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Rousillon Luberon Loop Ride

Road biking · Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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Map / Rousillon Luberon Loop Ride
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You may well have succumbed to the charms of Roussillon today and plump for a day off the bike. If the legs are in good shape, the Luberon loop pedals from the ochre cliffs of Roussillon, via the market town of Apt to the hilltop town of Bonnieux. Peppered with pavement cafes, Bonnieux is perfectly time lunchstop! Onwards, cycle the rise and fall of Luberon country lanes through Menerbes and Goult before returning with one last climb into Roussillon.

74.5 km
4:49 h
1176 m
1192 m

Leaving Rousillon cycle north west to St. Saturnin les Apt. The northern Luberon Valley boats rich red ochre landscapes and quiet roads. Unlike the previous days of cycling, this ride is punctuated with shorter hills which lead you through a series of villages as you cross from the Northern Luberon to Southern Luberon hill top villages. You will find this region has rich fertile lands and may hopefully enounter a farmers market or two at one of the many villages.

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Take care when aproaching and cycling the towns today. The roads are busier than you may have been used to this week. User
Jo Payne
Updated: August 03, 2018

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Safety information

Before starting your ride it’s always worth inspecting your bike for any damage.

Check for any damage to the frame, components or wheels. Ensure there are no loose cables and that the tyres are inflated and the brakes are working. Always wear a helmet when cycling.

If you are doubtful of the condition of your hire bike please call the office or the local bike hire on the number provided in your information pack.

Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling.

Do remember to ride on the right hand side of the road and whilst drivers in France are respectful of the 'velo', please do be mindful of other road users at all times, obeying local road signs. The road does narrow in parts so please take on bends and when descending, do so with caution.


Besides cycling in the kit you are used too, we'd also suggest taking the essentials of water bottle(s), nutrition, an extra layer, cash/credit cards and mobile together with emergency telephone numbers.

Always wear a helmet and pack a spare tube, puncture repair kit, tyre levers and handpump. You may also like to take a multi-tool.

Tips, hints and links

This ride is available on: SGRCMVP

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km -  Start at the sundial with magnificent early morning views of the town, and a quiet spot to start. TURN RIGHT down the hill towards town. After 50m at the junction TURN RIGHT. Continue with the town on your left. After 150m, at the roundabout, go STRAIGHT ON then BEAR RIGHT for St. Saturnin les Apt

3.30km - At the stop sign go STRAIGHT ON and onto the D227

6.10km - At the stop sign TURN RIGHT onto the D2. After 150m TURN LEFT through fields on a small lane. After 200m continue STRAIGHT ON at the cross-roads and ride on through Les Redons. Continue for 3km until the stop sign.

9.90km - At the stop sign TURN LEFT back onto the D2 into St. Saturnin.

10.50km - At the giveway sign TURN RIGHT and continue through the village for 400m.

10.90km - Approximatey 50m after the pharmacy BEAR RIGHT down the Rue du Lavoir. After 20m at the stop sign TURN RIGHT down Chemin de Leouze. After 50m BEAR LEFT at the shrine before going STRAIGHT ON at the stop sign.

11.70km - At the giveway sign TURN LEFT.

19.60km - At the roundabout 0.7km before Rustrel TURN RIGHT for Apt. Continue for along this rod for the next 7km.

27.10km - At the roundabout go STRAIGHT ON.

28.70km - At the traffic lights TURN LEFT then TURN RIGHT after 20m before the roundabout, signed Buoux. Keep on with carparks to both sides. After 70m BEAR RIGHT for Buoux. Follow the road for another 80m round a right hand bend, then TURN LEFT for Buoux. D113

29.90km - At the top of the hill TURN LEFT on Chemin de St. Massian.

30.90km - At the giveway sign, after a short steep climb, TURN LEFT.

36.60km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through Buoux.

39.8 At the stop sign TURN RIGHT towards Apt onto the D943

41.20km - TURN LEFT for Bonnieux. D232

44.80km - At the stop sign TURN RIGHT for Bonnieux 1.5km.

45.90km - At the 30kmph sign, as you arrive into Bonnieux. BEAR LEFT down passed an old church on your left. Keep the town to your right and follow the road down and to the right on to the one-way system.

46.80km - At the Place Carnot TURN LEFT down Rue Pasteur. After 10m TURN LEFT past parked cars in Place Gambetta. After 20m TURN RIGHT down hill towards the church. At the Church turn back towards the roundabout and go STRAIGHT ON across the roundabout heading for Goult (D194)

47.20km - After 300m TURN LEFT as you leave the 30kmph zone, just after a pottery.

48.90km - TURN RIGHT at the stop sign.

51.70km - TURN LEFT ffollowing the signs for Menerbes. After 500m TURN RIGHT for Menerbes 7km. D10

57.80km - Go STRAIGHT ON for Menerbes centre. After a good look around and a coffee on the tarrace follow the one-way system out.

59.00km - At the stop sign TURN RIGHT out of the village. After 800m, at the stop sign, TURN RIGHT.

60.40km - After 600m TURN LEFT for Lumieres (D218)

65.30km - At the stop sign TURN LEFT, onto the D106 for Lumieres & Goult. After 300m, at the roundabout go STRAIGHT ON into Lumiers. After 300m TURN RIGHT for Goult (D60). After 150m TURN RIGHT for Goult (D105).

67.80km - At the roundabout go STRAIGHT ON for Roussillon. After 200m TURN LEFT for Roussillon. After 200m TURN RIGHT, Roussillon ( D105).

68.70km - At the roundabout TURN RIGHT for Roussillon.

74.00km - TURN LEFT at the junction in Roussillon.

74.50km - Today's route ends at the war memorial on your right, just before the supermarket.

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74.5 km
4:49 h
1176 m
1192 m
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