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Finse to Klemsbu Hytte

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  • Countryside near Finse
    Countryside near Finse
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Travel to Finse, located at 1222m above sea level, and follow a trail that takes you to Klemsbu cabin with stunning views of surrounding mountains and the nearby glacier. 
Distance 11 km
4:30 h.
389 m
388 m
1 604 m
1 216 m

An up and down path, this route is part of a loop popular among cross country skiers in the winter months. Starting at the Finse 1222 Hotel, which is situated on the shore of Finsevatnet along the railway platform, this walk takes you northwards towards a summit known locally as Sankt Pal. The walking is relatively easy, with a few ascents but mostlycovering undulating rock formations and meandering streams constantly supplied by patches of melting snow and ice.


From your starting point 1,222 metres above sea level, you'll climb another 400 metres which gives fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and of the ‘blue ice’ Hardangerjokulen glacier, Norway’s second largest glacier. The point at which you turn back is Klemsbu, a little mountain cabin on the plateau. The main building is closed during the quieter summer months, although it is possible to get into a small room in order to take rest or shelter from the harsher weather that batters the plateau.

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Niveau physique
Point le plus élevé
1 604 m
Point le plus bas
1 216 m
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Weather conditions can change quickly in Norway - always be prepared and carry appropriate clothing; warm as well as waterproof layers, hat and gloves etc. Please see your information pack for a detailed packing list.

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

The village of Finse does not have any stores, however the hotels are well stocked with the necessary supplies, including apparel.

The Rallarvegen: Norway’s most popular cycle route was built as a ‘navvy road’ back in 1894 when construction of the railway line began. There are a number of variations on the route but it links Geilo, Flam and Voss. The Haugerstol to Flam route is the most popular and is about 80km long – bikes can be rented from the Finse 1222 hotel.

The Rallarmuseet (Navvy Museum): The Bergen to Christiana railway line, of which Finse is perhaps the most stunning station along the route, was completed in 1909 and was, for a long time, the most extensive government construction project undertaken in Norway. The small museum can be covered during the wait for the train.

Extreme Conditions: Finse has been used by adventurers for expedition training for over a century; Shackleton called Finse, ‘the ideal South Pole landscape’. Today adventurers, athletes, and search & rescue teams still use Finse to test equipment and brush up on their skills. The Hardangerjokulen Glacier can be walked upon also, but only after a training session and in the company of a guide.


Finse (1 216 m)
Coordonnées :
60.602024, 7.503169
60°36'07.3"N 7°30'11.4"E
32V 418036 6719393
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Finse (via Klemsbu Hytte)


0.00 km - START with your back to the Finse 1222 Hotel main entrance, TURN LEFT and walk the 50 metres or so towards the railway crossing. After crossing the tracks you will see an information board about Hallingskarvnet, continue up the gravel path which is lined by large angular boulders & red Ts. Ignore the forks off the main path, as these only lead to houses, and continue to follow red Ts – the path gradually becomes narrower.

0.35 km - BEAR RIGHT at the fork, following the sign for ‘Geiterygghtta’. The path becomes narrower and much rougher here.

1.30 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON crossing the stream, with care, as depending on snow melt this can flow rapidly (if necessary look for a more suitable crossing).

2.60 km - You reach a small wooden footbridge, cross it noticing how clear the water below you is. The path resumes on the other side.

3.70 km - Climb up the small wall of rock here, and continue STRAIGHT ON, uphill. You come to an area where the rocks have been compacted flat by ice and snow. Continue to follow the red Ts. You may have to cross patches of snow at points.

5.60 km - You have reached the Klemsbu cabin, enjoy the views or shelter from the wind inside the cabin for a while.When you are ready return along the path you have just taken.

11.00 km - You should now be back at the railway crossing, the centre of Finse village.

11.10 km - ARRIVE back in front of the Finse 1222 Hotel where you started.


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60.602024, 7.503169
60°36'07.3"N 7°30'11.4"E
32V 418036 6719393
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Y aller en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Good waterproof boots are a must and walking poles are highly recommended. Make sure to bring plenty of water and a snack or packed lunch.

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11 km
4:30 h.
Dénivelé positif
389 m
Dénivelé négatif
388 m
Point le plus élevé
1 604 m
Point le plus bas
1 216 m


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