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Cortelazor to Alajar

Hiking trail · Cortelazor
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  • The belfry at Peña de Arias Montano.
    / The belfry at Peña de Arias Montano.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / El Olmo, Cortelazor.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Pointing the way to Fuenteheridos.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Fuente de Doce Caños.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Following the GR-47.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / The church at Peña de Arias Montano.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Views over Alajar.
    Photo: Macs Adventure
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Follow a section of the GR-47 (Gran Recorrido) long distance hiking trail, through forest, farm land, the white washed village of Fuenteheridos and onwards to Alajar.

16 km
3:45 h
405 m
456 m

Leave Cortelazor on an ascending path which winds its way up the valley before being rewarded with the most wonderful views over the lush green countryside. Walk through farmland where farmers tend to their cattle with laden donkeys. Accompanied by only the sound of birdsong, this is a day to take your time and soak up the peaceful surroundings of truly authentic rural Spain.

Stop for lunch in the bustling little village of Fuenteheridos, home to several tapas bars, before continuing through the rolling hills and then down into Alajar.

Your base for the next three nights, this attractive whitewashed village with its small paseo and cobbled streets is steeped in tradition and has several lively restaurants serving fantastic food.

Author’s recommendation

If you pass through Fuenteheridos on a weekend be sure to stop by one of the bars in the main square for a café con hielo (coffee with ice) or café con leche (coffee with milk). It's a great place to sit and people watch.

Highest point
849 m
Lowest point
570 m

Safety information

Sections of this route follow a busy main road with fast moving traffic, walk on the left hand side to face any oncoming vehicles and take great care when crossing to the opposite side.

As temperatures can be extremely high around this area It's advisable to set out early to avoid the hottest part of the day. Take plenty of water, suncream and watch your step on the loose rocky sections.


A pair of sturdy walking trainers will be enough for this route if you dont want to wear full hiking boots. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack a sunscreen and insect repellant. A waterproof is always a good idea to keep handy, although you'd be unlucky to get wet in this region.

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Food & Drink

Cortelazor has a small store open from 9am if you need to buy any supplies for your walk. Once in Fuenteheridos there are a couple of stores and a great selection of tapas bars in the main square making it a perfect lunch stop.

On arrival into Alajar you wont fail to notice the bars and restaurants dotted around the church and the main square. 

Points of interest

Peña de Arias Montano

The Peña de Arias Montano offers superb views and good picnic spots under its cork oaks. The Ermita de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles was built on the site of a Medieval temple and has had several additions, most notably in the 16th , 18th and 20th centuries. Its interior was nearly destroyed in the Civil War and the 13th-century figure of the virgin has been restored. It has a wonderful whitewashed belfry set on the edge of the cliff away from the church. There is also a small visitor's centre, bar and souvenir stand.


Fuente de los doce caños

The Fountain of Twelve Jets in the centre of Fuenteheridos is the location of the source of the Murtigas River. The fountain was built in 1903 to provide the town with cool, fresh spring water directly from the Conejales hills. 


Cortelazor (624 m)
37.935424, -6.624863
29S 708728 4201310



Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – Starting in Plaza de Andalucia, with Bar El Maño on your right, head STRAIGHT ON passing ‘El Olmo’ (The large ancient oak tree) on your right.

0.80 km – At the end of the street TURN RIGHT up the stone steps then immediately LEFT.

0.16 km – At the cross roads take a slight LEFT to join Calle Puerto.

0.35 km – BEAR RIGHT to continue on the road, passing a small recycling centre.

0.52 km – TURN RIGHT onto the main road, now heading downhill.

0.84 km – TURN SHARP LEFT to leave the main road and join the gravel vehicle track and follow it for some way. There is a sign here for Fuenteheridos.

1.90 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the junction.

3.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the T-Junction, passing a large gated olive grove on your left.

3.60 km – At the split in the track TURN RIGHT, passing Finca Val Delamma.

4.60 km – BEAR LEFT at the split in the track.

5.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON where the track splits in multiple directions.

5.50 km – BEAR LEFT to go over two collapsed stone walls and continue downhill.

5.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as you join the tarmac road.

6.40 km – TURN LEFT at the junction to join the busy, N-433 main road. Take great care here as the road has fast moving traffic, remember to walk on the left to face oncoming vehicles.

6.60 km – TURN RIGHT to leave the main road and follow the large Villa Onuba sign. Again, take great care when crossing the road.

7.30 km – At the junction, TURN RIGHT to re-join the main road.

7.60 km – TURN RIGHT at the next junction to leave the main road, following the sign for Fuenteheridos.

8.00 km – Now entering Fuenteheridos.

8.30 km – At the main square TURN RIGHT to follow Castana del Robledo. If you need to fill up with water then the ‘Fuente de los 12 caños’ is beautifully cold and safe to drink.

8.40 km – BEAR RIGHT onto Esperanza Bermudez.

8.50 km – TURN RIGHT to follow the blue parking sign then continue STRAIGHT ON.

8.70 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to join the main road.

8.90 km – TURN LEFT to leave the main road. Now following an ascending dirt track, a small wooden ‘Alajar’ sign points the way.

10.70 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction next to the old stone building.

11.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the track splits.

11.90 km – TURN LEFT at the junction, passing a wooden bench.

12.20 km – At the split in the track TURN LEFT following the sign for ‘Alajar’.

13.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON downhill at the junction.

13.60 km – STRAIGHT ON again as you merge with a track from the right.

13.90 km – The trail to Alajar is now on your right, but first continue STRAIGHT ON to visit Peña de Arias Montano with it’s amazing views over Alajar. Then retrace your steps back to this point and take the trail downhill.

14.20 km – Continue following the loose, rocky trail STRAIGHT ON.

14.60 km – TURN SHARP LEFT to walk alongside the stone wall.

14.80 km – At the bottom of the steep slope TURN LEFT to join the vehicle track.

15.20 km – Cross the road STRAIGHT ON as you now enter Alajar.

15.60 km – TURN RIGHT down San Bartolome.

15.70 km – Finish your walk here at the front of the church, Iglesia de San Marcos.


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16 km
405 m
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