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Villages de Pays Toy

Hiking trail · Midi-Pyrénées
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  • Chateau Saint Marie
    / Chateau Saint Marie
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  • / View of Viella and valley
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  • / Church at Betpouey
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  • / New bridge near Betpouey
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  • / Viella
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A walk around the beautiful valley of the ‘Gave de Bastan’ and the villages of Pays Toy.

12 km
5:30 h
680 m
700 m

After ascending out of Luz St Sauveur on the Grande Randonne (GR) 10 hiking route into forests, you then descend to the pretty village of Viella. From here a gradual ascent takes you to wide open views of the valley. You then pass through the village of Betpouey, before crossing the river. The trail then passes through the sleepy mountainside village of Viey, after which you cross the river a couple more times before coming to the ruins of Chateau Sainte Marie, overlooking the town of Luz St Sauveur. Finally, a zig zag path takes you back to the town.

Author’s recommendation

This walk around the valley of the Gave de Bastan is very scenic, in places looking down on mountainside villages, pastureland and clouds drifting around mountain peaks. All the villages you pass through are beautifully cared for. Take a moment to look into the church at Betpouey, dedicated to St Sabastine, with its unusual gallery.

Highest point
1130 m
Lowest point
700 m
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Safety information

There are a few roads with moderate traffic flow where you need to take care in crossing and walking alongside. All of the water fonts in the villages provide clean fresh water, perfectly safe to drink.


Sturdy footwear, walking poles and a waterproof to deal with summer showers are all advisable.

Tips, hints and links

 In July 2017, notices were posted along the GR 10 route warning of the route being closed for maintenance further on. However, this did not affect the parts of the GR 10 of this walk.

A new bridge over the Gave, near Betpouey, used on this walk  is not featured on the map but is there.

There are a number of village taps en route where you can fill up your water bottle. However, these villages are very sleepy, without bars restaurants or shops. Therefore, you may wish to take something with you to eat and drink. Luz St Sauveur has a small supermarket and a number of backeries selling sandwhiches.   

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Luz St Sauveur Tourist Office (721 m)
42.873229, -0.002640
30T 744820 4751096


Luz St Sauveur Tourist Office

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km - Standing outside the front door of the Luz St Sauveur Tourist Office, retrace your steps from your Viscos to Luz St Sauveur walk (in reverse), again following the white and red GR makers through town to the bridge. To do this you first need to go STRAIGHT ON to the crossroads and then TURN LEFT and continue to the first turning on your right.

0.08km - TURN RIGHT down little road. Continue up to the church and then make your way around it, passing Hotel Les Templier to your left. Follow white and red GR markers along Rue D’Era Pacheso and Rue Sainte Barbe. Carry on to then reach bridge over river.

0.55km - TURN LEFT, after crossing bridge, following signpost ‘Villenave GR10F’. Ascend track, alongside a river to your left. Then continue uphill on a path to reach a gravel road with a house to your right.

1.00km - BEAR LEFT and continue on a road to reach bridge.

1.10km - TURN LEFT to cross bridge and then TURN RIGHT to continue uphill a little way, with the river now to your right, to a point where the GR path turns left.

1.15km - TURN LEFT and ascend path through forest to reach T junction, with stone barn to your right.

1.50km - TURN RIGHT and continue on path uphill following white and red GR markers, passing on the left side of the barn. Now carry on uphill to reach path T junction.

1.90km - TURN SHARP LEFT, following signpost ‘Viella’ leaving the GR route. Now look out for yellow stripe markers. The path then passes out of the forest and continues around the edge of a field to its very far corner.

2.70km - TURN LEFT and head downhill, following signpost ‘Viella’. Continue to reach three way road crossing.

2.90km - BEAR RIGHT, slightly, to descend road, passing recycling bins and garages to your right. Carry on to another three way crossing.

3.15km - TURN RIGHT, passing a no through road sign, and continue onto a track signposted: ‘Betpouey’. Continue onto path and ascend past some barns to reach road.

3.60km - Go STRAIGHT ON over road and continue on path to reach a road.

3.70km - TURN LEFT and continue uphill on gravel road. Now continue winding gradually uphill to reach a fork in the road (with a great view of the valley to your left).

4.70km - BEAR RIGHT and continue gradual ascent (with panoramic views to your left). Continue to a point where the road begins to plateau.  Look out for a stone building to your right. A short distance after, you will find a little path to your left signposted ‘Betpouey’.

5.60km - BEAR LEFT off of road to descend path, passing a house and pretty garden to your right. Carry on downhill to reach cobble steps, which in turn lead to a road on a bend.

6.10km - BEAR LEFT, a little, to descend on road to soon come to a fork in the road with a water tap.

6.20km - BEAR RIGHT and continue into the village of Betpouey, passing the church to your right and town hall (Mairie) to your left. Follow the main street bending round to the right, which then leads out of the village. Carry on downhill to T junction with the D918 road in front of you.

6.80k - Go STRAIGHT ON over road (be careful, traffic can be a bit fast here) and then cross bridge. Now continue on gravel track to a fork, with a barn in front of you.

7.00km - BEAR RIGHT and continue to stable.

7.30km - TURN RIGHT just before reaching the stable and follow the small yellow signs with black arrows taking you around the back of the stable, through a field to a path on the edge of a forest. Ascend path to a house to your left, past which you will find a turning on your right signposted ‘Sers’.

7.80km - Go STRAIGHT ON to then leave the forest and then walk along track to reach a road on the edge of the village of Viey.

8.20km - TURN RIGHT onto road, passing village washing area on right. Continue along cobbled street down steps, passing church and town hall (mairie) on your right (following white and red GR markers). Then come to an asphalt road at bottom of the village.

8.30km - Go STRAIGHT ON over road to descend path zig zagging down to another road, with a recycling plant to your left and a timber yard to right.

8.70km - Go STRAIGHT ON along road between the recycling plant to your left and the timber yard to your right. Then follow the road as it bends right and then left to then cross the river and then come to a T junction.

8.95km - TURN RIGHT and continue along main road to a bus stop, with a turning to your left.

9.10km - TURN LEFT, after crossing main road, onto minor road turning (D148) and continue uphill towards the village of Viella. Carry on to reach the little church.

9.60km - TURN RIGHT just past the church. Then follow white and red GR markers off of road onto path that leads through a field and then through woodland to then descend to a road.

10.20km – TURN LEFT and walk along pavement beside road to reach a zebra crossing. Then cross over the road (via the zabra crossing) and continue on path alongside river to reach a bridge.

10.50km - TURN RIGHT to cross bridge and then, a few steps further, TURN RIGHT again at the first turning past the bridge, following faded wooden signpost ‘Chateau’. Now continue on road uphill to reach gravel track to your left.

10.70km - TURN LEFT onto track, following signpost ‘Chateau Sainte Marie’. Continue onto path over wooden bridge to reach the chateau.

11.30km - BEAR RIGHT of the chateau and descend a winding path through bushes and trees to reach a road, with ‘Le Montaigu Hotel’ in front of you.

11.60km - TURN LEFT and continue to T junction, with old train station in front of you.    

11.75km - TURN LEFT and carry on to another T junction.

11.80km - TURN LEFT and continue to town centre crossroads.

11.90km - TURN LEFT at crossroads and continue to Tourist Office

12.00km - ARRIVE back at Luz St Sauveur Tourist Office.


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12 km
680 m
700 m


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