the lane splits BEAR LEFT to continue on uphill.

12.40 km – At the end of the lane go through a metal gate, just before a river crossing, and then continue STRAIGHT ON along the ascending stony track.

13.30 km – Follow a low raised wooden walkway heading towards a series of small waterfalls and a stream.

13.70 km – Take another wooden walkway as you follow the fence line towards a set of green steps 200m ahead.

13.90 km – After crossing the steps BEAR RIGHT slightly towards the yellow marker, just above the fence line.

14.00 km – The trail now starts to descend, be very careful at this point as there is a steep drop to your right and directly ahead. BEAR LEFT at the end of the rocky outcrop, it can be very slippery at this point if the land is wet.

14.20 km – You are now crossing very boggy open land, there is a faint grassy track to follow but always look out for the yellow markers to lead the way.

14.40 km – Cross a small stream then followed by a second one after a short descent.

15.30 km – BEAR LEFT at the bottom of a rocky outcrop and head towards the green metal steps.

15.40 km – Cross the steps and continue STRAIGHT ON.

15.60 km – TURN LEFT at the marker and pass below two large rocks as you cross a small stream.

16.00 km – Cross a set of green steps and continue STRAIGHT ON along the fence line.

16.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as you join a wooden walkway.

16.60 km – Cross another short wooden walkway towards a set of green steps then continue STRAIGHT ON.

16.90 km – After the steps BEAR LEFT downhill towards more steps on the opposite side of the field.

17.10 km – TURN LEFT as you reach a small tarmacked lane. It’s now tarmac the whole way to Kenmare.

17.40 km – BEAR LEFT at the end of the lane to follow the sign for “Beara Way Kenmare”.

19.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the crossroads.

21.90 km – BEAR LEFT as the lane descends.

22.00 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to join the main road to Kenmare. This is a fast road with no pavement so be careful and walk on the right hand side so you are facing any oncoming traffic.

23.30 km – At the junction TURN LEFT to cross the bridge over the Kenmare River and onwards into the town itself.

23.90 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the junction.

24.20 km – Your walk ends here at the roundabout just before Shelbourne Street through the centre of Kenmare.


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51.764580, -9.772937
51°45'52.5"N 9°46'22.6"W
29U 446659 5735137
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Along with your usual kit list for a day out on the hill you should consider packing gaiters, poles and an extra layer. 

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