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Val Veny Loop Walk

Hiking route · Mont Blanc and La Thuile
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  • When you enter the valley you will walk through the peaceful valley on quiet country roads.
    When you enter the valley you will walk through the peaceful valley on quiet country roads.
    Photo: Augustijn vanGaalen, Macs Adventure
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This walk will take you from Courmayeur right into the heart of the picturesque Val Veny, with its beautiful views, and small, sparsely populated villages.
Distance 19.4 km
5:55 h
585 m
588 m
1,753 m
1,178 m
Your walk starts in front of the Ufficio del Turismo, after which you will depart Courmayeur and slowly make your way to Val Veny. After a short walk on a vehicular road, which unfortunately is the only way to get into Val Veny, you will descend into the valley and walk through serene wooded areas on quiet walking paths. With ample spots for a lovely picnic, take this time to enjoy all the beautiful views of the nearby mountains as you make your way around the valley and back to your starting point in Courmayeur. Along the way you will also pass the Notre-Dame-de-la-Guérison, a famous sanctuary which has historically played an important role in this spiritual region and been of incredible influence on mountaineers and adventurers, and continues to do so today. The walk will be over mostly cemented roads, along with some smaller mountains paths and gravel roads.

Author’s recommendation

Make sure you check out the Notre-Dame-de-la-Guérison, nearly 250 years old, is a famous pilgrimage site and is covered with letters, stories, and plaques thanking Notre Dame for saving mountaineers in perilous situations or healing those previously condemned to death.
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Update: March 02, 2020
Highest point
1,753 m
Lowest point
1,178 m

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Safety information

Be aware that you will be walking on a motorised road for some of this walk, so you will have to be aware of any cars approaching you or coming from behind you. Remember to walk on the right side of the road and to walk as close to the outside of the road as possible.

Other than that, there is a section which is currently (June 2017) sectioned off for vehicles, on account of potential falling boulders. It is still possible to walk on this section, and indeed it is only a small stretch. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with this, there is an alternative route that you can take which will take you across the river and around through Entrelevie, before taking you back on the path you were walking. We have provided route notes for this in this description.

Tips and hints

For this walk it is important to bring plenty of water, lunch, and snacks for the day ahead. We suggest bringing these from Chamonix as options are limited around Montroc. There are no other places to stock up on food or water until you reach the Refuge du Lac Blanc, which is several hours climbing away. You could opt to have lunch here, but make sure you bring enough food to keep you sustained until you reach the refuge. Once you make your way to La Flégère and Planpraz there will also be restaurants there.

Point of Interests

The Notre Dame de Guérison Sanctuary


Stood in the backdrop of some majestic snowy peaks notably the Brenva Glacier, this Sanctuary is legendary amongst locals and pilgrims for having healed the sickly and saved the lives of countless mountaineers.


Built in 1792, the Sanctuary has suffered much at the hands of the rugged landscape. In 1816, almost all of the Sanctuary was destroyed, but miraculously, the Statue of Madonna survived, which gives the current Sanctuary, which was rebuilt in 1867, it’s perceived magical and holy status. As a result, the site has become a popular pilgrimage site, and many believers have left artifacts, plaques, stories, or trinkets on the walls of the Church. It was also an important place for mountaineers to both pay their respects before their treks, and to thank Notre Dame for saving them in times of need. It is definitely worth taking some time to look at the many incredible stories and tributes on the walls of this small sanctuary, as it tells the story not just of people’s faith, but of the importance the sanctuary played in the lives of local mountaineers and adventurers.




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Ufficio del Turismo Courmayeur (1,201 m)
45.791415, 6.970382
45°47'29.1"N 6°58'13.4"E
32T 342253 5072875
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Ufficio del Turismo Courmayeur

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – With your back to the ‘Uffice de Turismo,’ TURN RIGHT, and walk down the road a little until you see a walkway with ‘La Dolonne’ waymarked on a sign.

0.05 km – You will see an underpass. Continue STRAIGHT ON, and descend down the stairs, following signs to ‘La Dolonne’ Cable Car. You will also walk under an overpassYou will also walk under an overpass, and after a short while, you will cross a bridge. Be careful when walking on the road as there may not always be a pedestrian walkway.

0.50 km – At the fork in the road TURN RIGHT, following a sign for Magazzini Comunali. Follow this road, as it runs parallel to the river, for approximately 450 meter, ignoring a road that you will pass on your left hand side.

0.95 km – You will see a bridge on your right. TURN LEFT here and follow the path as it ascends slightly, following a sign for Entrelevie.

1.40 km – Keep heading STRAIGHT ON on the main road.

1.50 km – The paved road will turn into a smaller gravel road. There may be a sign here signifying the possible danger of rocks falling. It is still possible to walk along this road, and will only be a short walk. There are some safety nets hanging up on this stretch as well. If you don’t feel comfortable walking on this segment, then there is an alternative route you can take. Simply TURN RIGHT, following the road down as you cross a bridge. If you stay on this road, it will lead up to the main road passing through Entrelevie. Continue down this road, ignoring any other roads until it veers off to the left again and crosses the bridge once more. Remember that any of your directions will have presumed that you are taking the shortcut, so your distances may be slightly off, but not by much.

1.90 km (from continuing straight without a detour) – Continue STRAIGHT ON ignoring a bridge to your right for about 2.10 km until you come to the Sanctuary.

4.00 km – You have arrived at the Notre-Dame-de-la-Guérison. Take some time to explore the site before Continuing STRAIGHT ON, following the same road.

4.50 km – At the fork in the road, continue STRAIGHT ON to Val Veny.

5.40 km - When you approach a bridge, BEAR RIGHT and cross the river, entering Pertud.

 5.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the main path, ignoring any side roads and private roads, which passes through a wooded area with tall trees.

6.00 km - At the fork in the road, BEAR LEFT, avoiding the camping site, and following signs to Rifugio Borelli.

6.30 km – Follow this dirt track until you come to another fork in the road. BEAR RIGHT here, staying on the road as it bends left shortly afterwards. Ignore a path on your right that takes you back to the camping. This road will snake through the valley, heading further down into Val Veny.

6.60 km – You will come to a small ‘power generator’ building. At the fork in the road, BEAR LEFT, and then immediately afterwards, as the path splits up again, BEAR LEFT once more. Shortly afterwards you will cross a narrow metal bridge.

6.90 km – BEAR LEFT and keep following the path as it snakes through the valley.

8.30 km – When you come to a sign with Caming Monte Bianco pointing in the direction you just came from, BEAR RIGHT as the path ascends slightly.

8.40 km – When you enter the tiny village of Freney, TURN LEFT.

8.50 km – Continue on the road STRAIGHT ON, ignoring a smaller path to your right. You will follow this road for approximately 600 meters, and cross two bridges.

9.10 km – After the second bridge, TURN RIGHT onto a walking path, following signs for ‘Lac du Miage.’ Follow the path as it runs parallel to the river, ascending slightly. Ignore smaller offshoots and just stay on the main path until you emerge onto a paved road once more. There are some great spots here for a snack or some lunch by the river, so pick a spot if you like!

9.60 km – When you reach a paved road once more, TURN LEFT.

10.00 km – TURN RIGHT in the bend of the road, following a gravel track towards Refugio Monte Bianoc and Camping Aiguille Noire.

11.80 km – After passing a couple of houses, ignore a road that descends to your left and continue STRAIGHT ON. Keep on this road for a bout another kilometer, until you come up to another larger road.

12.80 km – As you emerge onto another road, with a sign stating that you are in the ‘Localita Fodze,’ BEAR LEFT, following this road back out the valley the way you came.

14.10 km – You are now back where you started your loop of the valley. BEAR RIGHT and walk back the same way you came.

16.90 km – To avoid the aforementioned segment with warning signs of falling rocks, TURN LEFT onto the bridge once you re-enter Entrelevie. This road will run parallel to the river through the village.

17.00 km – BEAR RIGHT and follow the main road as it continues to go through the village.

17.50 km – After approximately 500 meters, the road will start to ascend slightly, with railings on either side. BEAR RIGHT before this, on a smaller road that runs parallel to the previous one. You will walk back down in the direction of the river until you cross it and finally come back to the route.

17.70 km – TURN LEFT and continue your walk back to Courmayeur.

19.00 km – Congratulations, you are now back in Courmayeur at your starting point! Make your way back to the hotel or celebrate finishing your walk at one of the local bars.


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45.791415, 6.970382
45°47'29.1"N 6°58'13.4"E
32T 342253 5072875
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Walking boots will suffice for this walk. You won’t be needing walking poles, as most of this will be over either cemented roads, gravel roads, or dirt paths.

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19.4 km
5:55 h
585 m
588 m
Highest point
1,753 m
Lowest point
1,178 m


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