Baiona nach Vigo


Betty Lou Morrow

05.09.2021 · Communauté
This is a very difficult to navigate stage. It is long and there are very few clam shells. You really need to have a keen eye on the yellow arrows. But there is some beautiful scenery. I didn’t meet a single traveler until I got to Vigo. A bit unnerving for a Roman traveling alone. Just know it and be prepared.

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Vincent Pigeon
05.09.2021 · Communauté
Been 2 years now, yes, a bit of a challenge from time to time. Worst part was coming in to Vigo, a large city. We gave up trying to figure our way to our hotel, so had a young man with a phone call us a cab, and happy we did, 'cause a 10 min drive to our hotel, so walk would have been at least 1 hour, including through industrial and port parts of the city, on a hot day, not so pleasant.
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