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Walk to Pont d’Espagne. Belvedere Cable Car. Walk to Lac Gaube Part One

Hiking trail · Midi-Pyrénées
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  • Cascade du Ceriset
    / Cascade du Ceriset
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  • / La Raillere Hotel
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  • / Cascade du Lutour
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  • / Pont d'espagne
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An uphill walk, mainly alongside a gushing white water river noisily cascading over bolders and rocks, with a number of waterfalls. You then arrive at Pont d’Espagne; from where you can take a chairlift to walk on to Lac de Gaube.

7.6 km
3:00 h
670 m
90 m

From Cauterets, today’s walk largely follows the Grande Randonnee (GR) 10 walking route, marked by white and red parallel stripes. A gradual ascent takes you on a well maintained gravel path out of Cauterets to La Raillere. After passing a grand old hotel, now derelict, you arrive at shops and cafes around Cascade du Lutour. The path then ascends alongside a gushing white water river to your left, with many spectacular waterfalls to be seen along the way as you climb up to the stone arched bridge of ‘Pont d’Espagne’.  From here it is a short walk to the 'Telesiege de Gaube' chairift station. After completing the walk, you can take a 12 minute ride on the chairlift that will wisk you up to Belvedere, the beginning of the next section of today's walk.

Author’s recommendation

Spare a moment to see the derelict grand old hotel at Raillere and tram terminus shelter (remnants of 19th century winter sporting holidays). From here the uphill riverside walk up to Pont d’Espagne is spectular, as you pass alongside many waterfalls. The arch bridge Pont d’Espagne is an impressive sight. After completing the walk Pont d'Espagne, the chairlift can be enjoyed to transport you to the next part of today's  walk.

Highest point
1516 m
Lowest point
923 m

Safety information

Look out for the parallel white and red markings. The position of the path can be unclear around the rocks near to the river (the crossed white and red stripes are warnings that the path is NOT in that direction). 


A waterproof coat (to deal with summer showers), walking poles/stick and stout footwear are advisable.

Tips, hints and links

Cauterets has plenty of shops for food, drink, medicines and hiking equipment. There are also a number of shops and places for eating and drinking around Cascade du Lutour. Also there is a café at Pont d’Espagne.


Tickets for the chairlift can be purchased at the chairlift station (15 Euros - July 2017). A small reduction is offered for purchasing tickets for both this and the Cirque du Lys cable car and chairlift trips, see:


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Cauterets Tourist Office (928 m)
42.888149, -0.114146
30T 735655 4752434


Telesiege de Gaube chairlift station

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km - With your back to the front entrance of the Cauterets Tourist Office, TURN RIGHT and walk to the point where the road turns sharp left, just past the carousel.

0.24km - Go STRAIGHT ON to ascend steps in front of you, with a large chalet to your right, following signpost ‘Pont d’Espagne 2hrs 15 mins’. Continue on path, zig zagging uphill to reach staggered crossroad.

0.30km - BEAR LEFT and continue on path, following signpost ‘Pont d’Espagne 2hrs 10 mins’. Carry on to reach path T junction.

0.60km - TURN LEFT, following signpost ‘Pont d’Espagne 2hrs’. Carry on to reach a road.

1.00km - Go STRAIGHT ON, crossing a road, and continue on path to reach path crossroads.

1.10km - Go STRAIGHT ON along gravel path. Pass over a large concrete water course and continue to reach the grand hotel, now derelict, of ‘La Raillere’.

2.10km Go STRAIGHT ON, passing around La Railler hotel to your right. Then walk over a zebra crossing over a road and follow path, past a large shelter (once a tram terminus for the hotel) on your left, and then walk over another zebra crossing over the road again. Now follow the path over a bridge to reach a road ahead of you. Then walk along the road, with shops and cafes to your right to then reach a bridge, with ‘Cascade du Lutour’ waterfall to your right. 

2.50km TURN RIGHT, just before the bridge and follow path alongside a gushing river to your left. Carry on, following white and red GR stripe markings, to reach ‘Cascade du Ceriset 1232m’

4.30km Go STRAIGHT ON upwards, passing several waterfalls and bridges (bridges often closed for safety). In places, where the gradient is steep, the path turns a little away from the river for a while. Eventually you will pass a point where the river merges with another, after which you will pass under the ‘Telecabine du Puntas’ cable car. After this you will come to a stone paved path with railings.

7.30km TURN RIGHT onto path and zig zag your way up to the famous Pont d’Espagne, to your left.

7.35km Go STRAIGHT ON, passing Pont d’Espagne on your left and café on your right. Carry on over wooden bridge in front of you, following signpost ‘Telesiege du lac de Gaube 300m’. Continue on along a distinct path to reach the chairlift station.

7.60km ARRIVE at chairlift station, where you can buy your ticket for the chairlift. This will take you to the start of the next walk.


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7.6 km
3:00 h
670 m
90 m


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