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Jersey War Tunnels to St Aubin

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  • Duckpond
    / Duckpond
    Photo: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / Le Moulin de Quetivel
    Photo: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
  • / The wide sandy bay at St Aubin
    Photo: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure Ltd
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Today’s walk commences in a wooded valley with a modest climb up to the plateau. Level minor roads & Jersey Green Lanes (signposted country lanes where pedestrians and cyclists have right of way) lead through market gardens to the deep wooded valley beside the stream & then all the way to the coast. Once on the coast the walk is level with a short climb over a small peninsula to continue along the coastal path. 80% minor roads/tarmac lane, 20% earthen paths.
Distance 8,2 km
2:15 h.
60 m
94 m
A short, easy walk today gives you plenty of time to explore the Jersey War Tunnels at the beginning of the day and relax and enjoy the lovely harbour town of St Aubin at the end. An included short taxi ride through St Helier drops you at the secluded military fortifications of the Jersey War Tunnels, a fascinating museum which tells the story of the German occupation of the island in WWII.  Jersey Green Lanes take you through the St Lawrence countryside to join the earthen footpath down St Peter's Valley until the promenade at St Aubin's Bay. 

Note de l'auteur

You should arrive in St Aubin in time for lunch today so take your time and rest assured a tasty seafood lunch at the harbour awaits!
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Laura Paterson
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Consignes de sécurité

You will cross a couple of fairly busy roads at points today. Take care and make sure you look out for traffic when crossing.  

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

Points of Interest 

Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels tell the story of Jersey's war years from occupation to liberation and offer a fascinating insight into what life was like for the people who lived here. Facilities open from 10am.


Le Moulin de Quetivel  

Jersey's last remaining working mill, having been restored between 1971-79. The Mill is only open on Mondays and Tuesdays, so definitely worth popping in for a visit if you happen to be passing on those days. 



Food & Drink

If you do want to eat enroute today, it is best to pick up a packed lunch from one of the shops in St Helier before you get collected by your taxi as there is nowhere really to stop until St Aubin. However, as this is a short, easy walk you should arrive in St Aubin in time for lunch where there are numerous cafes and restaurants waiting to tempt you!



Jersey War Tunnels Ticket Office (40 m)
49.210279, -2.154140
49°12'37.0"N 2°09'14.9"W
30U 561607 5451176


St Aubin's Harbour


You will be dropped off by taxi at the ticket office for the Jersey War Tunnels, which you can explore before starting your walk.

0.00 km – Start with your back to the ticket office, and entrance to the hospital on your left hand side. Walk STRAIGHT AHEAD downhill. Where the path splits, BEAR RIGHT uphill along Les Charrieres Malorey (Jersey Green Lane). Ignore a side lane on your right leading to Meadow Bank Apartments and continue uphill, ignoring a track on your left next to a stone bench and leading down a long driveway.

0.60 km – Ignore path on your right (Chemin des Montagnes) and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD. Pass a large country house with a duck pond on your left hand side, and then Malorey House on your right hand side.

0.90 km – Ignore a path on your left  (Le Feugerel) and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to a T-junction.

1.10 km – TURN LEFT following a sign for Route 4 on Chemin des Montagnes. Pass “La Qualite” on your right hand side and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.

1.40 km – TURN LEFT at a 3-way junction down La Rue de La Fontaine St Martin. Continue to walk on this tarmac lane between pretty cottages, passing by open fields on your right hand side and a hedgerow on your left hand side until you reach a T-junction.

1.70 km – TURN RIGHT at the T-junction, where a sign says “Jersey Green Lane Ends”, on to Rue de La Ville au Bas.

1.80 km – TURN LEFT down Le Pissot, and walk gently downhill on this pleasant tree-lined lane.

2.10 km – Ignore road on left signposted for St Peter’s Valley (C124) and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.

2.30 km – Ignore road on right (Rue des Aix) and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD uphill between stone walls.

2.60 km – Ignore a turning on the right (Rue L’Aleval) and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD downhill on Le Mont de St Anastase, passing two WW2 artillery bunkers, and ignoring a turn on the left (Rue de Coin Varin).

2.80 km – TURN LEFT uphill on a rough track, Le Mont des Rouelles. Continue on this track, with a dressage square and paddocks on your right hand side to a road.

3.60 km – TURN RIGHT along the main road – CAUTION TRAFFIC – and within 50m TURN LEFT on to Le Mont des Louannes, and then immediately left on to a tarmac cycle path which runs between the road on your left hand side and a stream on your right hand side. Continue on the cycle path until a carpark by a pond.

4.40 km – BEAR RIGHT through the carpark, and cross a wooden bridge over the stream, following the signpost labelled “Woodland Path to Quetivel Mill 1/2m”. Keep following signs for the mill with the stream and road on your left, and ignoring a set of steps leading uphill on your right. Arrive at the mill and if it is open take your time to explore.

4.90 km – TURN RIGHT in front of the mill and then take a sharp right to almost double back on yourself to Midvale Apartments (behind the Mill). Go through two large stone pillars, and then through a carpark. At the other side of the carpark, continue on to a dirt path. Follow this through the trees until you reach a junction with the tarmac road.

5.70 km – BEAR RIGHT at the tarmac road – CAUTION TRAFFIC – with the stream on your left and walk past the houses on your left until you reach a T-junction and the stream goes underground.

5.90 km – TURN LEFT at the T-junction down Sandybrook Lane and within 50m TURN RIGHT on to a cycle path signposted “St Aubins Bay Route 1”, with the stream on your right hand side. Folow this until you reach the main road in front of the seawall/promenade.

6.40 km – Cross the road at the traffic lights and TURN RIGHT along the promenade. Follow the promenade all the way to St Aubin’s Harbour.

NOTE: If you are staying at The Lyndhurst, you will pass this approx 500m along the promenade on your right hand side, to save you walking all the way into St Aubin.

8.20 km – Arrive at the cobbled plaza at St Aubin’s Harbour.



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49.210279, -2.154140
49°12'37.0"N 2°09'14.9"W
30U 561607 5451176
Y aller en train, en voiture ou en vélo


No specialist equipment is required although hiking boots or shoes would be preferable and make sure you bring clothhing for warm and cold weather, along with your waterproofs.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.


Équipement de base pour la marche et la randonnée

  • Chaussures de randonnée robustes, confortables et imperméables
  • Couches de vêtements contre l'humidité
  • Chaussettes de randonnée
  • Sac à dos (avec protection pour la pluie)
  • Protection contre le soleil, la pluie et le vent (chapeau, crème solaire, vestes et pantalons imperméables, coupe-vents)
  • Lunettes de soleil
  • Bâtons de randonnée
  • Beaucoup d'eau potable et de collations
  • Trousse de premiers secours
  • Kit Blister
  • Sac de bivouac ou de survie
  • Couverture de survie
  • Lampe frontale
  • Couteau de poche
  • Sifflet
  • Téléphone portable
  • Argent liquide
  • Équipement de navigation : carte et boussole
  • Détails des personnes à contacter en cas d'urgence
  • Pièce d'identité
  • Ces listes d'équipement ne sont pas exhaustives et servent uniquement de suggestion pour cette activité.
  • Pour votre sécurité, nous vous invitons à lire attentivement les instructions d'utilisation et d'entretien de votre équipement.
  • Veuillez vous assurer que l'équipement dont vous disposez est conforme à la réglementation en vigueur.

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Martin Eldon
09.07.2021 · Communauté
The Haule Manor is a fabulous hotel. Walt to Corbière Phare restaurant. Fabulous.
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