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Komna Hut to Lake Bohinj

Hiking trail · Slovenia
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  • Sunrise from Komna Hut
    / Sunrise from Komna Hut
    Photo: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / Mountain Peaks Tower above Komna Hut
    Photo: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / Bohinj Lake
    Photo: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
  • / View to Bohinj Lake from Komna Hut
    Photo: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
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    Photo: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
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One long zig-zagging descent brings you back down to civilisation, passing the powerful Savica Waterfall and the enchanting Bohinj Lake along the way.

14.7 km
6:00 h
181 m
1179 m

Wave a final goodbye to the mountains and begin the long descent from Komna Hut down to the valley. The path – a well-made gravel track - enjoys a gentle gradient, full of large, sweeping bends. This is because it was an important supply trail during World War I, with 40 – 50 tonnes of cargo carried to the mountains each day.

Just before you reach Bohinj Lake, a detour to the Savica Waterfall is highly recommended. This waterfall mysteriously appears out of the mountain, plunging 78 metres into an emerald pool. This dramatic spectacle is merely the start of a grand journey for this water which will finish, in around 60 days, in the Black Sea.

Bohinj Lake is the jewel in Triglav National Park, and a swim in its warm, turquoise waters is the perfect medicine after days of traversing the Julian Alps. Upon reaching the lake you have a number of options today. If you decide to walk we recommend choosing the north side of the lake – this quiet stretch is away from the road passing through woodland and a number of secluded beaches. Alternatively, you can arrive in Ribčez Laz in style, aboard the Lake Bohinj Panoramic Boat which travels from Ukanc to Ribčez Laz. Finally, if you haven’t had enough of the mountains, you can take a cable-car from Ukanc to Mt. Vogel and enjoy yet another spectacular panorama. Whatever you decide to do, Bohinj Lake won’t disappoint!

More information about the boat ride here:

More information about the cable-car here:


Author’s recommendation

Grab your swimming gear and dive into Lake Bohinj – the turquoise waters tend to be a perfect temperature throughout summer. User
Josiah Skeats
Updated: August 22, 2019

Highest point
1526 m
Lowest point
530 m

Safety information

Some of the path is along rocky steps or short rocky scrambles; be careful as these may be slippery, especially when wet.

There are some exposed edges; be sure to read instructions carefully, stick to the main path, and don’t wander close to the edge. Use handrails where provided.

In early spring/summer there may still be patches of snow. Walk around where it is possible, and otherwise place your feet carefully and use walking poles if you have them.


Such is the way of hiking in the mountains that you need to be prepared for all seasons and weathers; sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes and a waterproof/wind-break layer are all required, as is plenty of sun-cream and a healthy respect for the sun.

Walking poles will be a big advantage on some of these ascents and descents.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

This walk is isolated with few opportunities to buy food or water so be sure to bring enough with you.

Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest

Savica Waterfall

The Savica Waterfall is the third-most visited attraction in Slovenia. It emerges from an underground river in the limestone mountains and plunges 78 metres to an emerald pool. For this water, it is the start of a journey that will pass through Lake Bohinj, the River Sava (Slovenia’s longest river), and the River Danube (Europe’s longest river), before finishing in the Black Sea.

More information available here:


Bohinj Lake

Lake Bohinj is Slovenia’s largest permanent lake. For many years it was a mystery that baffled scientists because considerably more water leaves the lake than enters. This was later explained with the discovery of underground water sources. Lake Bohinj is less developed than Lake Bled and resultantly attracts fewer visitors, which ensures a pleasantly peaceful and natural experience.


Church of Saint John the Baptist

The Church of Saint John the Baptist is thought to date to around 1300 and is embellished with some of the oldest frescoes in Slovenia and a range of architectural styles – from Romantic to Baroque. Furthermore, archaeological finds from the 1st century have proven this to be a rich historical site. Tours of the church and belltower are possible.

Further information available here:


Food and Drink

The Savici hut, at the Savica Waterfall detour, makes a nice stop for lunch. If you decide to walk along the northern side of the lake, this will be the last opportunity to buy food or drink before you arrive in Ribčez Laz. On the southern side of the lake, Ukanc has several cafes where you can buy food or drink.


Komna Hut (1515 m)
46.284580, 13.773180
33T 405492 5126398


Ribčez Laz Bridge, Lake Bohinj

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km – Start facing the entrance of Komna Hut, then TURN LEFT, following the signpost to Savica. This rocky path will head into the woodland. After 130 metres, BEAR LEFT as you pass a small cabin on your right.

0.22km – TURN RIGHT as the path forks, then after 80 metres, BEAR RIGHT as the path forks again. You are heading downhill and following signs to Koča pri Savici at both junctions. Remain on this rocky track for 6 kilometres as it zig-zags downhill towards the lake. There are numerous shortcuts though it is better to stick to the established path (marked with red paint) with the gentlest gradients.

6.20km – As you emerge into at the entrance hut to Savica Waterfall, you might like to bear left to take an optional detour to visit the waterfall (One-way is approximately 20 minutes). Otherwise, BEAR RIGHT to continue along the gravel path with the stream on your left.

6.40km – BEAR LEFT as you emerge into the car path close to the Koča pri Savici huts. After 100 metres, TURN LEFT to cross a wooden bridge over the river, signposted to Ukanc, so you are now walking with the stream on your right.

6.70km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the wide gravel footpath towards Ukanc, ignoring the path which heads uphill on your left.

8.50km – TURN LEFT as you reach the paved road, and then after 100 metres, just before reaching a small house, TURN LEFT to walk along a gravel track, which will pass several scattered houses and eventually arrive at the western side of Lake Bohinj.

9.20km – As you arrive at Lake Bohinj you will see a gravel path that runs close to the shore. If you are walking along the northern side, TURN LEFT to walk with the lake on your right. This gravel path will bring you round to Ribčez Laz. Turn right, however, if you prefer to visit Ukanc in order to take the boat or cable car option.

9.90km – As the path forks, you can choose either the left or right path as both soon rejoin. The right fork is marginally longer but remains closer to the lake. You will have to cross a riverbed (probably dry) though be aware the large stepping stones may be slippery when wet.

14.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to pass through the car park., and the path will now become paved. After 400 metres, TURN RIGHT onto the gravel path to walk directly towards the church.

14.60km – As you reach a paved road with the church directly ahead, TURN RIGHT to cross the bridge, and then finish in Ribčez Laz. If you want a relaxing afternoon, why not grab a drink in one of the lake-side cafes? If you have a little more energy, why not rent a stand-up paddleboard for an hour and glide along the lake?


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14.7 km
181 m
1179 m


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