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Loop Walk to Corteconcepción

Hiking trail
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  • The road to Corteconcepción.
    / The road to Corteconcepción.
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  • / Olive groves.
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  • / Iberian Pigs.
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  • / Corteconcepción church.
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  • / Views from Corteconcepción.
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  • / Shady trails.
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  • / Cork tree plantation.
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  • / San Roque Chapel in Aracena
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An easy going loop walk to Cortecepción passing remote fincas, olive groves, cork tree plantations and the famed Iberico Pig farms.

9.5 km
2:30 h
182 m
132 m

A short transfer is included to Aracena this morning (10min) where you may like to visit the Grutas de las Maravillas with its wonderful stalactites and underground lakes, before starting an easy walk to the nearby village of Corteconcepcion.

Leaving Aracena, follow cobbled paths and mule tracks above an idyllic valley lined with cork trees, passing by several farms to the tiny village of Corteconcepcion. Have a look at the 16th century Our Lady of Concepcion Church and a great example of traditional Spanish rural life, the plaza de toros (bullring). A fairly steep climb will bring you out of the village where you walk through farmland filled with grazing Iberian black pigs, cattle and the occasional donkey!

Arriving back in Aracena, take your time to soak up the atmosphere of this authentic little town before taking a taxi back to Finca Buenvino (payable and bookable locally, approx 10 Euros).

Author’s recommendation

Keep an eye out for fallen Figs if you're here later in the season, a tasty trail treat.

Highest point
710 m
Lowest point
524 m

Safety information

Although they are by no means busy, when you're on the gravel roads or vehicle tracks be sure to walk on the left so you're facing any traffic coming towards you. Also be aware that mountain bikers use the same trails here so if you see any coming do your best to give way to them.


A pair of sturdy walking trainers will be enough for this route if you dont want to wear full hiking boots. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack a sunscreen and insect repellant. A waterproof is always a good idea to keep handy, although you'd be unlucky to get wet in this region.

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Food & Drink

There are few supermarkets and big selection of tapas bars/delis in Aracena, there are also a couple of tapas bars once you reach Corteconsepciòn so you have plenty of choice for your walk today. 

Points of interest

La Gruta de la Maravillas (The Cave of Wonders)

This natural underground monument is situated in the old centre of Aracena, under the hill crowned by the medieval castle and Priory Church of la Señora del Mayor Dolor, and has been open since 1914.

The guided tour of Las Maravillas Cave follows a circular route of around 1km, and takes around 45 minutes. The scenery of these caves has formed over many thousands of years through a process known as “karstification” - the slow erosion of limestone, gradually dissolved by carbonic acid, producing fissures, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns.

Because of its spectacular scenery, Las Maravillas Cave has been used as a location for many movies, both Spanish and foreign, most famously ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ (1959), the Hollywood blockbuster directed by Henry Levin.

Entry fee : €8.50

Opening times: 10:00 to 13:30 hrs then 15:00 to 18:00 hrs, daily.

The entrance is limited to 1,000 visitors day for conservation reasons. The visit is undertaken in guided groups (only in Spanish), visitors simply join the next departing group at the ticket office. The walk is about one km and takes 45 mins.  There are audioguides available in different languages.


Cork Tree Plantations

It's hard not to notice the bright red underlayer of a freshly harvested Cork tree. There are many plantations around this area and the rest of Andalucia as Spain is the world's number one producer in this two billion dollar industry. If you're here in the short harvest period from June 15th to August 15th you may be lucky enough to see gangs of men cutting the cork from the trees, loading their burros (mules) then sending them on their way, unaccompanied, to the cork factory. Once harvested the trees aren't touched again for almost 9 years whilst the cork regenerates.


Drop off point outside Aracena (644 m)
37.899451, -6.553987
29S 715062 4197479


San Roque Chapel, Aracena

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – Starting next to the Aracena-Corteconcepción trail sign, where your transfer will drop you, head STRAIGHT ON down hill following the dusty vehicle track. 

NOTE: If you have stayed in a hotel in the centre of Aracena on your first night, you will start from Aracena's central square, Plaza del Marques de Aracena. Head past the Casino de Arias Montano on Calle Mesonas to swing right past the Centro Paroquial. Pass the Ermita de la Senora Reina de Los Angeles, and continue through a tunnel under the bypass to emerge on a minor road.  This heads downhill before a narrow tarmac lane off to the right will be signposted Aracena-Corteconcepcion mentioned above.

0.18 km – At the split in the track BEAR LEFT to continue down hill.

0.86 km – BEAR RIGHT at the split in the track, soon passing a sloping olive grove on your right.

2.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the split to leave the main track, following the sign for ‘Corteconcepción’. After 50m cross the small river using the stepping-stones.

2.50 km – BEAR LEFT to leave the vehicle track and follow the narrow stony, stepped pathway as you continue to climb uphill.

3.60 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to continue on the stone walled track.

3.90 km – At the next junction TURN RIGHT again as you now join a wider vehicle track, following the sign for ‘Corteconcepción’.

4.20 km – At the cross roads TURN LEFT as you now gain views of Corteconcepción church straight ahead.

4.50 km – Now entering Corteconcepción. Take some time here to explore the village and the church before returning to this point to retrace your steps back to the crossroads.

4.70 km – Back at the cross roads continue STRAIGHT ON up a narrow, stone walled cobbled track. Sign posted for ‘Aracena’.

6.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON alongside a large cork tree plantation. Passing a farmhouse where some small dogs may come to “greet” you, they’re noisy but harmless.

6.20 km – BEAR RIGHT as you now join a wider gravel road, following the sign for ‘Aracena’. Continue along this road for the next 3km without taking any turn offs.

9.10 km – Views of Aracena straight ahead.

9.30 km – At the roundabout TURN LEFT to go directly under the main road.

9.40 km – Go STRAIGHT ON over the next roundabout as you now enter Aracena.

9.50 km – Finish your walk here next to the small, white San Roque Chapel. This is a good pick up point for your taxi back to your accommodation. But first, take some time to explore Aracena with it’s Castillo, Grutas de la Maravillas (caves) and the Museo del Jamon (Iberian Pig museum).


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9.5 km
2:30 h
182 m
132 m


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