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Transfer to Viscos. Walk to Luz Saint Sauveur via Pont Napoleon.

Hiking trail · Midi-Pyrénées
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After walking through mountainside forests and villages, you cross a gorge, by way of Pont Napoleon, before then winding your way around another mountainside to the arrive at Luz St Sauveur.

12.9 km
4:30 h
390 m
500 m

Starting at the village church of Viscos, today’s walk takes you through forests to the village of Sazos, with its little church, town hall and gite/restaurant/buvette. Journeying on along the mountainside, you will gain sight of Luz St Sauveur and the Pays Toys valley (with Pic Midi in the far distance). A gradual descent, largely along a winding road, then takes you to Pont Napoleon. After crossing the bridge across the gorge, you make a steep but short ascent to then continue winding around another mountainside (at a low level) before reaching the pretty village of Luz St Saveur.

Author’s recommendation

Though today’s walk involves some ascent and descent, most of the route is along (rather than up and down) mountainsides, affording great views of the valleys below. Both Viscos and Sazos are picturesque villages, perched on the mountainside. A long gradual descent takes you down to Pont Napoleon; a marvelous achievement of 19th century engineering. After crossing the bridge over the deep gorge, the trail takes you up a steep but short ascent before you wind your way around the mountainside to the reach Luz St Saviour. The fortified church of St Andre and its museum, in the centre of town are well worth a visit. In particular, look out for the domed ceiling above the altar.

Highest point
1035 m
Lowest point
711 m
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Safety information

Though none of the mountainside paths of today's walk are precipitous, care is needed as they are narrow in places. Most of the road walking of today's route is along very quiet roads. However, Pont Napoleon can be a little busy.


A waterproof to deal with summer showers and stout footwear are recommended.

Tips, hints and links

The Gite at Sazos also claims to be a restautrant and buvette (boozer), (see:

Could be a good place to eat and drink.

Other than the Gite at Sazos, there are no other food and drink outlets en route until you get to Luz St Sauveur. The snack bar at Pont Napoleon was closed (mid July 2017).

Look out for the grand hotel, now closed and up for sale at a bargain price (July 2017), just before reaching Pont Napoleon.

Before starting the walk, you may wish to look in the beautiful little church at Viscos.


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Viscos village church (853 m)
42.910894, -0.043453
30T 741339 4755161


Luz St Sauveur town centre crossroad, by tourist office

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km -  With your back to the front door of the church of Viscos, TURN LEFT and walk along cobbled street, passing ‘Hotel La Grange Aux Marmottes’ to your right. Continue a few more steps to reach fork in the road.

0.12km - BEAR RIGHT and continue, following signpost ‘Sazos’, off of road onto path. Carry on to fork in path.

0.20km - BEAR LEFT, following yellow stripe marker, along narrow path to then reach a road.

0.55km - TURN RIGHT onto road and continue uphill along road to reach footpath on your left.

0.75km - BEAR LEFT onto footpath, following signpost ‘Sazos’. Continue along narrow path, through forest along mountainside, zig zagging up and downhill occasionally. Look out for white and yellow parallel stripe markings (remember – the crossed stripes indicates that the path is not in that direction). Carry on to reach a slate building, where you will get a clear view of the valley.

2.20km - Go STRAIGHT ON, passing another small building to then reach a house to your right and then a playground to your left.

3.40km - Now go STRAIGHT ON along a gravel track towards the villages of Sassis and Sazos in front of you. Walk through the village/s following the yellow pilgrim shell signs as follows.

3.80km - TURN RIGHT at the T junction on the edge of the village, passing the village/s washing area to your right. Pass gite and then the church on your left.

4.05km - Now TURN RIGHT, just past the Town Hall (Mairie) on your right, following pilgrim shell signpost ‘Agnouede’. Continue uphill over road and onto path to then reach road, with small car park to your left.

4.20km - Go STRAIGHT ON over road and continue uphill on concrete path following white and red Grande Randonne (GR) markers. Carry on, passing hostel and, goat pen on your left to then cross a bridge.

4.60km - BEAR LEFT after crossing bridge, following signpost ‘Agnouede’. Continue on path, flanked by low stone walls. Then carry on into forest along mountainside path. After passing a few turnings to the left and right, you will arrive at a stone cross, surrounded by a few buildings.

7.00km - Go STRAIGHT ON along road in front of you, following signpost ‘St Sauveur’ and white and red GR markings. After passing some bee hives to your right, the road winds downhill. Now look out for a path to your left.

8.00km - TURN LEFT off of road, following little stone signpost ‘Luz’. Continue a little way to then rejoin the road winding downhill and then again TURN LEFT off of the road following the white and red marked GR route onto a track. Shortly after, TURN RIGHT off of track onto path. Carry on alongside stream, to your left, downhill through woodland to then reach road.

8.10km - Go STRAIGHT ON over road and continue on path to then meet hairpin bend of road ahead of you.

8.15km - BEAR RIGHT and carry on along road downhill, passing a few more beehives, to your right. Continue to a turning on your left (where the GR route turns left).

8.80km - Go STRAIGHT ON, now leaving the GR route. Continue along winding road all the way down to a T junction, with ‘Chalet Chaudordy’ in front of you.

10.20km - TURN RIGHT and continue, past closed grand hotel (at bargain price) to your left, to then reach Pont Napoleon. Cross bridge to reach road T junction.

10.60km - TURN LEFT onto road and then, a few steps further, BEAR RIGHT off of road onto path uphill into forest. Now look out for path turning to your right.

10.80km - TURN RIGHT, following indistinct white and red GR marker. Continue zig zagging uphill to reach path T junction.

10.90km - TURN LEFT onto poorly maintained, though quite passable, path along the side of a hill to reach T junction.

11.60km - TURN RIGHT onto wider (well maintained) path, with drain and wall to your right. Carry on along this wide path to reach turning to your right.

11.90km – TURN RIGHT and follow the narrowing grassy path up and down hill, with Chapelle de Solferino away to your left, to rejoin the wide path you were on before.

12.00km – TURN RIGHT back onto path and descend, passing a cemetery to your left, to reach a bridge at the edge of Luz St Sauveur.

12.40km - Go STRAIGHT ON over bridge into Luz St Sauveur looking out for the white and red GR markers (which will take you to the centre of the town). Carry on to reach the church in front of you.

12.60km - TURN RIGHT at the church and make your way around the church, passing the World War I war memorial, still following the white and red GR markers, to arrive at a T junction.

12.75km - TURN RIGHT and continue to fork in road.

12.80km - BEAR RIGHT and continue along Rue du Cotillon to then reach T junction.

12.85km - TURN LEFT and walk a few steps to reach crossroads.

12.90km - ARRIVE at town centre crossroad, with Tourist Office to your right.    


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12.9 km
4:30 h
390 m
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