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Paul Godin Burneside to Bowness

Hiking trail · South Lakeland
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  • End of the Dales Way
    / End of the Dales Way
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A short walk along paths and tracks, through pastures and over some moorland, to reach the end of the Dales Way.
15.7 km
4:34 h
268 m
216 m
Leaving Burneside you will walk alongside the River Kent to reach Bowston. After crossing the river you will continue along the riverside to the outskirts of Staveley. From here you make your way up and downhill over pastures and then moorland. Finally you will walk along a very distinct path, through partial woodland to then arrive at a stone bench, marking the end of the Dales Way.

Author’s recommendation

Don't miss your finishing point. Look out for the stone bench marking the end of the Dales Way; an exact copy of the one at Ilkley.

Highest point
221 m
Lowest point
60 m
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Safety information

Though you have few roads to navigate, take care when crossing them.

There are a few fields where you will find cattle. Excerise caution when passing them. 


Sturdy boots and a rain jacket are recommended for today's walk.

Tips, hints and links

Unlike yesterday, today's walk is far more clearly signposted and easy to navigate. 

Be sure to reward yourself at the end of the walk by exploring the attractions of Bowness.


Hall Road Burneside (63 m)
54.356256, -2.758116
30U 515719 6023187


Stone bench on the outskirts of Bowness.

Turn-by-turn directions

0km – Standing at the signpost on the footpath alongside Hall Road on the brow of the hill, go STRAIGHT ON in the direction of ‘Dales Way, Bowston’. Walk around the paper factory (hidden behind the trees), to your left, at the side of a field, to your right. Carry on to reach a kissing gate.

0.4km – Go STRAIGHT ON along path with river to your left and field to your right. Continue over stream and through a gate onwards to reach Bowden Bridge.

1.4km – TURN LEFT to cross Bowden Bridge and continue on road (passing Handsome Brewery to your left) to reach a T junction. Then TURN RIGHT and continue along road to find a boatyard on your left, with Kent Close on your right. A little further on you will find a footpath on the right.

1.5km – TURN RIGHT onto footpath, following signpost for Dales Way and Staveley, and continue off of path, with river to your right, to reach road.

2.0km – TURN RIGHT onto road and continue to the gates of Cowan Head.

2.3km -  BEAR LEFT following road, passing white cottages left and right and then along path, with river to your right, to then reach a bridge over the river.

2.9km – Go STRAIGHT ON following Dales Way yellow arrow. Continue on footpath to reach a metal gate.

4.2km – BEAR LEFT, once through the gate and continue on grassy track meandering away from the river and then, at the end of the field, brings you back close to the riverside.

4.4km – Exit field by going STRAIGHT ON along a track flanked by dry stone walls.  Then pass through a kissing gate to reach a track in front of you.

4.6km – BEAR LEFT, once over the track, and then on along a footpath signposted to Staveley. Carry on around with edge of a field, keeping a dry stone wall, to your right to reach a gate.

4.7km - TURN RIGHT onto path with dry stone walls on either side. Carry on to reach a road.

4.8km - TURN RIGHT and walk down road towards Staveley. Look out for a little footpath signpost on your right, pointing left (easy to miss).

5.3km - TURN LEFT, following signpost, of off the main road onto a minor road and then, a few steps further, find a track to your left. TURN LEFT onto track and continue under railway to reach a T junction.

5.4km - TURN RIGHT, following Dales Way signpost, and continue on track, becoming a path, all the way up along the sides of two fields to reach some houses to your right.

5.5km – TURN RIGHT to cross stile and carry on along track to meet road.

5.7km – TURN LEFT onto road and cross road bridge over major road. Then carry on to the first road turning on your right.

6.0km – TURN RIGHT and then immediately TURN LEFT and continue on minor road following signpost to ‘Bowness 5 ½ miles’. Carry on uphill to find the road becoming a track. You will then head downhill to reach a track crossroads.

6.7km – TURN RIGHT and continue along track, following Dales Way signpost, up and the downhill to reach a T junction.

8.3km – TURN RIGHT following signpost ‘Bowness 4 miles’. Again, climb uphill to find a track to your left.

8.9km - BEAR LEFT onto bridleway track, signposted ‘Dales Way’. Carry on to reach a gate in front of you with another to your right.

9.3km - TURN RIGHT to pass through the gate to your right and continue on indistinct path first alongside dry stone wall, to your left. The path then swings right and then passes through a gap in another dry stone wall. Carry on to reach a path/track crossroad.

9.8km - Go STRAIGHT ON now along a track all the way uphill to reach some farm buildings on your left.

10.3km – Go STRAIGHT ON along path, leaving the track as it swings left. Carry on, passing craggy hilltop to your left. Continue on path with dry stone wall to your right. Then pass through gate and carry on, now downhill, along gassy path to house and asphalt track.

10.7km – TURN RIGHT and continue on asphalt track to track turning on left.

10.9km – TURN LEFT into Hagg End Farm and continue on track to reach farm houses.

11.0km – BEAR RIGHT to pass around the side of the farmhouse and continue uphill on distinct path onto moorland. Carry on to reach a fork in the path

11.6km – FORK RIGHT following the yellow arrow on a marker post. A few more strategically placed marker posts now guide you over the moorland up and down to a gap in a dry stone wall.

11.9km – TURN LEFT once through the gap and then pass through a kissing gate. Now continue along a distinct path to reach a track.

12.3km – TURN SHARP LEFT onto track following signpost: ‘Dales Way, Clearbarrow ½ mile’. Carry on to reach road ahead.

13.4km – TURN RIGHT onto footpath running alongside road, following signpost: ‘Bowness via Dalesway 1 mile’. Carry on to end on footpath.

13,6km – TURN RIGHT onto minor road. Carry on up and downhill to reach a footpath on your left.

13.8km - TURN LEFT of off road onto footpath uphill, following marker posts through patchy woodland to a reach road.

14.4km – Go STRAIGHT ON over road and continue on path. Then cross another road and carry on, passing a lake to your right. Continue to reach a track.

14.8km – TURN RIGHT onto track and then a few steps further on TURN LEFT back onto footpath. Carry on along a distinct path, crossing another couple of tracks before heading downhill. Now look out for a stone bench on your right marking the end of the Dales Way.

15.7km – ARRIVE at bench marking the end of the 80/82 miles of the Dales Way – Well Done!!     


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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Henry Steadman (2016) Dales Way

Author’s map recommendations

Harvey, Dales Way, XT40

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15.7 km
268 m
216 m


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