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Los Marines or Aracena to Cortelazor

Hiking trail · Aracena
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  • Plaza de Andalucia, Cortelazor.
    / Plaza de Andalucia, Cortelazor.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring) in Aracena.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Paseo de la Sierra in Los Marines.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Following forest trails through Eucalyptus.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Nuestra Señora de la Espeanza Church in Corterrangel.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Approaching Cortelazor.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
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A day of forestry trails and wonderful views over the mountains of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park.

19.3 km
4:45 h
478 m
522 m

Head towards Cortelazor on paths running through quiet forests, taking your time to stop and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful wooded valleys. From the hamlet of Corterrangel cobbled trails (lined with wildflowers during the spring) will bring you to Cortelazor.

Arriving in this sleepy and little explored village gives you a taste of authentic rural life, as you perhaps enjoy some tapas at one of the quaint little bars lining the square.

NOTE: This walk either starts in Los Marines or Aracena, depending on where you are staying the night before. If you were staying in Finca Buenvino you will walk from there to the centre of Los Marines to start the walk. The total distance of the walk from Los Marines is 15km and from Aracena it is 19.3km


Author’s recommendation

Dipping your legs in the river under the bridge, just before your final climb up to Cortelazor, is very refreshing on a hot day.

Highest point
780 m
Lowest point
452 m

Safety information

There are some short road sections at the beginning of this walk, take good care at crossings and remember to walk on left to face on coming traffic when there's no pavement.

The route is quite isolated in places and even though you're walking through woodland there isn't much in the way of shade so it can be extremely hot. It's advisable to set out early to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Take plenty of water, suncream and watch your step on the rocky sections.


A pair of sturdy walking trainers will be enough for this route if you dont want to wear full hiking boots. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack a sunscreen and insect repellant. A waterproof is always a good idea to keep handy, although you'd be unlucky to get wet in this region.

Tips, hints and links

Food & Drink

Aracena has a good selection of food stores and delis for you to stock up on supplies before your walk. Once in Cortelazor there are three restaurants and a small food store. Remember, as with all the small villages in this area, if you arrive during siesta time nowhere will be open.


Points of interest 

Museo del Jamón

Famed and farmed in this region, the Iberian pig will be a common theme on your trip. Wether you're passing by a group of them foraging on farmland or enjoying a tapas of iberico jamon. A visit to the museum with give you an informative insight into what's involved in the daily life of the pig and the farmers that rear them. Consisting of seven rooms explaining the cycle from start to finish. It begins with the process of aging the Iberican pig, its life out at pasture, feeding, traditional and industrial slaughter, as well as curing. All this information is provided by audio-visuals as well as an informative guide to explain any queries that visitors may have.

Tours last 30 minutes and cost €3.50 per person.

Opening times: Monday-Sunday, 10:45-14:30hrs and 15:45-19:00hrs. Guided Tours take place at 11:30, 12:30, 13:30 and 16:00, 17:00, 18:00.


Paseo de la Sierra

An exhibition of ceramic murals lines the main street, Calle Isaac Peral, of Los Marines. Actiing as a border for the lovely botanical garens, each of the colourful murals represents a village or town in the Sierra. Take a look for a sneak preview of some of the beautiful places you'll be staying during this tour. 


Aracena or Los Marines (668 m)
37.893894, -6.561493
29S 714418 4196845



Turn-by-turn directions

Getting to Los Marines from Finca Buenvino 

-Head from down the drive from the main house, keeping left, down the steep hill.

-By the recycling bins turn left and follow the track down the valley with the stream on your right. Keep heading down, passing the pump house which looks like a shrine, and on past a shed and white cottage to your right. 

-400 metres further on you will bear right over a small bridge and out among open fields. At the T junction, head right, and then up to your left through the first gate and over the cattle grid. 

-Now turn right and walk behind a white cottage. The track leads you up a gulley  with some loose stones, and then at the top there is a bench, with a view of the house. 

-Keep on along the back of the hill heading east, you will now be on a wider drivable trail. When this splits in two by a dry stone wall on your right, follow the right hand cemented track up a steep  hill and into the village of Los Marines. Keep a look out for the red and white way markers and you should have no difficulty in finding your way. 

-Skip to instructions at 6.00km below.

0.00 km – If you are starting your walk in Aracena begin at Plaza Marques de Aracena. With your back to the square walk STRAIGHT ON down Avenue de la Gran Via in the direction of the Museo del Jamón. 

0.11 km – TURN RIGHT to head up the one-way street opposite ‘Gallerias Barru’.

0.19 km – At the top of the street BEAR LEFT.

0.40 km – Now passing the Plaza des Toros (Bull Ring) on your left.

0.45 km – TURN LEFT next to the small, dried up, brick fountain.

0.58 km – At the end of the street continue STRAIGHT ON over the main road.

0.80 km – Just before the roundabout take the green bridge on your RIGHT, crossing the road towards the supermarkets.

0.93 km – BEAR LEFT at the end of the bridge then take the first exit TURNING RIGHT on the roundabout and passing by ‘Bar La Reja’.

1.00 km – Now heading STRAIGHT ON through an industrial zone.

1.20 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON along the concrete lane as you leave the industrial zone, soon passing a map for ‘Aracena – Fuenteheridos’. Follow this lane for some way as you pass through Chestnut plantations and Olive groves.

3.00 km – At the split continue STRAIGHT ON along a slightly narrower dirt track.

3.40 km – The vehicle track now ends as you BEAR RIGHT and the track becomes a rough/rocky path.

3.80 km – BEAR RIGHT as you join another dirt vehicle track.

4.70 km – TURN LEFT at the junction next to a small white house.

5.60 km – At the junction with the main road, TURN RIGHT. There is a marked footpath directly alongside the road here but take good care here as the traffic can very fast.

5.80 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction following the sign for ‘Los Marines’ and ‘Cortelazor’.

6.00 km – BEAR LEFT at the junction, away from the sign for ‘Cortelazor’, as you now enter Los Marines. Then walk alongside ‘Paseo de la Sierra’, an exhibition of ceramic murals representing each of the towns in the Sierra.


6.20 km – TURN RIGHT at the signpost for ‘Cementerio’.

6.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON uphill past a small play park, eventually bearing RIGHT.

6.50 km – At the junction TURN RIGHT.

6.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the road becomes a rough cobbled track.

6.80 km – At the split in the track continue STRAIGHT ON.

7.10 km – At the end of the track TURN RIGHT to join the main road.

7.40 km – At the junction TURN LEFT to leave the main road and join a smaller lane through the trees.

7.80 km – TURN LEFT at the junction.

8.20 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction with a small white house on the left then BEAR LEFT as the track splits.

8.80 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to take the narrow gravel vehicle track.

10.30 km – As the track splits in multiple directions TURN RIGHT to start heading down hill.

10.90 km – BEAR LEFT as the track splits again.

12.50 km – BEAR LEFT at the “crossroads”.

14.00 km – BEAR RIGHT to continue on the track as you now gain views of the small village of Corterrangel.

14.80 km – BEAR RIGHT at the split then STRAIGHT ON as three tracks merge together.

15.10 km – At the end of the dirt track go through the gate then TURN LEFT to join the tarmac road.

15.80 km – Now entering Corterrangel, passing Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Church on your left.

16.00 km – BEAR RIGHT across the main square in the centre of the village to follow the sign for ‘Salida la Cortelazor’.

16.10 km – Go through the green gate to join the dirt track heading up the hillside.

17.00 km – BEAR RIGHT around the white derelict building, then continue on the track as it heads slightly downhill towards trees.

17.20 km – TURN LEFT to leave the track and head towards a stone arch with tiled roof. There are now views of Cortelazor directly ahead.

17.30 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past the stone arch, following a narrow rocky trail downhill through scrubland.

17.80 km – Go STRAIGHT ON through the gate and across the small stone bridge. Just before this gate there is a short, loose trail to your right taking you down to the river below the bridge. This is a great place to cool off before the final climb.

18.50 km – Continue following this obvious rocky trail the whole way to the village.

19.20 km – Now entering Cortelazor.

19.40 km – Finish your walk here at Plaza de Andalucia.


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19.3 km
478 m
522 m


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