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Winchcombe to Broadway via Stanton

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Following the Cotswold Way from the small town of Winchombe through Hailes and it's ruined abbey, past Breckbury Camp and down into the villages of Wood Stanton, Stanway and Stanton. A climb up and over Shenberrow hill brings you into the bustling town of Broadway.
Distance 19.5 km
6:30 h
424 m
424 m
296 m
76 m
Today's walk is a lengthy but gentle ramble, with the climbing spread out through a long day of idyllic villages, vivid history and country pubs.  From sleepy Winchcombe, you wander along bridleways, tracks and open fields to Hailes. The abbey in Hailes is a holy place, and a small pilgrimage from Winchcombe to Hailes was a popular journey. Passing a small medieval church you climb through a thick forest over the hill fort of Beckbury Camp which sits above Cromwell's seat, where Thomas Cromwell sat and watched the sacking and looting of Hailes Abbey during the dissolution. As the path descends again, you pass through a series of postcard-perfect villages made of golden Cotswold Stone before a final climb up the hill and an easy descent into Broadway. It is famed for its many traditional British pubs, providing excellent food, a fire as warm as the welcome and a very well stocked bar. 

Author’s recommendation

If you see a nice spot to stop for lunch, do take advantage of it. Although the villages are incredibly beautiful, they do not have very good facilities or space for enjoying your packed lunch. 
Highest point
296 m
Lowest point
76 m

Safety information

There are some road crossings, always be aware of traffic and be sure to use a pavement/sidewalk where possible, where it isn’t walk on the right-hand side of the road,

Some of the ground can be uneven, with steep descents and muddy/boggy ground. Ensure you have suitable footwear and step cautiously where needed, the mud is especially tricky in wet weather.

A note about farms and animals: Be very aware of closing gates behind you. Remember, animals on a farm are not pets and can be closer to a wild animal than a domestic pet - particularly for dogs. There are many horses you will meet on today's walk, avoid them where you can but remain calm and do not startle them.

When crossing the streams, be wary of slippery and loose stones, if you feel unsure bring walking poles for support, and you can always find a more suitable crossing a little up or downstream.

Tips and hints

Points of interest


Hailes Abbey

Founded in 1246 by the Earl of Cornwall, Hailes Abbey is set amid delightful Cotswold countryside. Once the centre of monastic life, the tranquil ruins are now the perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic in a unique historic setting. Visit the new museum to discover the treasures of  Hailes, uncovering stories of the monks who lived and worshipped at the abbey for nearly three centuries. The museum has incredibly rare fragments of a pair of spectacles of a monk almost 1000 years old.

For more information visit:

(You can also see route photos for pricing)


Stanway House and Gateway

Stanway House is a Jacobean manor house, located near the village of Stanway in Gloucestershire, England. The manor of Stanway was owned by Tewkesbury Abbey for 800 years then for 500 years by the Tracy family and their descendants, the Earls of Wemyss and March. The gateway itself is one of the most stunning in the world, tall and imposing it is not to be missed.

The house also has the tallest fountain in Britain, the tallest gravity fountain in the world which reaches 91 metres, an astonishing 300 feet!

The house is sometimes open to the public, for up to date opening times and more information visit:


Broadway High Street

The Broadway High Street is characteristically recognisable for the unchanging nature of its honey-coloured period buildings and wide grass verges that have gone on to define a typical Cotswold scene. The village itself is named after the high street, Broad to signify the width and Way meaning street or road. It runs from the upper high street, where you'll find photogenic mansions carved from Cotswold stone, down to the commercial section of the village where the road widens and ends at the village Green. For the wave of visitors and tourists that arrive each year, it's this part of the high street that is the main attraction with plenty of independent retail shops and cafés in close proximity to delight a complete range of individual tastes.


Food and Drink

There are a few options on today's walk. In Hailes there is the Hailes Abbey Visitors Centre (described above), Hailes Fruit Farm and Cafe ( Open 9am till 5pm -, call to confirm if out of season 01 242 60 21 23).

In Stanton there is the excellent Mount Inn ( which serves food, Check the website for opening times.



The War Memorial in Winchcombe (91 m)
OS Grid
SP 02450 28233
51.952589, -1.965748
51°57'09.3"N 1°57'56.7"W
30U 571076 5756270


The War Memorial in Broadway

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km - Start next to the war memorial, your back to the Plasterers Arms and TURN RIGHT down Winchcombe High Street

0.75 km - When the walkway runs out, cross to the left side of the road and continue STRAIGHT ON

0.83 km - TURN RIGHT, carefully crossing the road and proceeding down Puck Pit Lane, clearly signposted on both sides of the turn-off

0.99 km - STRAIGHT ON as the road surface deteriorates to a rough track

1.20 km - Ignore the left turn and continue on the road and BEAR RIGHT following a sign for ‘Hailes Abbey 2 miles’

1.70 km - As the track runs out, you will reach two gates, in between them is a small footbridge. Cross this bridge and the following fence crossing, BEAR LEFT across and ascending the field

1.90 km - At the edge of the field, you meet a small wooden bridge, cross it and continue STRAIGHT ON across the next field on the faint grass path

2.10 km - Pass through a small wooden gate into the next field and BEAR RIGHT to follow the path along the fence

2.50 km - When you reach the end of the field, BEAR LEFT for 20 metres and cross over the fence using the step required, follow the path as it continues to BEAR LEFT across the field

2.70 km - When you reach the edge of the field, BEAR RIGHT following the hedge line

2.80 km - TURN LEFT to join a mud vehicle track marked for the Cotswold Way

3.20 km - TURN RIGHT onto a main road, signed for Cotswold Way on a wooden sign, continue for 60 metres then TURN LEFT off the main road onto a track  past a large cottage

3.40 km - Pass through a big wooden gate and head STRAIGHT ON across the field towards Hailes Abbey

3.60 km - After passing the fenced off abbey ruins to your right, pass through a small wooden gate and TURN RIGHT onto a main road, you will pass the official entrance to the ruins where there is also a cafe

3.80 km - You will pass Hailes Fruit Farm campsite

4.0 km - After passing the Hailes Farm Shop and Cafe entrance on your right, take the ascending path as you BEAR LEFT, it is signed for the Cotswold Way

4.90 km - TURN LEFT off the track, through the wooden gate signed for Cotswold Way and and Beckbury Camp ¼ mile, BEAR LEFT as you ascend through the field on a faint grass path

5.10 km - At the top left of field, pass through a wooden gate and BEAR LEFT through the next field until you pass through a small wooden gate that has a fence on the left side and a stone wall on the right

5.20 km - Pass straight through the gate and carry STRAIGHT ON and then follow the path as it begins to bear right, ascending steeply through a few large trees

5.60 km - When the hill levels out, BEAR LEFT pass the stone marker for Beckbury Camp, BEAR LEFT through the wooden gate and follow the stone wall through the field

6.00 km - When you reach the upper boundary of the field, BEAR RIGHT following the boundary

6.30 km - TURN LEFT through the large metal gate and then BEAR RIGHT joining a stone and earth  vehicle track

6.40 km - TURN LEFT onto the well defined vehicle track

6.70 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the metal gate

7.20 km - Just before you join the main road, TURN LEFT sharply following the wooden sign for the Cotswold way as you pass through a small wooden gate and then BEAR RIGHT following the path

(-0.1) 7.60 km - BEAR RIGHT at the bench, descending the hill

7.90 km - Pass through wooden gate and BEAR RIGHT descending

8.00 km - TURN RIGHT through the small wooden gate then BEAR LEFT through the field, to exit at the bottom and head STRAIGHT ON, beware of horses

8.30 km - Pass through a wooden gate, continue STRAIGHT ON descending with the path as it begins to BEAR RIGHT

8.60 km - At the bottom of the field, pass through the wooden gate, BEAR RIGHT through a second metal gate and then continue STRAIGHT ON following the track road

8.70 km - Pass through metal gate and across the working farmyard, be careful of livestock and machinery and stay on the track

8.90 km - Stay on track as you BEAR LEFT

9.00 km - TURN RIGHT after the cottage, off the road onto a small track, passing through two metal gates and into a field where you continue STRAIGHT ON following the hedge to your left

9.30 km - Pass over footbridge and continue STRAIGHT ON

9.60 km - Pass through a wooden gate and continue STRAIGHT ON

9.80 km - Pass through a wooden gate and continue STRAIGHT ON

9.90 km - As you come out onto a main road, carefully cross the road and TURN LEFT, after 20 metres TURN RIGHT through a small wooden gate following signage for Cotswold Way and Stanway

10.00 km - BEAR RIGHT past the water mill, ignoring the left turn

10.10 km - STRAIGHT ON through a wooden gate, passing a large cottage to your left and a large conifer with a circular bench around the trunk on your right. TURN RIGHT onto the main road where you will immediately pass the impressive gate for Stanway House

10.60 km - TURN RIGHT off the road, through a small metal gate in a metal fence signposted for Stanton 1 ¼, then BEAR LEFT before passing through an identical gate and fence and then BEAR RIGHT through the field, ascending

11.00 km - Pass through the metal gate and BEAR LEFT into the next field

11.20 km - Pass through the metal gate and BEAR LEFT into the next field

11.50 km - The path descends, pass over wooden footbridge into next field and BEAR RIGHT slightly

11.70 km - At the stream, pass through a gate and over the bridge into the next field and continue STRAIGHT ON

12.10 km - At the end of the field, cross the stream on the footbridge and through the wooden gate, BEAR LEFT into the next field and then BEAR RIGHT towards the top left corner of the field

12.30 km - Pass through the small wooden gate and TURN LEFT on what looks like a house driveway then BEAR RIGHT into Stanton village (ignore the sharp right turn, it is someones drive)

12.50 km - TURN RIGHT at the war memorial sign posted for the Mount Inn and Cotswold Way

12.70 km - TURN RIGHT ignoring this sign for Mount Inn, joining a smaller road that runs next to a stream, the road turns to a track almost immediately, signposted for Brookland 3 ½

13.30 km - TURN RIGHT off the road next to a Cotswold Way marker on a post, descending steeply and coming to two small gates, take the right gate ignoring the left gate to the water processing building and BEAR LEFT ascending wooden and earth steps

13.40 km - Pass through a small wooden gate and BEAR RIGHT ascending alongside a hedge to your right and then BEAR LEFT to stay on the path as it ascends more steeply

13.60 km - BEAR RIGHT and cross over a fence using the step provided and then BEAR LEFT following the path in the next field as it continues to ascend

13.70 km - TURN LEFT over a fence using the step provided and then BEAR RIGHT ascending with the path

14.30 km - As you reach the top of the hill, continue STRAIGHT ON gently ascending a grass and stone vehicle track

14.40 km - BEAR LEFT to stay on the track

15.10 km - Cross the cattle grid and TURN LEFT sharply, you immediately have a form in the track, BEAR RIGHT taking the descending fork signed for Cotswold Way

15.60 km - BEAR RIGHT on to a smaller path as the track ends at someone's home

15.90 km - As the path forks, BEAR RIGHT

16.30 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON as the path descends, through a wooden gate, careful for horses

16.80 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON as the path descends, through a wooden gate, careful for horses

16.90 km - Pass through a wooden gate and BEAR LEFT through an active farmyard, be careful for vehicles, animals and machinery, then TURN LEFT on to a wide vehicle track road open field to the right and bushes to the left

17.60 km - TURN RIGHT before the barn and next to a metal gate through the small wooden gate then immediately TURN LEFT through a field

17.80 km - Pass through another wooden gate followed by another in quick succession as you leave the field and begin to follow a clear grass and dirt track STRAIGHT ON as it ascends slowly

18.10 km - When you reach a small metal gate, pass through it and BEAR RIGHT and descend gravel steps framed with wood

18.20 km - BEAR RIGHT following the Cotswold Way marker

18.30 km - Pass through the wooden gate and continue STRAIGHT ON descending on the left side of the field

18.40 km -  When you reach the corner of the field, BEAR RIGHT as you follow the hedge descending to the bottom of the field

18.60 km - Pass through the metal gate and continue STRAIGHT ON as you join a path

18.70 km - You emerge on to a main road, careful cross straight over the road and through a small wooden gate into another field, head STRAIGHT ON towards the church

19.00 km - At the end of the field, pass over the small bridge and head STRAIGHT ON into the next field

19.10 km - At the end of the next field, head through the gate and continue STRAIGHT ON to the main road, cross it carefully and TURN LEFT

19.40 km - TURN RIGHT at the green onto Broadway High Street

19.50 km - Finish with the War Memorial to your left and the Cotswold Court Arcade on your right


all notes on protected areas


OS Grid
SP 02450 28233
51.952589, -1.965748
51°57'09.3"N 1°57'56.7"W
30U 571076 5756270
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Sturdy waterproof boots as the path can be slippery and wet in parts.

Walking poles for stream crossing and muddy descents if the weather is wet.

Basic Equipment for Hiking

  • Sturdy, comfortable and waterproof hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Hiking socks  
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket and suitable legwear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking poles
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Kit para bolhas
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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Stacy Geisler
August 29, 2019 · Community
Beautiful view from above!
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Broadway Tower
Photo: Stacy Geisler, Community
George Crumbleholme
April 30, 2019 · Community
Excellent walk along the well marked Cotswold Way
Show more
Above Wynchcombe
Photo: George Crumbleholme, Community
Arrival at Broadway
Photo: George Crumbleholme, Community

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Hailes Abby
Broadway Tower
Above Wynchcombe
Arrival at Broadway

19.5 km
6:30 h
424 m
424 m
Highest point
296 m
Lowest point
76 m


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