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Deiva Marina to Bonassola

Randonnée · Italie
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  • View to Bonassola
    View to Bonassola
    Crédit : Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure

Tackle the hills of Italy’s Eastern Riviera to pass from Deiva Marina to Bonassola, in this dramatic landscape where the mountains meet the sea.

Distance 10,5 km
4:30 h.
577 m
587 m
327 m
4 m

Transfer from Camogli to Deiva Marina (50 mins). This quiet seaside town in the province of La Spezia, is surrounded by wide sandy beaches and lush green mountains. Walk through Deiva Marina and into the dramatic landscape of the hills of the east riviera for wonderful views over the northern Ligurian coast to Bonassola, where the mountains meet the sea.

There’s the option to shorten todays walk with a stopover in Framura, to sample a long lunch before taking a train to Bonassola. After time in peaceful Framura the walk continues to Bonassola. Why not finish the walk with a refreshing dip in the cool blue waters off the beach of Bonassola, and perhaps a glass of wine or a spritz in a seafront restaurant before catching the train to Monterosso, in the Cinque Terre.

Note de l'auteur

Stop in the La Foce Del Prato Agriturismo restaurant for lunch, where there is an emphasis on locally produced food, often coming from the nearby gardens. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

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327 m
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4 m
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Agriturismo La Foce Del Prato

Consignes de sécurité

There are some exposed and unfenced edges throughout the walk; be careful and remain on the path.

There are several stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement. The general rule is that you walk on the same side of the road as oncoming traffic, in order to avoid having your back directly to oncoming traffic. Be prepared to walk in single file and to stay as close to the side of the road as possible.

Much of the path is rocky. Bear in mind these may be slippery when wet, place your feet with care, and use the handrail, where one is provided.

Always make sure to stay hydrated and carry plenty of water. There aren’t many water fill points along the way. It is also advisable to wear skin-protecting clothing and use sun cream/screen. We recommend you inquire about the day’s forecasted weather before setting out on your walks. A useful website for climate information specific to towns and countries is or   

Conseils et recommandations supplémentaires

There are water taps to refill your water bottles at 4.5 kilometres.


Deiva Marina (10 m)
Coordonnées :
44.217294, 9.519467
44°13'02.3"N 9°31'10.1"E
32T 541495 4896138


Piazza in Bonassola


0.00km – This trail starts at the train station. Once off the train follow the signs for ‘Exit via Tourist Information.’ After emerging from the station and into the car park, TURN RIGHT, following the sign for Mare, then TURN RIGHT again to head down the steps. Cross the road and then TURN RIGHT, walking on the pavement beside the road and passing under the railway bridge.

0.13km – BEAR LEFT to pass the ‘No Entry’ sign onto a one-way road. You will pass a bar on your right and walk with a stream on your left.

0.33km – TURN LEFT to cross the bridge over the stream, following the sign for Camping Framura. Once over the bridge TURN LEFT to walk away from the sea.

0.49km – After passing several hotels, TURN RIGHT following the large sign to Camping Framura. After 150 metres, TURN LEFT from the road, and onto the mud path that climbs steeply into the woodland. There are signs to Framura and Bonassola on a nearby wooden post. After 20 metres BEAR RIGHT at the vague fork in the path, then after 10 metres BEAR RIGHT again.

0.60km - Take care as the path is rocky and may be slippery, especially when wet. The path can be challenging to follow; choose the more established path and keep climbing uphill, check the app regularly, and follow the frequent red-and-white strips painted onto trees and rocks to guide you. Often, vague paths will split off but re-join again shortly.

0.80km – BEAR LEFT to climb uphill on the rocky path and ignore the muddy path on your right. After 100 metres, BEAR RIGHT as the path forks again to continue climbing uphill.

1.10km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across a big rock slab. Take your time and be careful with your foot placement.

1.80km – After passing the isolated house, Casse Sero, on your right, there will be a crossroads. TURN LEFT following the sign for Focce del Prato and Costa, and ignoring the right turn even though it is signposted to Bonassola. After 20 metres BEAR LEFT as the path forks. After 30 metres, TURN LEFT at the flat T-junction, ignoring the red-and-white stripe of paint to your right. 

3.00km – BEAR RIGHT as the path forks to continue through the woodland.

3.40km – As you emerge onto a gravel path CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON, passing a chicken coop on your left. After 20 metres, TURN RIGHT to walk on the paved road which heads downhill and is signposted to Bonassola and Setta.

3.50km – As the main road bends right just after passing the agriturismo restaurant, TURN LEFT to walk on a narrow section of road. 

3.60km - Upon reaching a junction, with a private drive leading to a house on your right and a ‘No Through Road’ on your left, BEAR RIGHT at the wooden bench directly ahead to walk on a mud footpath with the wire fence and private driveway on your right. This path is narrow and slopes away steeply beside you, so be sure to walk carefully. After 30 metres, BEAR LEFT to remain on the mud path as it bends sharply left. This path is less-trafficked and therefore slightly overgrown in places. As the path continues downhill, fallen leaves and loose soil can make it slippery, meaning walking poles will be a big advantage.

4.00km – After passing a derelict stone building, and emerging onto the paved courtyard of a nearby house, BEAR LEFT to walk along the grassy slope.

4.30km – At the bottom of a set of steps CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross the road and descend another set of steps on the far side. There is a signpost to Framura and Bonassola. After 10 metres BEAR LEFT to follow the downhill slope, then after another 10 metres, BEAR RIGHT onto the downhill steps as the path forks again.

4.35km – As you reach a T-junction, TURN LEFT to walk along the paved path. After 50 metres you will reach a T-junction with several taps and concrete basins under a shelter, which were used to wash clothes. TURN RIGHT to walk along the cobbled path. After 30 metres CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON, ignoring uphill steps on your left, and a path with a big blue arrow on your right.

4.50km – TURN RIGHT as you emerge into a courtyard to pass through an archway and into a piazza. There is a tap where you can refill your water bottles and a café when you can buy a snack. Once through the archway immediately BEAR RIGHT as the path forks.

4.60km – At the play-park, BEAR RIGHT as the path forks This is signposted to Levanto and Bonassola. After 100 metres CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON headed downhill, ignoring the gravel path on your right.

4.90km – Just before the path emerges onto the road, TURN RIGHT to head downhill on the steps, following the sign to Stazione and Spiaggia.

5.10km – At the bottom of a long set of stairs, TURN LEFT to walk on the flat, paved path. After 100 metres BEAR RIGHT to continue heading through the centre of Anzo village.

5.30km – The steps on your right, signposted to Stazione and Spiaggia Torsei will descend to Framura Train Station, from where you can return to Bonassola by train, if you wish to shorten today’s walk. If you prefer to walk the full distance, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON.

5.40km – After crossing over a bridge, BEAR RIGHT to walk downhill on the road.

5.60km – As the road bends sharply right, TURN LEFT onto the ‘No Through Road’, following the sign to Bonassola. Continue on this path for 700 metres, ignoring all side roads.

6.30km – As the road comes to an end CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON the rocky path which heads downhill. After 10 metres, BEAR LEFT headed uphill as the path forks. This path is rocky and with unfenced edges; walk carefully.

7.00km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross the bridge. The mud track climbs uphill on the far side.

7.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON as the footpath reaches a paved section. After 100 metres, as you approach the crest of the hill and with a map on your left, BEAR RIGHT to walk on the narrow footpath following the sign to Bonassola. You will walk with the stone wall on your left.

8.30km – After passing a small section of metal handrail, BEAR RIGHT as the path forks. There are still red-and-white stripes painted on the trees to help guide you.

8.50km – TURN LEFT as you reach a T-junction to head uphill on the gravel path signposted to Bonassola. At the crossroads on the crest of the hill, TURN RIGHT then immediately BEAR LEFT to take the gravel road uphill, following the sign to Salto Delle Lepre and Bonassola. At the crossroads ignore the signpost directing you to continue straight on for Bonassola.

8.90km – As the gravel road crests the hill, and with a beautiful view to the sea ahead, TURN LEFT to walk with a vineyard on your left. After 20 metres BEAR RIGHT onto a muddy path as a fence blocks the road ahead.

9.10km – BEAR RIGHT as the path forks, to head downhill following the red-and-white strips of paint. After 100 metres CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON, headed downhill, in a slight clearing. After 20 metres TURN LEFT following the sign to Bonassola and walking with the fence on your right. Turning right leads to a viewpoint after 100 metres.

9.30km – BEAR RIGHT as the path forks, to keep walking with the fence on your right. The left fork heads uphill and past a sign for ‘private property’.

9.80km – After descending a set of steps you will reach a T-junction with two picnic benches nearby, and a nice view overlooking Bonassola; TURN RIGHT, following the signpost.

10.20km – BEAR RIGHT to pass around a gate. After 50 metres BEAR RIGHT again, ignoring the left fork which heads uphill towards the cemetery.

10.30km – TURN LEFT as you reach the road, then after 30 metres TURN RIGHT to descend the steps and follow the sign to Bonassola. As the steps emerge onto a courtyard beside the church, BEAR LEFT to descend further on the nearby steps.

10.50km – BEAR RIGHT to pass under the bridge and into the piazza. Once through the bridge, TURN RIGHT to cross the road at a zebra crossing (black-and-white road markings), and then walk parallel to the section of elevated road on your right, passing into another piazza.

10.80km – Finish in the piazza beside the fountains. Why not pass under the bridge and enjoy a drink on the beach?


44.217294, 9.519467
44°13'02.3"N 9°31'10.1"E
32T 541495 4896138
S'y rendre en train, en voiture ou en vélo


Sturdy hiking boots are required. Walking poles will be a big advantage on some of these ascents and descents. Along with your usual kit for a day walking in the elements make sure you pack an extra layer, plus waterproof/wind-break jacket and trousers in wet weather, plenty of suncream, a sun hat, and midge repellent spray. 

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Make sure you bring enough water. It is recommended to drink 0.75 litres per 1 hour of hiking.

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