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Hiking in the Berkshires: Williamstown Walk

Hiking trail · Massachusetts
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  • Clark Art Institute, Visitor Center
    Photo: Chase Marston, Macs Adventure
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Familiarize yourself with the cozy town and explore one the best highlights, the Clark Museum and its local nature trails.

4.1 km
1:15 h
79 m
78 m

Begin on Williamstown's iconic downtown Spring Street at Williams College's new bookstore. Walk through the southern part of campus to the Clark Institute, a world renown Art Museum. Take time to explore the exhibits or satellite buildings while enjoying a peaceful walk on a quintessential hillside behind the museum. Follow well marked trails and enjoy a more mellow walk after your time on the AT. 

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The walk is short, so take your time exploring the Clark, Williamstown, and the trails. The selected route is just one small section of the larger trail networks, so grab a map (in the info pack) of the full trail network if you might want to add more on. User
Chase Marston
Updated: April 23, 2019

Highest point
281 m
Lowest point
206 m

Safety information

 After or during rain, the trail can become muddy and slippery. Be extra cautious on wet leaves, rocks and mud to maintain balance. 


Various hunting seasons will overlap with the hiking season, so always wear a bright color in the spring and fall. Familiarize yourself with which hunting season might occur during your trip on the following website:


As always, be sure to check the weather before departing for the hike – New England weather is notoriously fickle, so always be prepared with proper layers and rain gear.


Bring hiking boots that are both comfortable and worn.

Always bring rain gear as the New England weather can quickly change. Bring also an extra layer or two, plus a warm mid-layer.

Bring dry, extra socks as they can be helpful to prevent blisters.

Though poles are not necessary, they are recommended for balance in uneven terrain and over steams as well as assistance with climbing and descending the steep hills.

Basic medical supplied, including blister protection.

Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest 


The Clark Institute 

William's world famous Art Museum - read more about the exhits, highlights, and other features on site, but make sure to visit the impressive Rembrandt collection. Visit each building, the Clark Building, The Museum, The Lunder Center, and the Manton Research Center. 

Spring Street 

Williamstown & Williams College's central location is home to quaint shops, great food stops, and charming views of a classic New England Town, church steeples and all. 


Food and Drink 

There are many options on Spring Street - our favorites are Pappa Charlie's Deli Sandwichs and Tunnel City Coffee. Don't miss Lickety Split Ice Cream stand either! At The Clark, Café 7 offers a full range of dining experiences, from to-go snacks for picnics on the hike or sit down dining. 


Williams Book Store, Spring Street (206 m)
42.709757, -73.204650
18T 647024 4730147


Williams Book Store, Spring Street

Turn-by-turn directions

0.0 miles – At the intersection of Spring Street and Walden Street, begin the walk with the Book Store to your right. Walk west along Walden Street, keeping the parking lot to your left.


0.15 miles – At the T-intersection with Hoxsey Street, TURN LEFT. The road turns from Hoxsey Street into Knolls Road.


0.3 miles – At the top of the rise, TURN RIGHT to stay on Knolls Road.


0.5 miles – At the T-intersection with South Street, cross over onto the pedestrian sidewalk and TURN LEFT.


0.65 miles – After passing a large brick home, TURN RIGHT into the first driveway for the Clark Institute, following signs for “Entrance and Parking.” Follow the driveway through the parking area.


0.8 miles – At the end of the parking area, continue STRAIGHT ON the Pasture Trail, which leads up the toward Stone Hill, leaving the Clark Institute to your left. Follow the trail through a gate to the crest.


1.1 miles – Reach the top of the Stone Hill and TURN LEFT to continue on the Pasture Trail. Begin to descend slightly.


1.3 miles – Once in the woods, continue STRAIGHT ON following signs for Lunder Center.


1.35 miles – BEAR RIGHT following signs for Lunder Center.


1.4 miles – Arrive at the Lunder Center. Either take time to explore the Williamstown Art Conservation at The Lunder Center, or continue STRAIGHT ON via the Howard Path leaving the Lunder Center to your right, following signs for The Clark.


1.65 miles – At the intersection with the Nan Trail, BEAR RIGHT to return to the Clark Institute.


1.7 miles – Arrive at the Clark Center – either take some to visit the exhibits, or return to town. Upon reaching the paved road, TURN RIGHT and follow the driveway to it’s exit point on South Road.


1.9 miles – TURN LEFT on South Road, staying on the walkway. From here, you will be returning on the same path that you walk to the Clark on.


2.1 miles – TURN RIGHT onto Knolls Road.


2.3 miles – BEAR LEFT to stay on Knolls Road.


2.45 miles – TURN RIGHT onto Walden Street.


2.6 miles – Arrive at the Williams Bookstore. Treat yourself at Lickety Split Ice Cream Stand!


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4.1 km
79 m
78 m


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